Frontier Wars: the board game

by Draco Ideas

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    1. F.S.P.

      Thanks for listening my battle issue suggestion. This Battle Card with the battle chart’s info on the back will be helpfull.
      However, as I said back then, I think it would be a better idea to include a battle token to place on the tile where a battle is taking place. For sure a Flag Token would look way better than a card in the middle of the map board.

    2. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      Its also a matter of production and costs. We can add a card in the deck, but the flag token should reflect every Nation in the game, so we are talking about 6 flags, and 1 or 2 poles, multiplied for every pledge.
      También es una cuestión de costes y producción. Podemos añadir una carta al mazo, pero las banderas deberían reflejar todas las naciones del juego, así que hablamos de 6 banderas más 1 o 2 mástiles, multiplicados por cada pledge.

    3. F.S.P.

      A neutral battle flag solves the problem. Make it black or off white or even with Frontier Wars logo (as I posted in the comments section).

    4. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      I will take your suggestion to the HQ, but dont expect it happens too much!
      Thanks for the suggestions!