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A tactical strategy game on an epic fantasy timeline from the creators of Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Iron Brigade!
A tactical strategy game on an epic fantasy timeline from the creators of Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Iron Brigade!
31,774 backers pledged $1,229,015 to help bring this project to life.

Design Chat!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)
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Our pledge total keeps going up and we’re so thankful for your support!

Design Chat

We’ve got a special treat for you today: a lengthy video from 2 Player Productions documenting an early design conversation between Brad and MASSIVE CHALICE designer John Swisshelm. As you’ll see in the video, we’re pretty early on in the development of MASSIVE CHALICE—still in pre-production to be exact! This is a really exciting time for the project, as it’s all about defining what the game is and what features we’re going to strive to include.

We’re generating new ideas at a ridiculous pace, and now that we’re actively talking with the community about the game we’re getting even more awesome ideas. The great part about involving you guys at this early stage is that it’s much more likely for your voice to be heard. We’re putting all of the backers’ ideas together with ours into a big melting pot. In some cases, your ideas are even better than ours! This is a great time to chime in with your feedback on MASSIVE CHALICE. What’s the coolest game feature you can think of that’s inspired by the Epic Timeline? We want to know! :D!

As we approach the start of production in the coming months we’ll be whittling this list down into something that fits within the scope of our budget. The more money we raise, the more resources we can use for developing these great ideas. So please continue to help spread the word and help us make MASSIVE CHALICE the amazing game we all want it to be! And now, I present you with some of our current thoughts on the design!

Chat Topics

01:00 Emergent narrative through gameplay

02:30 Inevitability of character death

04:00 Bloodline Relics

07:00 Psychological effects of battle

08:40 Managing permadeath

11:20 Houses/keeps and children

15:00 Equality of sexes, surnames

20:00 Skills and class systems

25:00 Bringing the kingdom together

27:30 New game variation/ replayability

30:00 Community suggestions/ unit support relationships

34:30 Researching technology

36:00 Benefits of open development

39:00 Player shaped experience/ random events

42:20 Play length

44:30 Demonic corruption/ perks and quirks

52:40 Gaming influences

Total runtime - 55:49

Audio Stream

If you don’t have time to watch the chat then how about just listening to it?! We’ve also provided an mp3 version so you can listen on the go! You can grab that here!

Twitch XCOM: EU Stream

We had a blast answering MASSIVE CHALICE questions and interacting with the community during our XCOM: Enemy Unknown playthrough on yesterday! If you missed the event or just need more Brad in your life, you can still watch the playthrough here.

E3 is right around the corner and we’ve got more updates coming your way! Thank you so much for your continued support—be sure to join the conversation over at the MASSIVE CHALICE forums here!


Brad and the MASSIVE CHALICE team :D

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    1. Missing avatar

      Cory on

      Yes to everything you guys talked about.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chad Heuschober on

      Great little talk. I really appreciated the discussion on succession and same-sex couples and it got me to thinking, why not add an adoption mechanic? If bonuses are diviied up between the nature/nurture elements you could have some really interesting mechanics.

      For instance, a farmer's child is adopted by a same-sex couple of two warriors. The child gets semi-random stats based on mixed genetic background but is trained from birth to be a great warrior and has a high 'X skill' stat.

      A similar mechanic could apply to adoptions between hero families. If there is a fertility stat, adoption could be a potential mitigation for families that are unsuccessful. In that way, only a portion of the bloodline stats are not carried forward.

      To carry the 'blood line' concept forward in adoptions re: relics and other things, certain families could have rituals that must be completed in order to be 'formally' accepted into the blood line. These rituals, specific to each line, could be handled like challenges or achievements and enable a more diverse and interesting range of class and hero combinations for those willing to take the effort and chance that they won't be able to complete them.

    3. Missing avatar

      KevinCogneto on

      I've always loved tactical strategy games like X-Com and Final Fantasy Tactics, because of their similarities to chess. In chess, each piece has a specific set of possible moves based on its type, just as a unit in a tactics game can attack specific tiles based on its class type. With that in mind, as much as I'm excited for the tactical layer of Massive Chalice, I kind of know what to expect there. It's actually the strategic layer that I'm finding the most intriguing, despite the fact that I found that part of Enemy Unknown so tedious. That's where I feel like this game really has a chance to stand out, and to be something truly special.

