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A board game where players roll dice to plant, water, and harvest five types of veggies, with an unexpected element of strategy.
A board game where players roll dice to plant, water, and harvest five types of veggies, with an unexpected element of strategy.
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    1. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on April 9, 2013

      Hello James and everyone else. Josh is working on the box art now. It's the last thing, the card artwork is done and the rules are fully formatted. I plan to post a detailed update at the end of the week or the first of next. I'm really sorry this is taking so long. -Doug

    2. James Cartwright on April 9, 2013

      Any more news on the expansion?

    3. Don Riddle
      on January 5, 2013

      GD recieved a couple of mentions as 'Best family game of the year' on the Dice Tower's end-of-year round-up podcast. Certainly my pick! Happy New Year, Doug!

    4. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on November 29, 2012

      Thanks Peter! I hope you haven't been waiting all this time for it! And many thanks for showing it to the shop owner!

    5. Peter "Wizball" Wilson
      on November 29, 2012

      Just got teh game and played it last night is great. So much so that the shop owner I was plying with had first passed teh game over but now want to try to get some copies in. :)

    6. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on November 26, 2012

      Thanks so much, John! I will let them know!

      Very sorry the game took so long to get to you!!

    7. John Ibarzabal on November 26, 2012

      My copy just arrived here (Brazil).
      I already saw pictures, but when I got my hands on it, I have to say the quality in the game's components and the art is so pleasing :)

      Thanks again for this... and also please extend my gratitude to everyone who helped you pack, organize and make this happen :)

      I saw pictures of your house and people helping you, unpacking the game made me think of them...


    8. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on November 15, 2012

      Thanks, David! Yes, the card expansion is still in the works. I will post an update either tonight or tomorrow night with some details and art by Josh.

    9. David Siskin
      on November 11, 2012


      Love the game. Beautiful work my friend. BTW, what's the status of the expansion cards? Backers should be getting these at some point, right?

    10. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on November 8, 2012

      Thanks for the nice words, everyone! Tell your friends about it, please! =)

    11. GWM28 on November 7, 2012

      Doug you are a legend! This week I have been battling with four other KS game project deliveries (Exile Sun, Conquest Tactics, Fleet, and Glory to Rome), so to receive Garden Dice on time and beautifully packaged has helped restore my faith in Kickstarter! You must be very proud of this great project. GM

    12. Bill Grant III on November 6, 2012

      We haven't had power in a week so it was a perfect time to give Garden Dice a whirl. It was a perfect game for the occasion -- rules not overly complicated, great component quality (so not dealing with any fiddly bits when you don't have much light) and a game like "Ticket to Ride" in the sense that you can play the game either on your own or you can intentionally foil your opponents plans. We played it "nicely"... I brought a critter onto the board but never used him, and that probably cost me the game.

    13. John Warden on November 3, 2012

      Haven't played it yet, but it is by far the prettiest game I've seen! Very impressive indeed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nogard05 on November 2, 2012

      Got it today and played our first game, 2 players. The quality of the cardboard components is excellent. More importantly, the gameplay is also fun. A good game to have.

    15. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on November 2, 2012

      Thanks so much, guys! I am really happy with the way it turned out. I hope you enjoy playing!

    16. Fr. Kent O'Connor on November 2, 2012

      Got my copy today. Very impressed with it. Looking forward to playing it.

    17. Alan Nanes
      on October 30, 2012

      Got my copy today. Looks awesome... thanks Doug! :)

    18. TonganJedi on October 30, 2012

      Copy received! Thank you, sir. This looks to be a hoot. We're going to give it a whirl on date night!

    19. Missing avatar

      Enoch and Samantha Wright on October 29, 2012

      Received mine today! Quality is superb in everything except the bag. The inside of it is ripped up and not very well put together, but I won't let that keep me from enjoying Garden Dice! Just can't wait to get it to the table!!!

    20. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on October 2, 2012

      I haven't actually gotten word yet, but I need to get the surveys answered in preparation. I will be sure to give you an update as soon as I have one. Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      on October 2, 2012

      Ok, with the surveys being sent, I imagine the games have more or less docked, right?

    22. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on October 1, 2012

      I'm waiting to hear too, with baited breath. And you're right, it shouldn't be long.

    23. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro
      on October 1, 2012

      The ship should be here any day now, depending on the port of arrival. Can't wait to hear that it's arrived safe and sound!! :-)

    24. Erik Kettenburg on September 21, 2012

      I just wanted to say as both someone running a large and successful kickstarter project and as a backer of many games - Doug, you are doing an awesome job, it's a pleasure to see what a professional product you're producing, on time, and independently!

    25. Dale Moore on May 23, 2012

      Last min play testing before it's off to the printer. Doug just left the house. I added my thoughts as a comment on the topic below. Suffice to Say Doug is working very hard and it's turning out great.

