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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

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Join us for launch day streaming, plus a new Sidequest!


Broken Age is out now for everyone on all platforms, and we very much hope you're enjoying it  Some people seem to be getting stuck on some of the puzzles, so we decided to set up a unique service for a limited time only.

At 3pm PST (that's now!) and for about an hour or so, we'll open the Double Fine Adventure Hint line for all to call and get help with Broken Age, and we'll be streaming it too. 

So join us here: and call us on +1 970 HEX-IPAL

p.s it's just us with a cellphone, so sorry if you don't get through.

Sidequest: "Just Take it Seriously" Matt Hansen

A Brand new Side Quest for launch day, this time with our VP of Development, Matt Hansen. Remember to watch the video on kickstarter!

Broken Age Backer Launch!


Dear Backers of Adventure!


This is Tim.

On the eve of our special backer preview of Broken Age Act 2 (aka "Broken Age") I feel moved to write you all a poem. Please bear with me.

O! Backers, sweet backers, 

Dear backers of ours! 

Put down your power tools! 

Pull over your cars!

Something is happening. 

It's so effing good. 

It came slow, but it came 

As fast as it could.

Here's something I've waited 

three years to say: 

Broken Age is finished 

and ready to play.


Holy smokes! Can you believe it? It feels weird. Weirder than I can summarise with that smiley face emoticon. I definitely feel happy, and relieved, and grateful. But mostly I'm just excited! Because I like the game and I hope you will too!

Be on the lookout for an email from Humble Bundle with special instructions for getting the game early on Steam. Then play Broken Age! Your old save game will work, but I personally recommend starting over from the beginning. Now, now, no grumbling. You don't HAVE to. I can't force you. YET. But you really should, and after all, it won't take you long since you know all the puzzles. :) There are just so many hints and story set ups that happen in Act 1 that you need to remember for Act 2 to make sense. Plus, achievements! Anyway, whatevs. You don't have to start over. That's just my recommendation. I'm like that waiter that tells you how to eat your food. No actual legal authority, but you know he's right about the ponzu sauce.

Sounds like a cliche, but it's a fact: This has been a long and crazy journey that we've all been on together. It's been a documentary and a phenomenon and a news item, but now it's just a game. And I really hope you like it because you helped to make it. And not just with your money. :)

Everybody else gets the game on Tuesday. It comes out that day on PC/Mac/Linux, and also PS4, VITA, OUYA, iPad, iPhone, and Android! So please tell all your friends! Feel free to be loud about it! We need to make sure the internet is filled with Broken Age buzz on Tuesday so everybody the world over knows that adventure games aren't dead! Well, I guess they heard that three years ago, but I think it's time they all hear it again.

This isn't our final word to you, the backers. There's another documentary episode coming, and probably more updates. Plus, I think I left my jacket at your house. But this is a huge milestone--shipping the game!--so lets raise a spoonful of flavored nutritional paste and toast to Vella and Shay, and to Broken Age--the game that we all made together.

Thanks for backing. And for sticking by us for three years. You were the best thing that ever happened to us. :)

Love, Tim

Release Details & Episode 19: Last Call


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Regarding that last email...


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Broken Age Coming April 28th!


Greetings dearest backers! 

As many of you will have seen already, we’ve announced that the full Broken Age adventure, Acts 1 & 2 combined, will be coming to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Ouya, PS4 and PS Vita on April 28th! (Although PlayStation platform release dates may vary depending on the local store update times) 

That’s only One. Month. Away. Say Whaaatttt? Exciting times are the times we are now living in!

You won’t have to do anything special to get Act 2, it will be added as a free update to Act 1. So if you have it installed already, it should patch in and you’ll be good to go! 

Cross Save 

Broken Age also support cross save across many platforms, so if you’ve completed Act 1 on PC, Mac, or Linux, you’d be able to continue your game on your iOS or Android device through Dropbox cloud saves if you so wished. PS4 and PS Vita have their own separate cross save system as well. 

IGN Act 2 Sneak Peek 

Last week Tim took Broken Age Act 2 over to the IGN offices (which are handily just around the corner) and sat down with Marty Sliva to play through the first 12 minutes of the game. If you can’t wait any longer to see what’s in store for Shay and Vella, and you don’t mind a few light spoilers (we made sure to hold back all puzzles), then go check out IGN’s 12 minute preview (warning: again, spoilers).

Broken Age Box art, by Cory Schmitz 

The physical box release for Broken Age is making it’s way through the manufacturing plants as we speak with a classy box art design by our good friend Cory Schmitz. The box will feature a transparent slip case with Shay and Vella on it, which means you can choose who sits at the bottom or the top, and it’s suuuuuuuuuuper purty. Check it out here with the slip case removed... 

Please note that t his is NOT the $100+ backer reward box, which is going to be a whole bunch bigger, and obviously even cooler. That will be based on this design, but we’re waiting for the documentary to wrap up before we start making that, since that will be included. No, this is the physical box that will be for general release. 

Pillars of Eternity

Lastly. our good friends at Obsidian are releasing their crowdfunded game Pillars of Eternity today, and we wanted to give them a big ol’ high five! Made by the same talented folks who made South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity launches today on PC, Mac and Linux, go take a look!

Thanks everyone!