      In particular, I really hope the immortal king or queen is actually "in play" on the game board, because I feel like that might also make the strategy layer very chess-like in the sense that maybe the lose-state could be about losing your king or queen. Maybe the immortal monarch can only be killed by a demon... After all the talk about the importance of the characters in Massive Chalice, this talk about the strategy layer being focused on holding or losing keeps sounds strangely impersonal compared to the rest of the game. The win/lose conditions should be about the people, not about their lands and castles. In fact, I'd like it if, when the characters got too old to be useful in the tactics section and were "retired", that they would actually "graduate" to becoming game pieces on the strategy layer -- pieces that could be moved around on the map, and not stuck arbitrarily assigned to a keep.

      In other words, while it should be a significant setback to lose a castle, it's your retired lords that you should really be concerned about protecting -- the king or queen most of all. After all, he or she is generating resources for the realm, not to mention the next generation of warriors. The castle keep isn't doing that, its purpose is to protect the lord, not to be protected in and of itself.

      If I was faced with an onslaught of demons attacking my castle, I should be forced to choose -- abandon the castle and try to escape with my retired lord alive (kinda like when an X-Com missing goes sour and all you want is to get back to the Skyranger), or try to hold fast, maybe saving your castle, but risking the life of my retired lord in the process. Or maybe that lord is 90 years old and not worth risking your best warriors on at all... So much of chess is about figuring out which pieces you can afford to sacrifice, and I'd like to see Massive Chalice's strategy layer work in a similar way.

    4. David Hardie on

      How about "Dame" Swisshelm instead of "Lady." Dame seems like a stronger word.

    5. MrStimpson38 on

      The only project I've ever backed. This game is going to be legendary.

    6. Squishymaster on

      Class matrix? Why not just have it be skill based. Lets say each character has 10 skills. Well 2 from one parent's skill set, 2 from the other, 2 at random from the family tree, 2 totally random from the kid, and the last 2 from up bringing. I put the upbringing in there because I read Matthew Hanson's post much further down the page and really liked it, sending your children off to another keep to be raised. Happened a lot back in the day and allows for more diversity. If you do what was talked about in the video then the children will be too similar.

    7. Daniel Morgan on

      I'd like to add a few poorly thought out, but hopefully thought-provoking suggestions:

      I want to reiterate some of the questions further down the line about the role of commoners. While having a noble family tree that is more like a noble twisting vine might be fairly realistic in terms of medieval history, it's a little troublesome in terms of modern sensibilities. I don't know how combat in this game is going to be set up, but if you have generic soldiers in addition to your hero units, it would be pretty awesome if you could take a particularly battle-scarred and experienced generic unit and give him/her a title. This would allow you to bring fresh blood into your noble houses, as well as provide additional story opportunities.

      You guys spent an awful long time talking about S-links, and I really hope you bring some form of that into the game. Marrying off two of your best heroes because they have the most compatible stats turns this into a spreadsheet game. Marrying off two of your best heroes because of the emotional bond that they've developed in battle makes this more like the game that it seems like you're trying to make. I'd like to also suggest that the S-link be able to go negative as well. Say if you healed one hero from near death on the same turn that another died, the healer would see a big boost in the s-link of the recovered hero, while the dead hero's brother would develop a massive negative s-link. These s-links could impact the effectiveness of magic and other traits between heroes, as well as genetic outcomes in children. The s-links could also be inherited to a somewhat random degree, so that if two heroes became enemies while fighting the demons, their children would have the same ugly relationships. Families could inherit age old alliances--and feuds!

      Since we can't go more than a few minutes without mentioning Game of Thrones, have you guys talked at all about Direwolves? (Good-morning-sir-how-are-you-doing-today-do-you-have-any-time-to-talk-about-our-Lord-and-Savior-Direwolves?) Something like a rare artifact tied only to a single generation that augments combat or possibly even appears in combat? Getting really far out there, if you've already got a genetics model in-game, you could conceivably use that to breed adorable dire wolf puppies. Or fairy dragons, or pegasi, or ferrets or what have you. Probably a little much for a game of this size, but maybe stick it on the board for the sequel?

      I'd also like to give y'all some chops for thinking about people that aren't straight white dudes with beards. I value that kind of diversity a lot, even if I am another straight white dude with facial hair.

