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In the wake of the 2011 earthquake, the defiant fans of Vegalta Sendai laid down a challenge to their team that would inspire a nation.

In the wake of the 2011 earthquake, the defiant fans of Vegalta Sendai laid down a challenge to their team that would inspire a nation. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on March 18, 2013.

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Only weeks after the 2011 earthquake and on the eve of a new season, the fanatical supporters of J-League underdogs Vegalta Sendai battled across Japan to make a pledge to their devastated city. Standing defiantly in their thousands, they challenged their team to win and keep winning in the name of their fallen friends.

It was a promise that would take the club on an incredible journey – one that would inspire the nation and capture the imagination of the entire footballing world.




Football, Take Me Home

A feature-length documentary by Douglas Hurcombe and Geoff Trodd of GPO Films, London, Produced by Emmy-Nominated Producer/Director Ben Timlett in association with Grant Cummings of Cling Film, 'Football, Take Me Home' follows the remarkable story of the underdog football club in Sendai, Japan - The epicentre of the 2011 earthquake.

Their transition from relegation favourites to title contenders reads like a comic book story, but this is far from a tale about big money deals and star players. This is a story of a club at the very heart of a community.

制作はロンドン、GPO Filmsのダグラス ハーコム、ジェフ トロッドの両監督、そしてプロデューサーにはエミー賞にノミネートされたベン ティムレットとCling Filmのグランツ クミングスによって行われる。'Football, Take Me Home—勇者たちの戦いー' は、2011年の東日本大震災の被害を深刻に受けた宮城、その中心の街である仙台にあるベガルタ仙台の偉業ともいえる成し遂げを追った長編ドキュメンタリー映画である。


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Vegalta Sendai & 'The Fans Promise'

Vegalta Sendai are home to the famed Supporter Squad. From their surreal renditions of Kiss, Ramones and Twisted Sister songs to the blanket of European football inspired banners that hang from every rafter, this pogoing yellow and blue army party their way round the football stadiums of Japan.

At the start of the 2011 season, the focus of the club was very much on league survival in the year ahead. Six days later however, the word survival took on a distinctly different meaning for the people of Sendai, as the largest earthquake in Japanese history sent 10m high surging waves up to 10km inland.

In Minamisanriku alone, just one of it's small coastal towns (The image shown in our title), over half of the 20,000 inhabitants died when the Tsunami hit. More can be read about Minamisanriku on our blog

Just one month later, thousands of Vegalta fans make the difficult trip to a rain-soaked stadium in Kawasaki with no idea, which of their fellow fans was alive or dead. As the players walked out onto the pitch the fans sang their anthem 'Take Me Home' with voices full of emotion and stretched out a huge banner, which defiantly read, “We do not lose again until we regain a hometown”.

It was a challenge that set Vegalta on an unbeaten run that would see the critics pre-season relegation favourites finish in 4th - Their highest ever placing. The remarkable story of Vegalta doesn’t end there however – As a footnote to the remarkable events of 2011. Inspired by ever-growing support, their 2012 campaign would take them to the very brink of glory.

But as much as the rags to riches aspect captivates, it is the bond between fan and club that provides the real story. The fans believe that their love for their city gives them the right to confront as well as inspire their side; that the city deserves the best from both of them. It is an expectation that makes for a bumpy ride at times but one which is helping a city in transition think differently about the future. To be all it can be.

Vegalta are a constant reminder of the importance of community and identity and how linking the two has bought success on and off the field - built by people, for people. In an increasingly franchised world, it’s a symbol of hope for people everywhere.

We retrace the remarkable events of 2011 through the eyes of the Supporter Squad as they prepare for the challenges of their first season in the Asian Champions League. This is their story. Of loss and rebuilding and how their love for a club became interwoven with their own hopes for the future as the people of Sendai struggled together to build a lasting legacy out of the debris of March 11th.

Help us to get back out to Japan to finish the filming and to make this a story about fans, by fans. Spread the word to fellow football fans and join in with our reward scheme to make this film a truly collective success.


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A message from the Director. 監督から一言

We first heard of the story of Vegalta when friends from Sendai were due to visit us in London the very week after March 11th.


As big football fans, they wanted to see an English game and by chance we ended up at Ipswich in the East of England. I spoke to the club and they told us that they played 'Take Me Home, Country Road' by John Denver at half time in support of the fans at Sendai. Puzzled, I asked why that song? And they pointed me at a YouTube clip of the Vegalta fans before a home game. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

友人は大のサッカーファンで、イギリスにいる間も本場の試合を見たいという事でひょんな事からイギリス南東部、サフォークにあるイプスウィッチタウンに試合を見に行く事になりました。何か出来る事はないか、とクラブに連絡して話をしているうちに、彼らはハーフタイムに仙台の人への祈りを捧げながらジョン デンバーの'Take Me Home, Country Road' を流していた、という事を聞き、どういう繋がりがあるのか全く分からなかった私はどうしてこの歌を?と尋ねたのでした。そしてYouTubeでベガルタの試合前の映像を見せてくれたのです。感動で鳥肌が立った瞬間でした。

The more I learned about Vegalta and about the dignified determination of their fans, the more I wanted to make this film. We're half way there, and this is where your help comes in.


