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Choose your side and help evolve tabletop gaming with this ambitious and groundbreaking hybrid zombie experience.
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Downward Viral

1,147 backers pledged $124,288 to help bring this project to life.

How Z. will reach its goal

Hello everyone! In traditional Kickstarter fashion, we're in the "Please help us get media attention!" phase. So below you'll find a list of notable gaming sites yet to cover Z. 

We've come more than halfway to our goal almost entirely on word-of-mouth alone, so I really believe if just a few of these sites would take notice of us it will ensure we hit our goal. 

We'd greatly appreciate if you could reach out to your favorite sites and try to get their attention, but of course, please be respectful and don't set anything on fire in some weird pagan ritual to Z. or anything like that!

What you choose to say about Z. is up to you. What's your favorite part? Why are you personally backing our project?

I've also included every Z. media asset to date down below. Pictures speak louder than words, and are especially important when a blog is deciding if something's worth running or not. 

Kotaku -
PC Gamer -
GameSpot, GameFAQs -
Rock, Paper, Shotgun -
UGO, 1UP -
Gametrailers -
Cheat Code Central -
GamesRadar -
GameFront -
GiantBomb -
Destructoid -
Game Revolution -
G4 TV -
Game Over Online -
Armchair Empire -
PlaySF -
Penny Arcade -
Shacknews -
The Escapist -
Joystiq -
Gamespy, IGN -
Game Informer -
Eurogamer -
VideoGamer -
games(TM) -
Wired -

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