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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

Shirts and Stuff

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

With only four days left until the end of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Campaign, we bring you Mr. Tim Schafer himself for some very important announcements:

Or maybe you don't have time for all this video nonsense.  In that case, let me break it down for you using three cute little bullet points:

•  The Collector's Edition will be packaged in a cardboard box reminiscent of the old school games we all know and love.  It will be awesome.

•  Mr. Schafer himself will be signing all of the Double Fine Adventure books.  He'll also gently caress all of their bindings.  I mean, if you're into it.

•  We've added a fancy new shirt to the $100 tier so you may show the world how amazing you are.  Check it out!:

All of these fabulous rewards will only be made available to backers, so get them while you can!  

We love you!  Like, too much.

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    1. Jared Robinson & Erin Cyr on

      Lol "it only exists in our dreams... and our memories...
      and Germany..."

      How true.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nathan J Gill on

      I hope there will be T-shirts like that, that we can just buy they won't say backer of course but thats ok more merch would just be cool

    3. alex on

      This is going to be epic.

    4. Sfiodsh on

      The fact that you guys got Terrence Lee to do the soundtrack seals the deal for me. He is one of my favorite chip tune-esque artists. If he does the same style as last time, I will be sure to buy it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Herman Toothrot on

      Grey is so grey...

    6. Missing avatar

      Markus Boss on

      To be honest i don't like these shirts at all, but i like the ones worn at the funding party!

    7. Alex Wirges on

      My girlfriend and I just pledged $100. She gets the shirt and I get the boxed copy. I am clearly the winner here.

    8. David Aslan French on

      I hope they can break the 3 million mark. That would be so awesome.

    9. Jen Lee on

      OK OK, you got more of my money! My heart was broken when my official Full Throttle t-shirt was ruined. I miss it dearly. Managed my pledge to be In for $100! 8)

    10. Terence Bowlby on

      @Dain: The fact that they will poll for sizes does not mean they will have all sizes available. I would want XXXL. Some people might want XXXXXL. It would be nice to know what the available sizes are before backing at a level that includes a T-Shirt.

    11. TanzvaterJan on

      @Kiki: haha, yeah, i know what you`re talking about :)

    12. MisterKIKI on

      30 hours to go and that $500 tier is teasing me ... still teasing me... At just under 100 backers would make this book pretty damn exclusive (unless they decide to release it in another form). Surely Double Fine wouldn't be so evil.

      ... still teasing me...

    13. Missing avatar

      Hairball on

      Any chance of having a no-text option on the shirt?

    14. Hiroshi Mishima on

      I really wish I had the kind of money to give a decent backing on an awesome project like this. Double Fine has made some really awesome games and the adventure game genre is arguably one of my favourite. It kinda sucks for us poorer folks, but I guess there isn't a whole lot I can do about that. I MAY change it from $15 to $30, but I'll have to go through my bank account and see what's going to come out around this time. Sorry Tim, I love what you guys are doing, I just can't afford to give more (and I'd love that DVD...)...

    15. Kormakur on

      yellow or orange would make more sense for t-shirt colors.

    16. Missing avatar

      WiredRacing on

      Oh why must it be grey?

    17. theAnton on

      Sweet! :D

      Most likely we will be contacted for t-shirt size. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Mischa Elbert on

      nice shirt! hope there are big sizes available...

    19. Richard Stuckey on

      more than some awesome, its awemore!

    20. Tristard on

      really awesome! what about the shirt size? hopefully, it´s "tim schafer size" so it fits me... :S

    21. Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay on

      $110 is about £70, that's really good value for what that £70 gets you, digital copy and a hard copy of both game (£20) and documentary (£10), digital copies of the adventure book (£5) and soundtrack (£5), a t-shirt (£20) a poster (£10), and a mention in the credits (priceless)

    22. Missing avatar

      Wracky on

      Don't forget: You're not buying a product here. You're backing the project! And as a REWARD you get a little something extra (which in this case, includes the product aswel) Don't value the reward tiers as you would value products. Just see if you feel you want to back this game a little more, and in return, get a nice reward.

    23. infestor on

      it's around 50-60 $ in denmark, for newly released games.

