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Choose your side and help evolve tabletop gaming with this ambitious and groundbreaking hybrid zombie experience.
Choose your side and help evolve tabletop gaming with this ambitious and groundbreaking hybrid zombie experience.
Choose your side and help evolve tabletop gaming with this ambitious and groundbreaking hybrid zombie experience.
1,147 backers pledged $124,288 to help bring this project to life.

A wild Jessica Nigri appears!

by Sebastian Haley, Creative Director

When we first launched the Kickstarter last week, we were excited to be able to say that Tex Murphy would be our first guest card in the game. Today, we announce the next!

For those of you who don’t know her, Jessica Nigri is a world-famous cosplayer who most recently appeared as Juliet while promoting the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game Lollipop Chainsaw. I think Jessica’s earliest popularity explosion can be pretty easily traced back to her "Pikachu Girl" days, but she’s since proven that she’s far from a one-trick pony.

Jessica will be appearing as THE guest of honor at this month’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and is feverishly working away on hand-crafting her own costumes and armor for the next con.

Since Jessica just spent the last several months running around in a barely-there cheerleader outfit, I thought Z. might be a good opportunity for her to don something a little darker and out-of-the-norm. So I took a little inspiration from both Pikachu and Hope from recently-funded Kickstarter project Republique.

We hope to shoot Jessica’s very unique card around AX in a week and a half, but for now, feel free to check her out on Facebook and Twitter if you want to know more.

AND REMEMBER: All guest cards are included FREE in every backer level.

So congratulations, you now own a Tex Murphy and Jessica Nigri. :)

Stay tuned for our next big guest card announcement tomorrow. We really need to get this Kickstarter in high gear, so please let your friends and friends’ friends know about Z.!


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    1. Michael Polo on

      Awesome!!!!! Let's get to $1mil!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Downward Viral 4-time creator on

      @Michael - I totally imagined Snake and Riddick as guest cards. $1M stretch goal. :) ~Sebastian

    3. Michael Polo on

      Hehehe... I have a better understanding now...
      1) Keith David from "They" is pretty bad@$$
      2) Kurt Russell aka Snake Plissken
      3) any member of the Ghostbusters team FROM THE 80s!!!
      4) Vin Diesel from (Riddick) Pitch Black would be a great asset in the dark!!!
      5) the man form the "dos equis" commercials; the worlds most interesting man.
      6) this last one might seem corny but its not, an older Rocky Balboa but dressed in his old school get up.

      hope this helps and I hope the celebrities can show their support if you guys and the backers like the suggestion...

    4. Stephanie Carmichael on

      @Michael - Awesome ideas! We are using live photography for the guest cards, so digging up Ghengis Khan from the grave might be a little tricky ... ;)

    5. Michael Polo on

      Hey guys/gals I have a few more suggestions:
      1) Hannibal Lecter or Anthony Hopkins himself :-)
      2) a zombie guest (aside from Rob Zombie and possibly Spider One) could be "real" zombie Clairvius Narcisse of The Serpent and the Rainbow Fame
      3) El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas) and/or Navajas (Danny Trejo)- a man hell bent on revenge and an assassin could be used as a 2 part card combo, or not...
      4) Harry Houdini, who couldnt use the help of the master of escape?
      5) George A. Romero- he may prove useful in some way...
      6) Ghengis Khan- AS A ZOMBIE LORD!!!
      7) Nobunaga Oda- histoy is fun

      I know all of this is open to suggestions, but am I doing this right or am I way off?

    6. Michael Polo on

      Rob Zombie!!! :-) maybe his brother Spider One also (of PM5K). Their music would be pretty kick ass during a zombie chase or showdown...

    7. Michael Polo on

      Bruce Cambell would be awesome as a guest even though the movies in reference isnt necessarily about zombies... The Evil Dead series. Maybe some classical actors like Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee and Vincent Price...

    8. Muhammad Fahim Abdul Latif on

      Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Can't really go wrong with the Shaun of the Dead duo :D

    9. Stephanie Carmichael on

      Keep the suggestions coming, guys! These are great!

    10. Missing avatar

      Dominick O'Leary on

      A Vork card would be too cool.

    11. Dablue

      @Thomas, anything Bruce Campbell would do... because.. well.. he is bruce campbell.. god of the b-roll and king of the ackward cameos

    12. Thomas James Egan on

      A Bruce Campbell card would be awesome. However I think a Sam Axe/My Name is Bruce style would be more interesting than the tried and true Ash.

    13. Dablue

      Oh please get Bruce Campbell as ASH.. that would rock. (if possible ofc)

    14. Brian Bautista on

      Any prayer on Simon Pegg as a guest card?

    15. Dom Stevens

      I'm going to be pretty upset if we don't hit the goal

    16. Kevin Ascott on

      Oh my god! I really hope you get The Guild cast! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!

    17. Downward Viral 4-time creator on

      @TheChosenOne: We have some big ones confirmed, then I have a whole wish list of guest cards that I'm working hard on trying to make happen. For example, it'd be ridiculously awesome if we made the cast of The Guild survivor hero cards. If you're best friends with Felicia Day, please let me know. That would make this entire process a lot easier. :)

    18. TheChosenOne on

      More blond girls!
      Do you already have "set" all the guest cards? As in locked down for which you may/might/want to get ? And if that changes do you already have backup selections?