We made a first trip to Japan in November to film the amazing end to last season and met some great people to come back and interview. People with stories that are harrowing yet truly uplifting. The club were wonderfully supportive as were the J-League, but now we need to get back to Japan to finish the filming. There is an urgent time factor involved however. We need to go back to film at the end of March, so we have very little time to raise the money we need for the trip.


Join Us! Help us back out to Japan and become part of this great story.


Spread the word to football fans around the globe and make this exactly what it should be... A film about fans by fans.


        Douglas Hurcombe, Director.   監督 ダグラス ハーコム

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The original YouTube clips of Sendai fans are shown below.


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Production Stills

Images taken from our November 2012 shoot trip.

Help us tell the amazing story of Vegalta and the people of Sendai. Spread the word!

Risks and challenges

This tranche of money is to enable us to get back out to Sendai and film at a very important time for the people of the city - The anniversary of the earthquake.

There will still be a need to raise further funds to finish the film, however we have a very experienced team on board and we are very confident in our ability to deliver.

Our Producer, has had seven films to screen including the recent 40th anniversary documentary series on the history of Monty Python 'Monty Python: Almost the Truth - The Lawyers Cut', which was shown around the world and on the BBC in the UK. Recently, he finished an animated film based on the biography of Graeme Chapman from Python 'A Liars Biography', which premiered in competition at the Toronto Film Festival and has a worldwide cinema release.

Other productions include a new film 'Believe', a fictional story about the legendary manager Sir Matt Busby, featuring Brian Cox in the starring role as well as documentary films about Sid & Nancy, The Clash and the Sex Pistols.

His co-producer Grant Cummings also has a track record of delivery for TV and in commercial film, with projects for Nokia, Universal, Sony & Sky, while the Directors have seen home projects for brands such as Nike, Audi, Jaguar and Levis.

Should we hit insurmountable obstacles and be unable to produce a final cinema version, then we will produce a 'directors cut' DVD of the story and will will fulfil our Kickstarter rewards as planned (With the exception of the items directly related to the premiere and final production posters, which will be substituted for a same value reward).

There are always risks, but we will keep you informed at every step of the way through this page and through our website, Facebook page and blog. Our confidence in being able to deliver this project completely as detailed remains unshakable and we look forward to telling you the incredible story of Vegalta Sendai and their amazing fans.


プロジェクト進行にはいつもリスクが付き物ですが、このページ、また映画のホームページ、Facebook、ブログで随時進行状況を知らせていきます。また詳細を見てもらっても分かるように私たちはこのプロジェクトを最後まで進め、映画として皆様に見ていただく揺るがない自信があります。そしてこのベガルタ仙台というチームと サポーターの方の素晴らしい話を見ていただける日を心待ちにしています。

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    FAN FRIEND. We'll add your name and personal message to our 'Fan Friends' message book of support - A book which will enable football fans everywhere to show their unity with Vegalta and the people of Sendai. This will be presented to the club at the Japanese premiere, after which you receive a picture of the presentation along with a message of thanks from the Directors.

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    FAN FRIEND EXTRA. As above but we will also put your name on our 'Fan Wall' on the 'Football, Take Me Home' website and you'll receive a downloadable 'Fan Friend Contributor' certificate in English and Japanese!

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    MATCH-DAY REGULAR. As a person of great standing among your fellow fans, you'll be able to impress with all the above plus a thank-you in the 'Match Day Regular's' section of the final credits of the film, PLUS a set of Japanese 'FTMH Superfan' button badges and a download of an exclusive 'FTMH Superfan' version of the theatrical poster to wow all the world with.

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    AWAY GAME REGULAR. As a regular frequenter of the 'football special', you'll get all the above plus a 'FTMH Superfan' T-Shirt in snazzy Vegalta colours. Unbelievably Jeff, you'll also get an exclusive print of a still from the film, signed by the Directors!

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    FAN LEADER. All the above, plus show your true leadership qualities in the stands at the next game with a superb 'pimped out' 'FTMH Superfan' Megaphone... As used by the Fan Leaders at Vegalta! All this AND an original theatrical poster, signed by the Directors. Shout your support from the rooftops & cover up a few holes in the wall. Perfect.

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    PLAYERS LOUNGE (FLAGWAVER). If Japanese food isn't your thing and having a massive flag is, you might like this alternative reward... A massive authentic Vegalta Sendai flag or banner to wave, just like the ones seen in the film. All the rest is as per 'Players Lounge' (Credits etc.)

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    IN THE DUGOUT NEXT TO THE MANAGER. As 'Players Car Park' plus an 'Executive Producer' credit on the film OPENING titles and your name in the credits on the Theatrical poster. PLUS, you'll get four tickets for the London or Japanese Premiere (Your choice, but sadly travel not included), a thank-you dinner for you and a friend with the Directors (Venue to be arranged) AND an authentic Vegalta Sendai Asics match shirt SIGNED by players and fans seen in the film. Blimey!

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