    8. Missing avatar

      Razmoudah on

      Well, after seeing the design chat video I can definitely say that I think I'll keep the $100 pledge I've made, since we'll be able to keep the different bloodlines from becoming meaningless with every hero able to become the same thing.

      I think another thing that could be thrown in for heroes to do, besides have children, is for them to 'train' others. This would allow you to have the new generation(s) of heroes start out stronger than their parents did, but not as strong as their parents were when conceived/born, and then have them train to improve their abilities, and the more powerful the trainer the more powerful they can get through training before going out to battle. Actually, the lack of a means to train units is my biggest dis-like of the Fire Emblem titles and Vanguard Bandits. Your enemies are constantly getting stronger, but you can only take so many into battle and the rest just sit back and can't improve for when you need them later. There is still a long ways to go with it though.

      @Jason McMillen: Cast isn't the word you were looking for, as cast (or caste as it originally was) referred to one's rank and importance in society, and from the sound of things all heroes will have the same base rank and importance regardless of bloodline. Also, although they stated that children of a given bloodline will have a set class they will be capable of using skills from their other parent as well, so you could have a Fighter that can still wield a bow effectively, or heal allies, or cast offensive magic, but not all of those things. I'm not going to say that it couldn't be potentially opened up some more, but it isn't that horribly rigid, especially if they borrow more heavily from Final Fantasy Tactics. There are a lot of directions to go still, and they even said that nothing is exactly set in stone yet so it could still potentially change anyhow.

    9. Jason McMillen on

      So let me get this right... You're totally cool with a family cast system where all children have no choice, they must be X class, but you guys are struggling extremely hard to mess with the surname concept that we all know and have followed for millennial?

      Why don't you guys just let the darn player pick which of their classes will become primary? Or... let it be random... or even better have a hero's primary "class" be the one that the player has that hero use the most, kind of like Dungeon Seige.

      Just saying....

    10. Brendan Young on


    11. Scot MacDonald Aune on

      I loved the video, guys, and it's very clear that there's a lot of dedication and love being put into this project. The Demonic(or daemonic depending on your eventual word choice) corruption and tech aspect is very interesting, reminding me of the slight system they had in the Dawn of War Warhammer 40k RTS. Perks and quirks, very funny name by the by, is also an amazing way to create variety and replay value to this already diverse game. I notice, however, the future problem subject of classes and wish to make some suggestions as they go. Perhaps a thief class who's skills could be focused on stealing weaponry or armor. Maybe an assassin class that could debilitate or even instakill(at a low chance) with their skills. Maybe even a trapper, like the ranger in Final Fantasy Tactics A-2 or Saboteur that could break enemy equipment or place debuffs on foes, maybe even going so far to negate demonic weaponry on the enemy. Thanks for placing this idea in the limelight, though, and I'm very glad I donated now. Good luck!

    12. Edwin on

      Has Front Mission been mentioned as another game to take a look at for inspiration? I know I've mentioned it to Brad on Twitter but wasn't sure if anyone else has.

    13. KingSupa on

      I'd love to see rebellions and traitors to the throne if your kingdom has no confidence in your leadership due to poor or reckless decisions you've made.

    14. Jess Montgomery on

      The perks and quirks system from the total war serise echoes a bit of the trait system. Life changes them, big victories, near deaths, etc. I like it :) all sounds great.

    15. Peter Arentsen on

      @Vitirr sorry but double fine is about idea kickstarters not fully worked out projects. Probably because they don't have that much funds and they wanna keep the risks for themselves as limited as possible.

    16. Bryce Harcourt on

      @Marty Hanlon - I like this idea. However, I'd like to see some upside to Corruption as well. Kind of a "playing with fire" mechanic. Blue Mages in Final Fantasy Tactics can learn the abilities of their enemies. Perhaps we could make it so that those heroes with >35 Corruption can begin to learn the abilities of demons. The higher their corruption, the better the abilities they can learn. However, like you said if you let the corruption get too high you run the risk of them turning on you or becoming a portal.

    17. Jacob Begley on

      The breeding system in 'Dragon Warrior Monsters' might be worth a look in. Both parents are lost in the creation, but the child can learn any of the abilities that the parents can, and gains stat growth bonuses depending on what generation they are.

