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A tactical strategy game on an epic fantasy timeline from the creators of Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Iron Brigade!
31,774 backers pledged $1,229,015 to help bring this project to life.

Teamstream #5 TODAY, Brad at PAX, Changes to Updates AGAIN!



The pre-production party continues! Sorry for the late notice, but due to PAX Prime we’re going to be doing Teamstream #5 TODAY, August 29th at 4PM Pacific (23:00 GMT)! Tune in to where we’ll be talking about the current state of design, art, and programming of MASSIVE CHALICE. As always we’ll end with a Q&A session to let you guys tell us what’s on your mind!

PAX Prime Panel

Brad is going to be at PAX Prime this weekend! Double Fine is hosting a panel about Open Game Development on Sunday, September 1st at 3PM Pacific (22:00 GMT) in the Kraken theater featuring Greg Rice, Chris Remo, Brad, and none other than Tim Schafer himself! We’d love to have you join us as we share our thoughts about being more open with our community.

You can find more details about all of our PAX Prime activities here!

Changes to Updates

You might be wondering why we are sending this out through Kickstarter again. Well we had to do some upgrades and tweaks to our mailing list and so future updates will be coming from Please update your spam filters, and thanks for hanging with us while we work out these kinks!

And just a reminder that if the MASSIVE CHALICE forums aren’t your thing then be sure to keep an eye on our blog here! We’ll also be posting our Teamstream on the Double Fine YouTube channel here.

We’re looking forward to hanging out with you guys today!


Brad and the MASSIVE CHALICE team! :D!


    1. Creator Marius Müller on December 5, 2013

      I never received any email updates apart form the Kickstarter ones.

    2. Creator Cameron on November 4, 2013

      I am yet to get an email update.

    3. Creator Robert Woods on September 3, 2013

      I too have never received any email updates apart form the Kickstarter ones.

    4. Creator Sebastien Pacetti on September 3, 2013

      Didn't receive the emails, only the info from Kickstarter

    5. Creator Francisco Laborde on August 30, 2013

      Sorry, got the wrong project with my previous comment, was actually hoping to post to Broken Age and I don't know why kickstarter redirected me to this page instead (could you guys pass them the message, just to have more leverage? :P)

    6. Creator Francisco Laborde on August 30, 2013

      On the subject of game length, which you guys talk about a little bit in the video, please don't artificially pad the game.

      A great example would be The Cave: the puzzles are fun, the characters are interesting, but having to play through the game 5 times, repeating the same 3 puzzles every single run is incredibly boring. It would be a much better _experience_ if you could play all the characters in one run (so you only have to play through the game twice, for the bad endings and good endings) or if they let you skip the parts you've already solved.

    7. Creator Sebastian on August 30, 2013

      I say continue with the kickstarter updates

    8. Creator manio on August 30, 2013

      Me neither

    9. Creator Todd V. Ehrenfels on August 30, 2013

      Same here, I have not received any emails to date.

    10. Creator Alex Beshara on August 30, 2013

      Hey, I haven't received any email updates since you switched to them. Is there a way to check that my email is in the database fine or anything like that?