    26. Dale Moore on May 17, 2012

      You can see my Session report on the Gnome at:

      Give it a thumbs up so more people will see it.

    27. Dale Moore on May 16, 2012

      I helped Play test the Gnome today. Over three games the Gnomes was used about the same as the Sundial. Personally when I had the Sundial out I wish I had the Gnome instead, However when I had the Gnome out I wanted my Sundial. I felt they were equal but different. What I really wanted was both. It was knowing we could flip another players Gnome If they were getting ahead, but no one did. It was never worth "spending" the six. Very nice addition.

    28. Brian Clymer on May 15, 2012

      Ah, I misread the explanation in the update then - oops! In that case I think either option for the gnome would work well - the bonus 3 pips for buying/watering/harvesting will provide the option to get those expensive veggies taken care of if the dice just aren't on your side.

      The offensive use of it to deactivate another players' gnome would also prove beneficial to keep others from using the extra pips for buying/watering/harvesting :)

    29. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on May 15, 2012

      Brian, the sundial allows two pips for placement only. The gnome will allow it for buying, watering, and harvesting. So it will still be a choice - do I want to be able to place more easily or buy/water/harvest more easily?

    30. Brian Clymer on May 15, 2012

      I think that making the gnome able to flip OTHER players' gnome to the inactive side would be more beneficial than a personal use for a 3rd bonus pip. The sundial already adds 2 pips, as does the gnome so adding a 3rd would really make the sundial seem to take a back-seat and really only used to get to a scarecrow. That being said, I'm anxious to see its final rules! :) Can't wait for October!

    31. Peter "Wizball" Wilson
      on May 3, 2012

      Glad we made it over teh 15k mark looking forward to playing this

    32. Miranda Folland on May 2, 2012

      Congrats Doug, and to us all! We get the expansion now. Woo Hoo!

    33. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on May 2, 2012

      I just saw that! Thank you so much to everyone who's supported the game both financially and by spreading the word about it! Heartfelt thanks!

    34. Don Riddle
      on May 2, 2012

      We did it! Thanks everybody!!!

    35. Fr. Kent O'Connor on May 2, 2012

      First time backer. I was on the fence (tee-hee of the garden) I saw that I could push the project over the 15k goal, so I signed up with Kickstarter and made the pledge. Looking forward to playing the game in October.

    36. Miranda Folland on May 2, 2012

      I did the same with three other gamers from my group, bumping mine up to $140 too. We're almost there. Only a few more backers to go.

    37. Matt Smith on May 2, 2012

      I just convinced another gamer to join my order, so I could bump up to the $140 level. The rest will have to come from other backers. Hopefully we'll make it to $15K!

    38. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on May 2, 2012

      Yes, we're awfully close! I think we can do it, only need a few more supporters! :D

    39. AFR Steve on May 2, 2012

      550 left and 23 hours to go! I'm happy for everyone that has been a part of this as it looks like even this last stretch goal will be passed.

    40. Brian Clymer on May 1, 2012

      Only $1,000 to go until the card expansion fairy comes! Let's do it!

    41. Richard Sandberg on April 30, 2012

      Got on board after watching the Dice Tower Review. Looking forward to playing the game; it looks like a blast! Thanks to everyone for getting us the gnome stretch and hope we can finish strong.

    42. Don Riddle
      on April 30, 2012

      So exciting to be a part of this! C'mon Kickstarters, make TWO people's dreams come true! Good Luck Doug, and thanks for the tremendous compliment of moving forward with my idea!

    43. Matt Smith on April 29, 2012

      Only 3 days to go. No more stretch goals? Kickstarter campaigns usually get a lot of funding in the last few days, especially when there is a stretch goal to be achieved.

    44. Matt Smith on April 28, 2012

      Excellent! The fliers I posted at the local nursery (before being arrested for trespassing) must have helped. ;-)

    45. John Longstreet on April 28, 2012

      Doug - I can't speak for all CCGers', but I know that their are lots of us that are very happy that you have reached your goal and continue to soar. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy folks!! He has worked hard to present a fine product.

    46. Doug Bass of Meridae Games Creator
      on April 27, 2012

      Yes indeed! We shall have gnomes and stickers! Thank you guys so much! You all are great!

    47. James Cartwright on April 27, 2012

      yeah! 12,500! gnomes and stickers, cool!

    48. AFR Steve on April 27, 2012

      We made it to $12,500! Bring on the gnomes!

    49. Matt Smith on April 27, 2012

      Only $302 to get gnome tiles and insect stickers. C'mon people, spread the word! Post fliers at your local gardening store! Call in to gardening radio shows! Get on cable TV! Call the President! We can do this!

    50. AFR Steve on April 25, 2012

      850 to go! Gnome power!

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