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Choose your side and help evolve tabletop gaming with this ambitious and groundbreaking hybrid zombie experience.
Choose your side and help evolve tabletop gaming with this ambitious and groundbreaking hybrid zombie experience.
1,147 backers pledged $124,288 to help bring this project to life.

Cosplayers Unite!

Posted by Downward Viral (Creator)

by Sebastian Haley, Creative Director

Z. has been supported by a truly awesome and diverse crowd. In addition to our 400+ amazing backers, we’ve also been joined and supported by Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert, Destructoid, and most recently, Robert Bowling (Call of Duty, Human Element) and Grant Imahara (Mythbusters). This post is specifically to call out the cosplayers who have joined our cause from the beginning, and hopefully the many more who will join forces with us this week at Comic-Con to help Z. reach its funding goal.

Why are cosplayers such a big part of Z.? I’ve been around cosplay for many years now. My girlfriend is a cosplayer, so I’ve seen the literal blood, sweat, and hot glue that goes into making your own costumes and ensuring that every detail is perfect on a limited budget. It’s impressive and awe-inspiring, and I’m honored to have people with such devotion and talent involved in a Downward Viral project. In fact, if we reach our funding goal, the plan is to have a LOT more!

Jessica Nigri

I already spoke a bit about Jessica in her announcement post, but I wanted to reiterate that Z. is an opportunity for people to create a character of their own, not just pay tribute to a cool character from an existing property (though there’s nothing wrong with that, especially when you do it as well as the ladies on this page do!).

For Jessica’s survivor Hero, we’ve got some really cool looks in mind, and after appearing as the official Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw) in commercials and at events, we both thought a custom flamethrower and a lot more clothes would be a nice change of pace. At least we know she’s okay with being covered in zombie blood. :)

Monika Lee

Monika’s Little Sister (BioShock) is one of my favorite cosplays. She just looks so evil and gleefully mischievous!

Monika will be joining both the survivor and zombie side when we produce her card later this year, but you can come out and meet her at Comic-Con in San Diego this week! Her and I will be running the Z. booth at Gam3rCon near the convention center. More on that soon!

Linda Le

Like Jessica, I’ve already talked about Linda Le previously, and even showed off her two official Z. images (below) and behind-the-scenes shots. Linda’s a personal friend of mine and only ever talks about Gundam and donuts (true story). We wouldn’t be where we’re at now with our goal if not for her continuous support and Tweeting, so thanks Linda!

Okay, you might be thinking “Where are all the dudes?!” (Then again, you might not.) I assure you, we have them! In addition to the promos we’ve already done with our male characters (including Reggie, below), we also have the likes of Keith “Zen” Carter signed up, access to members of a UFC Gym (especially useful for the military supporting characters in our live-action sequences), and all of our other guest cards (Tim, Ron, Sean Baby, etc.) are all male. So there. :)

I know "con season" has everyone tapped, but please search behind your Kotobukiya statues and shake your chibi Lara Croft plushies for any loose change -- every bit helps!


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