    18. Missing avatar

      vitirr on

      @Peter Silk

      Hidden in a forum? Don't you think that should be published as an important relevant information on the main page of the kickstarter campaign? I mean, I still don't have a clear idea of how the game is going to be played and their not helping to clear it out. It seems that everyone who wants to know a bit about the basic of the game must be a backer first and then do a research in forums and video updates.

      And yes, it may be fun to be in this early stage of preprepre productoin, but you don't need a kickstarter for that. They could have worked with the fans first, and when the ideas where clear in their minds opening the kickstarter.

    19. Missing avatar

      jegallar on

      I hope it's more FF Tactics-Like than X-Com-Like, more fun!

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Silk on

      @vitirr They've spoken about that on the forums. These are things they have thought about. It's actually already been a great pleasure to get a look at this early point of development in my opinion. I feel much more like we're involved in the start of something cool, rather than after all the interesting decisions have already been made.

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Silk on

      @manolis That assumes they're an only child, which is probably not true.

    22. Missing avatar

      vitirr on

      Frankly you should add a summary of all these videos as text and show it on the main page. Some people just can't spend so much time watching a video to get basic information about what the game is all about.

      I'm certainly waiting to know how an X-COM like tactic game which is 90% ranged attack, can be converted in a fantasy environment. Are all our characters going to be magicians or archers? How do you plan to handle close combat?

      Sorry but I just think you haven't made your homework and should have something more solid when opening the kickstarter.

    23. Marty Hanlon on

      Thank you guys for doing this! It's nice to see some of the banter getting passed around at this stage. A little sad to know that we're still very much in early planning, but fun to see things take shape. :)

      As a pretty minor thing, I'd love to see the "questionable" activities feed into a single, easy to read Corrupution stat for a character. Inbreeding? Kids get some corruption. Studying/using demon tech? Congrats, here's your Corruption. Parents were into some freaky stuff? Sorry kid, sins of the father and all that. And so on and so forth.

      This would also feed nicely into a simple Quirk system, where you bracket things out along the lines of (pulling numbers out of a hat) 0-15 Corruption means you're fine, 16-40 means you're fishy enough to get a minor drawback, 41-80 means you're the creepy guy that lives under the bridge with a moderate drawback, and 81-99 means you're liable to explode into a portal to hell at any given moment.

      I guess basically I'm just saying that given the scope being talked about, there's kind of an overarching risk that breeding becomes a game of Super Microsoft Excel, and it'd be nice to keep some of these things (a) abstracted into simplicity, (b) tightly integrated into other portions of the gameplay rather than just being a Punnet square.

      To the latter point, keeping this clean and simple will likely make it easier to tie into the Tactical layer. E.g. some demons may erupt in corruption when killed (hope you didn't have them surrounded with melee units!), some may gain power or abilities when near one of your heroes with a high corruption, and so on and so forth.

    24. Manolis Krestas on

      @Donald Newberry same-sex couples cannot reproduce so their line will die at them :P
      So i dont think its in game :P

    25. Donald Newberry on same-sex couples. I'm tired of the video game industry feeling like they have to cater to all audiences. I think that'll be the point I withdraw my support....

    26. Missing avatar

      blackdrazon on

      Adoption should definitely be there for same-sex couples, and gameplay-speaking, considering what you're saying about how kids would be generated, it wouldn't be a bad way to go if you've borked things with your build. "Whoops, I've been setting up research wizards for so long that my heir has the combat stats of a gerbil. Time to make an alliance."

    27. Marykate Clark on

      I'd like some variety/diversity in the offspring, too. I don't necessarily want all my characters to be the same class as their parents/siblings, with identical abilities or it would be too repetitive and I wouldn't get to experiment with the possibilities enough and the characters/generations need some uniqueness in their identities. I like the secondary abilities. Also, check out the genetic traits forum chat*... there's a lot to consider there, too.

      Can we control multiple households simultaneously?

      *Genetic Traits Discussion

    28. Missing avatar

      nik den on

      I have a question about free will.

      After listening a video (awkward) the gameplay looks for me this way: you get two heroes of your choice, breed them and get new heroes with white ears and longer tails. In my mind all sorts of stories about prearranged marriage start to pop up. Most of them was not happy (all of them was fictional too).

      So question is: if I want to heroes to have children am I just tell them to or I actually have to do something so they want to have children? Will it be possible so Schafers hate Swisshelms and wont go to one keep with them no matter what? Will heroes will be able to fall in love against your will, and so on?