    24. Thomas Ryan on

      I just upgraded from $15 to $110 (international postage). Way to run a campaign and make people NEED the old school box, tee and all the other goodies! Seriously can't wait... Thanks for letting me be a part of gaming history :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Johan Lord on

      Market prices here in Sweden, for a brand new ps3-game anyway, are about $80 and now you still get the game, and a whole lot more, for $60, so I think the rewards are accurate. It's all digital though so I can see what everybody mean but think about where the prices are for new full games on PSN, and then you ONLY get the game. Maybe a tshirt for the $60 backers would be in order but otherwise I think they're totally right.

    26. Dan Murphy on

      Actually the prices are exactly right for the Australian Market. Brand new disk release games are between $70-$100. Collectors editions are around $120.

    27. Chris Groves on

      I agree man, I would definitely pledge the 60 bucks to get the the box :D

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul van Bruggen on

      It would be really nice and a good idea (IMO) to include the cardboard box in the $60 reward. $60 is the sweet spot (the cost of a regular game) but very few people have pledged $60 for its lacklustre rewards. Including the box (but not the t-shirt or the poster) would increase pledges by a lot (30 times more people pledged $30 and, even more remarkably, 10 times more people pledged $100, so if only 25% of people increased their pledge to $60 this would increase total pledges by almost $200,000. Even if a few people would decrease their pledge from $100 the total increase will be huge).

    29. Missing avatar

      Paul Smout on

      Just a tip for everyone who has upped their pledge, make sure that you have upped the reward that you're claiming.
      Look for the green "You selected" marker. If its not next to the reward that you think you're getting, change it with the blue "Manage your Pledge" button.

    30. George on

      Yall win. Take my $100. Pledged.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Casper on

      Just throwing this out there - if you really want to break people's spirits, consider adding in a few extra toys for the boxed version. Like the stuff Infocom used to do: (cardboard) peril sensitive sunglasses, microscopic space fleet in a bag, etc. Nothing that's going to raise the cost significantly, but fun for flavor.

    32. Missing avatar

      Thomas Herold on

      I and others that pledged at the start ,but were too cheap or couldn't afford a $100 pledge, would still like a T-shit. Couldn't you just write,with indelible marker, CHEAP above the word BACKER and allow us to purchase one ?

    33. Jared Dugan on

      Just as I had decided to upgrade my pledge to show my support you guys go and become more awesome. Thank you so much for everything you're doing, and thank you fellow backers for making this all possible!

    34. Enrico Kestenholz on

      I was a $100 backer from the beginning, but for all this great new stuff I had to update it to 150$. Just becaue you are awesome.

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul Smout on

      @ Todd

      Its for $100 backers.

    36. Katherine on

      Ahh, is the collectors edition for a certain backer amount or is it just part of the way to purchase the game? :c I can't tell from the lists!

    37. flashdim on

      Why are you not just shutting up and taking my money!

      (Upgraded to $100).

    38. Christian Page on

      sergio 30,000 shirts coast alot more to make then 10,000 shirts
      as well as the fact that a shirt with a logo and text on the back tend to sell for around 20-40 dollers ading this to the lower ter means less money gose to the game.

      every reward that is not directly the game takes money away from the project
      i still would have donated 100 for just the game in a box with the documantary.

    39. Paul Schoneveld on

      Sigh... I'm a sucker for this stuff. I'm also upping my pledge to $100

    40. Missing avatar

      Rhiannon May on

      Upped my pledge to $110 a few days ago, the t-shirt is such a bonus when I would probably have caved just for the poster!

    41. Missing avatar

      HP van Braam - Xenon Special Forces on

      I caved too, upped my pledge from $30 to $110... congratulations mr schafer you managed to extract more money. you and your damn strategy of making video games I wish to buy!

    42. edwin bautista on

      love that its gonna be in an old-shcool cardboard box, also love the shirt!

    43. Missing avatar

      Mats Berglund on

      You convinced me to up my pledge with the T-Shirt. Thanks for the update!

    44. Missing avatar

      Andre Danielsson on

      must.. change.. pledge... to... $110...

    45. Peter Arentsen on

      @Sergio Probably because they didn't have shipping items on those tiers and if they added t-shirt people needed to add extra for international shipment and stuff.

    46. Henrik Skov Jakobsen on

      The T-shirt tipped me over!

    47. Missing avatar

      Miguel Zaragoza on

      Just changed the pledge too. It was Tim´s fault, not mine, i swear!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Erdal 'FullGrim' Yoluak on

      Fight myself for my pledge change from $15 to $110 =)

    49. yuRiNo on

      damn. tim wants all of my money...