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A board game where players roll dice to plant, water, and harvest five types of veggies, with an unexpected element of strategy.
A board game where players roll dice to plant, water, and harvest five types of veggies, with an unexpected element of strategy.
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Garden Dice at Essen - Help Needed

Dear Kickstarter Friends,

I'm writing to ask for your help with spreading the word that Garden Dice and the card expansion will both be available at the Spiel game convention in Essen, Germany later this month (Oct 24-27).  If you have friends or family or acquaintances traveling to the convention who don't yet have the game, please let them know they can pick up a copy in Hall 3 at booth P118. There is even a preorder link at

This is a pretty big deal for me, so thank you in advance for helping to get the word out in whatever creative way you can - it is greatly appreciated!


GAMES magazine Game of the Year award?!



In case you hadn't heard, Garden Dice was selected to receive the Game of the Year award from GAMES magazine!!?!  It's a great honor that leaves me tongue-tied. Suffice it to say that it made me VERY HAPPY! If you want to read editor John McCallion's colorful review, and see the other great games that won awards, go to this page: The issue goes on newsstands on Oct 15th. Check it out, there are a lot of other great games in the buyer's guide!

I thank all of you once again. Without your support last year (both financial and moral), this simply would never have happened. I still can't believe it!



Meridae Games at Gen Con

Although Meridae Games will not have a booth in the Gen Con exhibit hall this year, we will be doing demos at two different times on Friday, August 16th:

BGM1350683 - Friday 10:00am - ICC : Hall F : Green : Table 12

BGM1350684 - Friday 2:00pm - ICC : Hall F : Green : Table 12

Register for one of these games or just stop by and say hello! My red hair should be easy to spot!

Also, if anyone wants to meet up at a different time to play Garden Dice (or anything else), please feel free to either email me at meridae AT or send a tweet to @MeridaeGames.


Shipping Update

As of this past Saturday, July 20th, all expansion cards have been shipped.

And so this essentially completes a journey that began last Spring. With your help, I was able to publish my first board game (and also an expansion!), and for that I am truly grateful. I could not have done it without the financial and moral support you provided during the campaign and ever since. Thank you!

So what's next for my company, Meridae Games? The experience of publishing Garden Dice was such a good one that we would like to publish other games. We are considering not only my own creations (I'm working on a couple) but also those from other game designers. More to come in the months ahead.

In closing, I hope everyone continues to enjoy Garden Dice and the expansion cards. If you have positive playing experiences you'd like to share, I always love hearing about them or even reading about them on BoardGameGeek forums. And if you continue to spread the word about the game like you've been doing, at some point soon I'll be faced with the decision of whether to do a second print run or not!

Thanks again for all your support and for making this such a positive experience.


Important Update

Woohoo! The production of the card expansion is finished. Assuming there aren't any shipping delays, they will be arriving this week and we will begin shipping them out to you in the days that follow.

IMPORTANT: If you have had an address change since last October, please let me know as soon as possible by sending me a message through Kickstarter.

For those of you who were not Kickstarter backers but are interested in having a copy of the expansion, please check with your retailer around the beginning of August, or order a copy from my online store at

Thanks again everyone, the wait is almost over!