    29. Bryce Harcourt on

      That's not a bad idea either.

      The thought by behind my idea was that commoners bring something new and refreshing to the table. They weren't brought up in the courts, weren't trained by the Master at Arms, and learned their skills on the streets (or in the fields). Thus the skills their children would inherit would not be something they could receive from a noble upbringing. Kind of like "dirty fighting" or "affinity towards animals" (which would give a buff to mounted units).

    30. Taragon on

      @Bryce Harcourt - I think if the noble marrying commoner gives something different, it should be more of a random trait, rather than a plain chance to go up

    31. Bryce Harcourt on

      One more idea before I get back to work. Nobles marrying nobles tends to lead to a stagnant gene pool over time. In the video, they mentioned the possibility of having Lords/Ladies taking over a keep and wedding a commoner instead of another hero. I think this should be an option, but with a twist. If you have a character wed a commoner instead of another hero, you have a chance of their child being a "Prodigy". Prodigy children can only come from commoners, and have unique skills only obtainable through this method that they can pass down to their children. The chance of a Prodigy child should be small (20% at most) but the payoffs could be huge.

    32. Bryce Harcourt on

      @Adam Tarantino - Thanks for the feedback. Glad it was not just lost in the sea of comments.

      Another idea I had that involved the Epic Timeline was the fact that history gets lost, and lore and legend are altered with the flow of time. One of the ways to keep excess guild members useful in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was to send members on side missions while the main party went out on quests. I can see a similar scenario playing out here. Send some of your excess children out on quests of self-discovery. This becomes even more important as you start looking at large family trees and relics. Did one of their ancestors die holding the line 100 years ago? Send their great-great-great-niece out to discover what happened. Tales of her ancestor's final glorious sacrifice might have fallen into legend, and thus the weapon or armor they return with might have gained special powers. The character you send out gets some experience, and the player gets a new piece of gear alongside some fond memories.

    33. Brian Doyle on

      Few comments!

      1) Love Perks and Quirks! Sounds like an awesome way to color a specific hero whether it's an event which happens randomly (or during gameplay on the battlefield) or based on the parent whose role the child does not take up (e.g. a soldier with a mage mother might know a fireball or teleport spell lets say) and could make them even more memorable as individuals.

      2) My suggestion, which I suggested on Twitter to a happy Brad Muir reply, goes like this: Feats of Daring make Captivating Tales. Basically I'd love it if when heroes do come close to death but end up finding victory they inspire others as a consequence of that. I think that'd do a lot to reward/encourage risky play which seems to me something you'd want to encourage because I tend to be very conservative while playing XCOM because of the consequences of not doing so.

      3) This game continues to sound awesome! It's like XCOM times Civ times Game of Thrones with a dash of a board game! I especially like it when you call out problems with XCOM I perceived and note how they won't be problems in Massive Chalice because X Y Z. That's beautiful!

    34. Jared87 on

      I think the matter of whether Schafer gets evicted from Mt Swisshelm or stays as a custodian of the land (such as an advisor or something) should actually be a matter for the Eternal Monarch (the player) to rule on, King Solomon style.

    35. Leandro Ariel Pezzente on

      When you talked about classes , kinda reminds me about if a Bard/Scholar class would be appropiatte. You know , guys who research an unknown found relic to determinate its history and say "Hey ! This is the sword of old Sir John "ImpCracker" Muir that he lost when battleting a Guardian Demon at the Hellgate of Tempesta's Mountain!". Or guy who would tell ancestors heroic deed to leverage moral of a group. Things like that.

    36. Smiles on

      This was a pretty amazing video, I liked it a lot!

    37. DestructoDisk on

      haha that would be awesome! @GreyGriffin idea about having pregnant woman on the battle field opens up to some genius comedy moments. Say your warrior lady is mid-fight then you get a ' !! ' notification. So if you can protect your warrior during child birth from the enemy. once it's born. You get a 'Warrior Mum' bonus. where your mum gets like +5 child protection bonus. But at the same time any other warrior around her gets an aditional +2 for attack for the rest of that battle.

      Stuff like that would be awesome. but funny. Also a definate thing that has to happen is the ability to name your warriors (if you want to) personal touches like that really get you into a game.

