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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

New Goodies!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

Ahoy, Backers of Adventure!  And potential Backers of Adventure!  And Haters of Adventure who come here whenever they feel like gnashing their teeth and seething with rage!

To the first group, we’d like to say THANK YOU again for the incredible support you've given this project. You’ve changed the way we are thinking about it, and you’ve changed the way EVERYBODY is thinking about a lot of things.

To say thanks to the first group, to entice the second group to join the first group, and to confound and annoy the third group, we are now offering these NEW REWARDS!

The Digital Soundtrack of the Documentary  ($30 reward tier)  Listen to the awesome game soundtrack at the same time as the awesome documentary soundtrack!  I don’t know if that makes sense, or if it’s even medically advisable, but at least this way you have the option!

Special edition box containing both the game disc and a DVD or Blu-Ray of the documentary ($100 reward tier)  Perhaps you’re not hip to this digital download craze.  Or maybe you just like really nice boxes to put on your mantel so that your guests might linger and admire them while you pour another scotch.  Either way, this is gonna be suuuper rad.

The Double Fine Adventure Book  ($60 reward tier for a digital PDF, $500 reward tier for a physical copy)  WTF? ART? In your MFing HANDS? Whoa Nellie, this is an exciting new development!  Filled with concept art, developer bios, excerpts from the game’s script, and deep dark secrets, this book will further expand on this entire adventure.  It will be made available both as a super nice, mantel-ready hardcover book in the $500 reward tier, and as a digital PDF in the $60 reward tier for people who just want to read it on the crapper with their iPads. (By the way, never ask to borrow my iPad.)

SO MANY NEW REWARDS!!!!  To memorialize this momentous occasion, we’ve got a special treat for you.  About a month before we launched the Kickstarter we filmed a 35 minute conversation in which Tim and Ron discussed what adventure games are, what it is like to make them, and what different forms they’ve taken over the years.  It’s like watching Bill Moyers talking to Joseph Campbell, but if those guys were cool. We’ve embedded a 5 minute clip of that conversation below, but you can see the full version here

This project has really grown into something much larger than we were expecting, which is-scientifically speaking-awesome.  Many of you have been asking if this means we’ll be taking a bit more time with the production, and the answer is yes. This is not a cute, quick little game anymore. This is the real deal. This is a capital-G Game. This means that some rewards might show up a bit later than originally intended but fear not, it’s all to make sure we provide you with something that is worthy of the love bomb you detonated over Double Fine. Kaaaaa-blooooxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo!

That’s the sound a love bomb makes.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Emily on

      NO orange - I don't look good in orange....

    2. Gabriel on

      I had to watch it with Chrome, couldn't with Opera =(. Anyways, awesomeness! Can't wait to participate throught the forums and to see the videos for the documentary. I feel so proud to be part of this!

    3. Colby Guyer on

      I second the color of t-shirt would look better on an orange shirt that matches your logo =)

    4. Marykate Clark on


    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Missing avatar

      mykro76 on

      Please announce whether you will subtitle the HD videos! If so I will bump up my contrib to the next tier!

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian Kolm on

      Tim and Ron, thanks for sharing with us this smackering if of history and game theory. Really fun to listen too while working on the ol' computer.

      My hope is for a game that is fun and challenging to play of course, but also with it's own artistic voice. Surprise us, delight us, and give us a story that can have us feel for the characters in ways other types of games can't do.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nathan & Amber Peters on

      Tim, I love what you're doing and the personality you show! Keep being awesome!

    9. Missing avatar

      Teemu Pellonpää on

      Agreed with Wagner Mariotto Bonfiglio about adding some subtitles. The whole video looks like the world record attempt of the worlds two leading mumblers.

    10. Oyajiru on

      I would love to know Tim and Ron's thoughts on Funcom's The Longest Journey.

      Good luck on the game, can't wait :) This is awesome in sooo many ways!

    11. James Roettger on

      @ Wagner M. B.
      Hmm, well if they don't subtitle, anyone who can point me to the raw video files and a subtitle creation program I'd be happy to subtitle them for free.

    12. Wagner Mariotto Bonfiglio on

      Hi, if you could add subtitle in the documentary would be amazing!

      Many non-american-persons can't hear americans speaking, but it's easy to us read in your language!

      Congratulations about your project!

    13. Bman on

      That $5000 for lamb shanks cooked by Ron... does that all need to come from one person, or can he cook one meal to share between 333 of us $15 backers? I'll be in SF next week, ta. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Warren Overbeeke on

      Please make the Hardcover Adventure Book similar to the poster tier i.e. autographed by Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert, and the rest of the design team. A little bit more 'reward' effort on your part but I think if you capped it at 1000 backers you could receive another half a million - making the project even more amazing!

    15. Peter Arentsen on

      Comment somewhere was that $10 bucks is enough they increased what you get doesnt change the delivery cost though every extra helps :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Jose Luis Dominguez on

      Out-of-USA pledgers still have a 10$ increment or does the extra baggage increase the international shipping extra?

    17. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      I think Bill Moyers is cool, but that's just me (please don't embroil this into a conversation on US politics).

    18. ReptilianSamurai on

      I had been asking for a physical copy! Thanks! Got me to up from $30 to $100 now. This game is going to be shiny!

    19. Max Baldovin

      Take my $100, wait you did and I am excited for the BOX most of all!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Skip Clarke

      This got me to finally pledge and make it $100. Thanks for the added goodies.

    21. Tyke Schoser on

      Boo yah my $100 pledge just got more valuable :D

    22. Matthew Mather on

      I see you guys want another $70 from me. Well I'll think about it. :)

    23. Michael Matzat on

      A book at 100$ is pretty unrealistic. If you only print a small number of copys the price per page is VERY high, at 100+ pages this could not be don at a 100$ reward level. They might even have to pay more than 100$ depending on the size of each page, paperqualety and binding.

