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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
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Boxed Special Edition, DVDs & Blu Rays are all going into production!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

It's true! The Special Edition box of Broken Age containing the physical disc version of the Double Fine Adventure documentary are going into production this week, which means they'll soon be making their way to your houses!


A while ago Fan Gamer sent you all a survey asking you to tell us which edition of the documentary you would like, Blu Ray or DVD, and where you now live. Thank you everyone who responded to that!

There are still close to 3,000 of you who have not responded to that survey, so we are resending that today. Please look out for it! 

If you have not seen this survey, and do not see one in the next few days, please email and they will collect your information! 

If you have already responded in the last few months, you do not need to do so again, but if you have any questions or worries then get in touch with fan gamer using the mail above!

So what does it look like? 

We're super excited to be finally sending this out to everyone, a lot of work has gone into the production of this disc set, and we really hope you enjoy it! Many apologies once more for the length of time it has taken us to deliver this final reward, the documentary ended up being far greater in scope than we originally thought, and in turn so did the production of this physical edition.

Inside your special big box designed by Cory Schmitz you'll find a gigantic gatefold slipcase that will house 5 DVDs or 3 Blu Rays. These contain the 20 episode, 724 minute long documentary remastered for physical release, plus 2,167 minutes of extras including two sets of commentary tracks for every episode. Also contained within you'll find a data disc with the complete Broken Age game for PC, Mac, and Linux, the soundtrack by Peter McConnell in both mp3 and WAV, and a huuuuge treasure trove of artwork from the game.

Some people have asked us not to spoiler the look of the packaging, so click here to see our taped together mockup of the Blu Ray gatefold, with special artwork by Nathan "Bagel" Stapley.

In conclusion: your box is coming soon!

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    1. Christian Page on

      never been happier to so i might have been wrong. today they made a post on the forum implying they expect to be shipping out the box in november.
      wich means a month earlyer then my january predicton for it geting to us. as long as they are staying on that schedual.

    2. Christian Page on

      @eXo Scoriae no there are many stages of production they are going through them fairly slowly but they were techniclay in production.
      they first have to make a few mock ups like the example shown. then make mock ups of the discs. they then send all the mock ups to a production company that does a test run of 1-20 that get sent back to them for inspection
      those 10-20 are looked at for if they like the way the final design looks in completed form and for any possable issues. they send back any corrections they have and get another set of 1-20 and the cycal repeats till they are happy.
      they just got what sounded like the final test back last week as they seam happy about it.
      im still betting january as when we will get them do to the info we have.
      this is the forum page that i get 90% of my information on its production on
      as long as they are being honest its acuret.

    3. eXoScoriae on

      Wait... so they made a post about how the boxes, blurays, and discs were all going into production back in August, but your telling us that they *just* sent the discs to print? Doesn't that contradict the update?

    4. Christian Page on

      they just sent the discs to print.
      this means it could be a month befor they get them and then another month after that of bunching all the difrent packages together and shipping them out.
      and thats asuming they keep at a good pass.
      best case senario id say geting them by the end of november most likly thogh near the end of january.
      and worst case based on the information we have would be march....but sadly things like rewards fullfilment can always be delayed even past a worst case senario

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      Has anyone got their boxes? I have not... Thanks.

    6. Jonny Blackburn on

      Double Fine Adventure! EP20: "We Did Our Job"
      Published on 17 Jul 2015

      I'm still waiting. Can we please have an update?
      Monthly updates aren't that much to ask for.

    7. Missing avatar

      ChristianG on

      I shall wait with any cheering till I hold the actual box in my hand.

    8. Sascha Frenzer on

      I contacted and they ignore me.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford

      @Martin O: Thanks, I double checked and I haven't received any emails from that address since the initial rewards were sent back in 2012.

    10. David Melanson on

      I never received the first survey mailing and have not received this one either. Undoubtedly at least partially because my email address changed (my ISP changed its customer domain name) between when I initially backed the project and when this survey went out - and I no longer have access to the old email account.

      Any suggestions? In this update you say to "email" - okay, what should I tell them? Is there a particular subject line we should use like "Double Fine Adventure Survey" or something like that?

    11. Christian Page on

      @ will buckingham
      when it comes to collectoble cases if its a set im going to use i typicaly put all the dvd/blu-rays in a hard case with soft sleaves so neather the discs or the case gets damaged it also puts less wear and tare on the set not removing it over and over

    12. ABCHEE Alex on

      Very HAPPY to ear that :)

    13. Martin O

      @Mike Hansford: Check your mails: there was a recent survey this year from Fangamer Mailroom [], got mine on 2016-05-03 and switched to Blu-ray this time!

    14. Missing avatar

      Matti Peltoniemi on

      I'm with Iron Curtain on this one. It's been a long, long wait, but I'm excited to get the stuff now and don't really feel any bitterness. My time has been otherwise filled anyway. Better late than never! I have the whole game to look forward to :)

    15. Will Buckingham

      *sigh* Slipcover cases... the bane of any collector hoping to avoid damage to their discs. Well, whatever. At this point getting anything, scratched or otherwise, is better than the alternative.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford

      Is there a way to tell if I responded to the recent survey or not?
      I don't remember responding to any recent surveys, but I can view the responses to the original Kickstarter survey (back in 2012, lol) where I selected DVD, but in those 4 years, I've upgraded and would prefer Bluray.

    17. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      Paskari: I say "Better late than never". I guess you wish it were now or not at all.

    18. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      The items are avaialable 1.5 years later???
      Normaly I would say 'congratulations'.
      But this still is a bad joke.
      I backed the project FOUR YEARS ago!
      The complete game was released in April 2015!

    19. Jim Yencken on

      Wow! The box looks incredible!

    20. Brian Small on

      I can't wait. The love that went into this documentary, artwork, and the full game is without question.

    21. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      That box looks amazing! Can't wait to finally have it in my hands. This has truly been a long journey and so worth it.

      Thank you Tim Schafer and co. at Double Fine!

    22. Johnny99 on

      After over 4.5 years all I can say about this whole project is that sometimes less is more.

    23. DeeK on

      Oh man, this is awesome! I purposely didn't finish watching the documentary, so I could see it in full 1080p on bluray. Can't wait to finally finish this off! Don't spoil the ending for me.

    24. Tibault D on

      It's gorgeous :o

      It makes me wish there were new episodes to come, it was my favourite soap :(

    25. Johnny Vila on

      Finally!!!! \o/\o/\o/