    38. Taragon on

      wait, your plan is that if the primary hero of a household passes away, then one of the kids comes back to take over, and kicks their other parent out? thats silly. make them stay with their kid and do something like give a buff to management of their lands, representing them giving advice

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew Schultz on

      Magical insemination for same sex couples...come on. I could understand them raising children and I'm all for marriage equality but it doesn't make sense. Unless you make heterosexual couples do magic insemination as well.

    40. Luke Degner on

      Same-sex pairings with "magical insemination/birth" please! I have to ship my character with who they truly love!

    41. Missing avatar

      firesock on

      One hour's a bit much to watch but I had a couple of ideas...

      - How much presence will the immortal king have? Think it'd be nice for the player to be a bit more represented in game than they usually are...

      - Epic scale... how much will things change over the course of this? Or is it epic in terms of the player is told how much time it takes? I guess my point is it would be quite nice for the scale of time to be quite well represented.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tadeusz Cantwell on

      Similar to the last few ideas I thought that the relics and demon technology could be stolen from the battlefield by the demons. That if a hero dies, there is a runner style bloodline who retrieves fallen items. If a relic falls to a demon, it can be used against the heroes and cause descendants to want to get the item back and so take bigger risks.

      Since the demons become stronger over time, is a similar evolution happening on their side. So some families will have a rivalry with other demonic bloodlines. Stopping their heroes, or killing off their children will reduce their future effectiveness. Hope that level of AI wouldn't be to hard to code.

    43. Adam Tarantino on

      @Bryce - anyone else think this guy's ideas a pure gameplay genius?

    44. Ethan Elias Johnson on

      My thoughts were too long for a comment (and I didn't know if I'd finish writing them all out in one go), so I have posted them here:

    45. Bryce Harcourt on

      Another idea is that relics not being used are "buried" with their last host. The longer the relic spends with its master, the more powerful it becomes. Thus, you have the option of equipping it to a hero's daughter, or equipping it onto their great-grandson as a much more powerful relic.

    46. Cameron Youngs

      Possibility of losing a relic or maybe a character did something evil to gain a cruse or was cruse tainting his relic. Then quests to recover the relic or remove the curse. Giving the choice do I really need this relic or should I continue to quest other places.

    47. Bryce Harcourt on

      I know this game is about bloodlines and all, but given the Epic Timeline I'm interested in what we can do with the geography of the map and neighboring kingdoms. Over hundreds of years earthquakes, storms, floods, civilization, and the forces of evil will take their toll on your kingdom. Keeps will decay, rivers and borders will warp, forests will rise and fall under your watch. Part of the strategy in-between battles could be not only setting up marriages, but also procuring resources for your kingdom. Did a massive flood wipe out your front keep? Did overpopulation in an inner keep lead to stripping your forests? Did the last demon invasion putrefy a lake? Should you give a keep over to a neighbor in exchange for enough iron to forge new weapons? Should you divert some of your forces to assisting a neighbor who's lost two of their keeps during the current invasion, thereby ensuing access to some of their best warriors in return?

      Given the hundreds of years this game will encompass I would love to see how your kingdom changes over time.

    48. Jordan White

      Before I listen, I'll go ahead and leave an idea. I don't know if somebody has already thought of it or if you all will discuss it in the stream but I think that the parental abilities of each hero should factor into how the next generation is raised. You all have already said that determining WHEN the hero comes home matters (how long she stays and fights and how long she waits to return from the battlefield and raise a family). However, I think the actual quality of parenthood should determine whether new heroes are raised to be worse, as good as, or better than their parents. Some parents are inattentive and distant; others are overprotective and smothering. Some parents beat their children; others ignore discipline entirely. I imagine some heroes would only be interested in reveling in past glories while other heroes would spend all of their time training their children. This game is, as of right now, all about bloodlines (or nature), but I think that the game should also include some "nurture" to add more complexity. Anyway, that's the one element I've come up with that I feel would be beneficial. I'm going to listen to the stream now and I'll add more ideas later if I come up with any.

    49. Alex Moore on

      Also, how about a descendent can 'summon' their ancestors - a la the concept art - for a supper attack where they draw on their strength and have a super cool animation with the ghosts of the past coming in to help finish off an emery!

    50. Missing avatar

      pip25 on

      Thank you for this insightful video, this was exactly what I needed. :)
      (Just as a tip, maybe you could put more like this into the main Kickstarter project itself next time, to give people a better idea of what this'll be.)