    24. Bart Cormier on

      Ha! Love the "Bill Moyers talking to Joseph Campbell" comment!

    25. Missing avatar

      Keith Weatherby II on

      Too bad the hardcover version of the book wasn't available for the $100 tier as that was all I could afford, quite literally.

    26. Troy on

      Damn you guys I'm trying to get a car...

    27. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Bair on

      An art book?! I'm in! Just upped my backing another $30 just for that! Thanks guys! Really stoked for this.

    28. Martin Ejstrup on

      Will the Blu-ray be region free?

    29. Samuel Barrette on

      Yay for materialism! $100 selected.

    30. tim bennett on

      So excited to be part of this project!
      In light of Tim and Ron talking about which engine they might use in the second video and the potential with the current funding that they may be able to make "SCUMM 2.0" - how about as a 'free' reward tier for everybody - release the engine open source for all of us budding game designers to make use of? Just a thought....

    31. Missing avatar

      Jacob Williams on

      Any chance of having a simple DVD release?

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew Colon on

      @Ginny, this isn't a store where you are buying products. This is an investment to help a project get off the ground. Paying $500 is mainly to show that you are willing to help invest $500 in the project, and Double Fine is willing to return part of that investment in the form of a hard cover book. It's not greed; if anything it's generosity seeing as there previously wasn't a $500 tier for rewards.

    33. Ginny Higerd

      This is heavily frustrating. So you mean to tell me that if I want an art book (which I love collecting), I'd have to pay $500 to get a physical copy? That's outrageous. I'm looking at the rewards list, and it jumps from $250 to suddenly $500? So it's just ANOTHER $250 FOR A BOOK? REALLY? Some of us don't have this kind of money... and I'm forced to be a $30 backer... oh, but wait, for another $30 I can get an ebook? Is this a joke? This is upsetting to put it mildly, and really making me consider withdrawing my pledge. Yes, I know that won't make a damn difference in the million plus that you have now.. but now this just looks completely greedy.

    34. Peter Arentsen on

      Maybe so but full throttle one of the heaviest cut scene games of lucasarts adventures is designed by tim schafer so he does like some cut scenes as long as they are good.

    35. Tomimt on

      What can I say, I like well done cutscenes.

    36. Michael Matzat on

      I love how you compliment the interview in which they spoke against cutscenes and request cutscenes. :D

    37. Tomimt on

      That really was a great conversation. I do hope, that with this money you'll manage to do some nice cutscenes as well.

    38. Drekinn on

      A really enjoyable interview to watch, especially towards the end. Loved the 'magic soup stone' analogy; crowd-sourcing the entire game would certainly give the game special meaning to all of us project-backing adventurers. ;)

    39. Rodrigo Pontes on

      Please make it on Portuguese too... i can even point out some good humor writers to help in translanting the jokes..

    40. dura on

      Only to be complete, I think 2 Soundtrack CDs to the $100 bundle is a good idea. :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Kyle Mihaljevic on

      I couldn't help but notice the comment about how selling 100,00 or 200,000 copies of an adventure game was considered a major success. The project so far already has over 65,000. Hopefully we shatter that upper limit.

    42. James Roettger on

      Oooo, bios on the Devs. That actually sounds really awesome. Get to know all the people from that picture they have on the main kickstarter page.

      I think that they're right about a shorter game with more value in it. Personally I'd be okay if it was only 10 hours of game time as long the game play is amazing....

      I hope that they give the game some solid replay value where perhaps completing the game the first time somehow changes the second play through.

      Also if you're reading this, please put in a few fun riddles. Haven't played a game that has riddles in it in ages.

    43. Nathan Giesbrecht on

      Will there be any way to buy the documentary seperately? i can't quite afford $100, but I really want a physical copy of the Doc.

    44. DeeZaster on

      Great clip from the full video interview. Ron nails it when he talks about what a true adventure game is, when your driving home, on the bus, on the crapper and your still racking your brain over a certain puzzle in the adventure game you've been playing. Then an idea comes to mind that you haven't thought of before and can't wait to try it when you get back to playing the game. So many times has this happened with my favorite series Myst and URU. Those games are the king of puzzles and story telling, so inventive and intuitive, they had me glued to my pc. Monkey Island series had a similar effect too, but puzzles are a lot easier to solve. Most people get turned off by the difficulty of Myst and therefore usually say its a bad game, if only the stuck to their guns and toughed it out and finished the game, they would see how truely well it is made (Myst 3/IV/URU prime examples). I play games hoping it is hard to solve, I don't want it to be easy, I'll watch a movie if I did.

    45. Graeme Ainsworth on

      "This is not a cute, quick little game anymore. This is the real deal. This is a capital-G Game." - Gave me Goosebumps :D

    46. Brandon Morris on

      Now I have to find a way to afford the bump up to $100........thanks guys -_-

    47. Spyker on

      I will back any future point-and-click game you guys put on Kickstarter.
      Ron Gilbert had such an impact on my childhood since he co-founded Humongous Entertainment. Pajama Sam, Freddie Fish, Putt-Putt all gave me fond memories of my first gaming experiences.
      Didn't know who the hell Tim Schaffer was until Psychonauts, and since then have loved his creations.

    48. Missing avatar

      Johan Lord on

      Not knowing if this was a stupid question, the old man replied:
      "Does the new rewards apply only to new backers or am I, as an old $110-backer, recieving the special edition box along with the poster?"

    49. Vesselin Jilov on

      @Alvaro Gonzalez It looks like you should rather work on your English comprehension skills...

    50. Missing avatar

      Steven Harrison on

      We are all good people for helping Tim and the gang with this project.