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Fight for victory with your army in this strategy game, which includes 100 miniatures. Lead one of the factions from WWII.
Fight for victory with your army in this strategy game, which includes 100 miniatures. Lead one of the factions from WWII.
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Tabletopia & 3D buildings Add-on

Posted by Draco Ideas (Creator)

In English (link en español)

Through your binoculars you can see the tanks moving towards your troop’s position. They are trying desperately to blend with the ground, crouching in the trenches, trembling from the fear these fortified beasts instill. 

The armored enemies advance confidently, their armors showered by the optimistic machine-gun fire that harmlessly bounce off their shielding.

You wait until the vehicles are close enough to your trench line, they are confident in their superiority, knowing they will wipe out your infantry with their attack. At your command, your rocket launchers stand and open fire over the armored enemies, leaving the battlefield filled with the burning ruins of what just moments ago was an enemy tank company. 

You’ve saved the day and caused major casualties to your enemy, but what is your next move? 

The “Anti-tank” defense card is very powerful: it allows infantry units involved in a battle to perform one attack over enemy tanks, before starting the fight. This way, a tile that seemed easy to conquer with tanks will become a tough position when you have that card in your hand. 

Greetings, Generals,

The couriers coming from High Command are carrying important news: by request of our backers (we love reading your suggestions, really!) we’ve prepared a new cosmetic add-on, which does not affect playability, but will make Frontier Wars’ map look much prettier.

This pack includes 24 buildings, in one color, since the factories and encampments can be operated by any player in control of the tile as long as they have at least one infantry unit there.

Regarding the Headquarters, also included with this pack, they will have a tab on the back to place your nation’s flag and identify the owner. 

But we wanted to ask you something about this add-on:

What color do you think would be best for these building?

Help us decide with the following poll

We also want to show you different aspects of the game in the updates, in this case the USSR’s army board. With it, you can learn more about their skills since, after all, Frontier Wars is an asymmetrical game where each faction will start with different troops and will have different skills to use in the game.

The USSR player can have up to 4 units on any tile they control (the other factions can only have 3), as well as sacrificing troops for the mother land to recover resistance points from their Headquarters. Additionally, their “scorched earth” skill will allow them to destroy buildings before losing them, to prevent enemies from taking control of them. 

Another great announcement we have for you is that you can now play Frontier Wars in Tabletopia for free! Tabletopia is a free platform where you will find an English and a Spanish setup for the game, as well as the rulebook for consulting during the game.

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    1. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      @Erwin & @F.S.P.
      Thanks for your votes. More than 100 votes so far!
      Gracias por vuestra votación, ¡Más de 100 votos ya!

    2. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      No premium account needed, just be a registered (for free) user

    3. F.S.P.

      The buildings look really good (great design). That been said, I was expecting slightly bigger buildings. 6mm tall is tiny (infantry is twice as tall)

    4. Missing avatar

      Meier on

      The Tabletopia Demo is only accessible if you are a Premium member (9€ per month). It's not for free!

    5. F.S.P.

      Gray is the Japanese color.
      Off White seems really similar to Great Britain color. I would like to see them together to make a better decision.
      Black could be nice (neutral color) but details won't show that much...
      Maybe Light Brown??

    6. Erwin || Redlum

      My first vote was for off white. I like grey the best but Im guessing you don't take that color because of the german units. But then I changed my answer looking at the unit colors, since the british already seem to use white(ish). So brown it is then.