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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
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Broken Age Act 1 Available Now for iPad!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

Hello backers!

In the last update we said the game would be coming to iPad soon and we're really pleased to say that today is the day! Broken Age Act 1 for iPad is now available on the App Store ( for $9.99. Once Act 2 is complete it will be available as an in-app purchase. As you may recall, we weren't able to offer the iOS build as a Kickstarter reward, but hopefully the lower price tag will help make it easier to take the leap!

We're really pleased with how the game looks and plays on the device, with beautiful hi res art and all the fancy touch controls we added to the PC build a few months back. Hopefully this will open the game up to a whole new audience! Here's a new iPad trailer we put together to help spread word about the new version:

And to mark the occasion, we're also releasing Broken Age on the Mac App Store today as a $24.99 season pass ( This will include Act 2 when it's done, just like Steam!

NOW, back to work on the next documentary episode and Act 2 development!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Dan, the budget was SIX million, for the first half alone. Six million and 3 years, and we still don't have a complete game. Let's all say it together, "FAIL!!!!!".

    2. Kazekai on

      How about Android tablets? Or Kindle Fires?

    3. Daniel on

      Rob, the funds were, since the first video for both a game and a documentary.

      The first part, however, was quite short and easy, and I expect the second one to be quite harder, since 3 millions is a huge sum for a PnC adventure, as Daedalic revealed. Sure, there are more platforms and translations and they made a new engine, but it's still a huge sum with lots of benefits from sales. I hope that, now that they almost don't have to worry about technical aspects, they will be able to add more content.

    4. Brian BLipp Lippman on

      O, and just the last line:

      "NOW, back to work on the next documentary episode and Act 2 development!!"

      without a short update on Android progress just, to me, makes it seem like it's done and they have to sit on it to wait for the exclusive Ouya window to end.

    5. Brian BLipp Lippman on

      Yea, I know Android in general will take a bit longer because of there being more devices, but there are a lot of other games on Android that get a release on Ouya or Amazon App Store and don't get released on Google Play, which infinitely more people have, because those companies are competing directly with Google and want some sort of exclusivity to try and persuade people to buying into their ecosystems. The Walking Dead: Season 1 was available only on Amazon for a few months and just recently got onto the Play Store. They're all using pretty much the same hardware, so it's just exclusivity deals.

      Are they even doing Xbox or Playstation ports of Broken Age?

    6. Rob Tizzard on

      You know,

      I wish that the money, all the money went into the game. Both in terms of speed of delivery and in making it an epic long and beautiful game. Act one took all of an hour to complete and the second act if it is as short will be really disappointing for 3.3 million. I do not understand the whole point of the documentary, the funding was for an amazing game, not some long and expensive personal video blog.

      It is similar to Blizzards new chopper nightmare, who cares, just spend the money on making the games better. No one wants to meet the developers and watch them try to be amusing, or speak tech or find new and inventive ways to "reach out" to there fan base..

      Please just build the most amazing game the over 3 million will buy and make the fans so excited and happy they will back another. At this point I would not be one of them.

      Just my 2 C.

    7. ShadowNate on

      @Jay Gillespie thanks! I don't actually mind the wait, especially if it means more content for the 2nd part (as compared to the 1rst one).

    8. Missing avatar

      Jay Gillespie on

      @ShadowNate The previous update (#38) mentions voice recording for Act 2 happening in July, so the release has been moved back.

    9. Alan Dripps on

      Hurry up with act 2, this Kickstarter game has taken too long to develop. I backed other Kickstarters after this one and they're all sealed, delivered and finished being played while Double Fine procrastinate, fart around and run out of money way afterwards.

    10. ShadowNate on

      Has there been an announcement on the expected release date of Act 2?
      I seem to remember that it was for this summer, but I could be mixing this up with another title.
      Is it just "when it's done"?

    11. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      "UPDATE 1: Proud to announce we're going to be developing for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android! In addition to Steam codes, we will also be offering DRM free versions. And for all our lovely friends overseas, we'll be localizing the text in French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Thanks for the support!"

      Nice, so iOS and Android become in iPad and Android tables, I´m not surprised guys, after the exclusivity deal with microsoft for Massive Chalice, I´m sure you will not get more money from me.

    12. FlamingFirewire on

      @Stephen - Pretty sure Tim Schaefer already answered the comments about the new Grim Fandango remaster being on PS4 and PS Vita first since they were working with Sony to get the port done. Not too sure about this info, but I have a hard time believing that it won't eventually make its way to PC. I'm sure it'll be coming to PC in all due time.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jack Aldridge on

      Trailer says iPad has art at as close to 1:1 as possible on any plaform because of higher resolution. What about those of us with PC monitors with higher resolutions than the iPad? (Especially considering the iPad screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio, and most (all?) screenshots posted in these updates have been in 16:10)

    14. Stephen Burgess on

      $9.99, unless you don't live in the United States. Stupid Australia Tax bumps it up to $12.99.

    15. Mickey Possingham on

      They mentioned that Android tablets are "next on the list" in the previous update, but that it would take more work due to there being a lot more android devices. I think the Ouya exclusivity thing is more of a "console exclusivity" thing, i.e. it won't be on xbox or playstation until the window runs out.

    16. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Yeah I'm *very* surprised they chose to not mention a thing about Grim Fandango, especially considering the controversy and rage that it is apparently a console exclusive.. for some reason..?
      Surely this is coming to Pc..

    17. Brian BLipp Lippman on

      @Bjorn: In the last update they announced their Ouya release, which probably, sadly means that there is some sort of exclusivity window for them, since Ouya is just Android with a special UI on top of it. I'm sure that they do have to test it on extra tablets too, but that's probably on top of a Ouya exclusive time period. I'm waiting for the Android tablet version too. :/

    18. Rob Eisenberg on

      Is there any way to get a GOG code instead of Steam?

    19. Björn Endre


    20. Stephen Staver on

      You might want to double check the Mac AppStore description, as it says "Act 1 is available now, and the Act 2 conclusion will be available as an in-app purchase in the future", which may discourage people at that $24.99 buy-in price.