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Fight for victory with your army in this strategy game, which includes 100 miniatures. Lead one of the factions from WWII.
Fight for victory with your army in this strategy game, which includes 100 miniatures. Lead one of the factions from WWII.
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Reinforcements deployed

Posted by Draco Ideas (Creator)

Greetings from the Front, Generals! (link en español)

We’ve received supplies from Headquarters, in the form of new components for the game, so we have great news to share with all of you:

Some backers mentioned that, in your first games, when you take the miniatures outside of the map to place them in the battle chart, the tile where the battle was taking place remained unmarked. 

We’ve decided to include a "Battle" card to place on the map as a tile reminder when you take the miniatures off the board, exclusively for our Kickstarter backers.  

Since it’s not a resource card, we’ve decided to add the battle chart’s info on the back, in case you want to consult it during the game.

Since we all like to win, but we also enjoy bragging about it, we are going to add a “Victory” card, so you can share your triumphs in your social networks.

After getting more than 400 shares in Facebook’s post and increasing the number of our friends in that social network, we are unlocking that social SG, even though we haven’t reached our “Likes” goal. All of our backers will receive 24 decoy tokens and new rules to simulate “fog of war”. 

These decoys will come into the board as reinforcements, along with regular units at your Headquarters, to prevent your enemies from knowing your current deployed troops and their position.

We are in the middle of the campaign and it’s normal for crowdfunding campaigns to slow down the pace during this period. And so, just like they ration supplies in the trenches, we’ve decided to lower the distance between stretch goals, to make them more accessible, and to show you the next ones, because there is still a lot of Frontier Wars ahead of us!

Some backers have also requested to know more about the trucks. So here are some notes on the subject:

  • They can transport 1 infantry, 1 artillery or both units at the same time. 
  • When defending a tile, you may retreat before the battle transporting artillery and infantry.  
  • If you attack with a mechanized unit, you will add 1 point to the initiative of one of the infantry or artillery units participating in the attack. 
  • But if you lose a truck in battle… they will fall on enemy’s hands instead of being destroyed!  

And before we close this update, we want to thank all of our backers for helping us get this far and to announce that we have surprise coming this week!

Stay tuned on our social networks and here on Kickstarter.

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    1. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      I will take your suggestion to the HQ, but dont expect it happens too much!
      Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. F.S.P.

      A neutral battle flag solves the problem. Make it black or off white or even with Frontier Wars logo (as I posted in the comments section).

    3. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      Its also a matter of production and costs. We can add a card in the deck, but the flag token should reflect every Nation in the game, so we are talking about 6 flags, and 1 or 2 poles, multiplied for every pledge.
      También es una cuestión de costes y producción. Podemos añadir una carta al mazo, pero las banderas deberían reflejar todas las naciones del juego, así que hablamos de 6 banderas más 1 o 2 mástiles, multiplicados por cada pledge.

    4. F.S.P.

      Thanks for listening my battle issue suggestion. This Battle Card with the battle chart’s info on the back will be helpfull.
      However, as I said back then, I think it would be a better idea to include a battle token to place on the tile where a battle is taking place. For sure a Flag Token would look way better than a card in the middle of the map board.