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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

Broken Age Backer Launch!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

Dear Backers of Adventure!


This is Tim.

On the eve of our special backer preview of Broken Age Act 2 (aka "Broken Age") I feel moved to write you all a poem. Please bear with me.

O! Backers, sweet backers, 

Dear backers of ours! 

Put down your power tools! 

Pull over your cars!

Something is happening. 

It's so effing good. 

It came slow, but it came 

As fast as it could.

Here's something I've waited 

three years to say: 

Broken Age is finished 

and ready to play.


Holy smokes! Can you believe it? It feels weird. Weirder than I can summarise with that smiley face emoticon. I definitely feel happy, and relieved, and grateful. But mostly I'm just excited! Because I like the game and I hope you will too!

Be on the lookout for an email from Humble Bundle with special instructions for getting the game early on Steam. Then play Broken Age! Your old save game will work, but I personally recommend starting over from the beginning. Now, now, no grumbling. You don't HAVE to. I can't force you. YET. But you really should, and after all, it won't take you long since you know all the puzzles. :) There are just so many hints and story set ups that happen in Act 1 that you need to remember for Act 2 to make sense. Plus, achievements! Anyway, whatevs. You don't have to start over. That's just my recommendation. I'm like that waiter that tells you how to eat your food. No actual legal authority, but you know he's right about the ponzu sauce.

Sounds like a cliche, but it's a fact: This has been a long and crazy journey that we've all been on together. It's been a documentary and a phenomenon and a news item, but now it's just a game. And I really hope you like it because you helped to make it. And not just with your money. :)

Everybody else gets the game on Tuesday. It comes out that day on PC/Mac/Linux, and also PS4, VITA, OUYA, iPad, iPhone, and Android! So please tell all your friends! Feel free to be loud about it! We need to make sure the internet is filled with Broken Age buzz on Tuesday so everybody the world over knows that adventure games aren't dead! Well, I guess they heard that three years ago, but I think it's time they all hear it again.

This isn't our final word to you, the backers. There's another documentary episode coming, and probably more updates. Plus, I think I left my jacket at your house. But this is a huge milestone--shipping the game!--so lets raise a spoonful of flavored nutritional paste and toast to Vella and Shay, and to Broken Age--the game that we all made together.

Thanks for backing. And for sticking by us for three years. You were the best thing that ever happened to us. :)

Love, Tim

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    1. Elciled on

      If I have to replay part 1 then I'm not planning on playing part 2. Frankly disappointing game to me, not oldschool, not challenging at all and not funny. Plus I'm a woman whose opinions Tim and his ideology disagrees with therefore I'm a sock puppet and not a real woman.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Halderman on

      Since Act 2 is out, I scrounged up my old Humble Bundle link...and discovered that someone else has somehow already redeemed my steam copy of this game. This is very dismaying! Who would I contact about this?

    3. Troy on

      I've never seen where to get my hands on this. I really want to play.

    4. CosmosJester on

      I just finished the game, wow, just wow, everything was so worth it. ACT 1 was great, but now it felt like a shareware vs everything that was part of act 2. It been a long time since i felt this involved with a game plot.
      Congrats on delivering a modern day classic :x

    5. Missing avatar

      Jacob R Deaver on

      Thank you for delivering this wonderful game to your legion of fans. I know that all of you (the developers) received a lot of hate and anger from some in the gaming community, but I'm glad I was a backer and it's been a treat to see this game come to fruition over the last 3 years. Cheers!

    6. Gil Cnaan on

      Have now done several paythroughs and am attempting the various medals. I don't normally comment on these things, but I will say that I'll happily back any future projects you do, and happily wait for them to come out, if they come out at this level of quality.

    7. Missing avatar

      Garance Drosehn on

      Congrats on making it across the finish line! I won't have time to play it for a few more weeks, but I have enjoyed all the documentary videos.

    8. Kamos | Exile in Torment on

      Really enjoying the second part. Congratulations DF. Awesome job!

    9. ABCHEE Alex on

      Great peom great new now I hope to finally see the bluray full with all video production on the game and with documentary plus de dvd of the game with a cool retro box :)

    10. nemolivier on

      Hello, the android version is on playstore… but what can I do to get it for free since I’m a backer ?

    11. Ernst Krogtoft on

      Congrats to you Tim and to the rest of the DF team..Its been the biggest pleasure and privilege to follow you guys - I'm gonna miss you all.
      Thanks for all your hard work and for taking the time and energy to make the game right...

    12. Liam Markham on

      Now the game is finished, can we backers have GOG keys?

    13. Matt Combes on

      I have not had any luck trying to download or unpack the DRM-free version from Humble for OS X. I first tried the torrent file, but it stopped at 95% and while I was seeding to others, I was getting no download for hours. Eventually I had to stop it. Then I tried the direct download, but after downloading the zip file when trying to unzip it, it gave me an error that said it couldn't be unpacked. Thinking there must've been a problem with the download, I re-downloaded the direct link again, and same result. So as of now I've got no way to play the game. I'm going to try the torrent again, but if it doesn't download or unpack properly I hope DF has a remedy.

    14. Matt Buckley on

      I didn't end up getting the link to Act 2. :-/ Was pretty anxious

    15. zacH on


    16. Josh Greco on

      Thank you Tim & team! Don't let the haters get you down.

    17. Denis Nickoleff on

      I really wish we could do edits here; anyway,

      The process in the e-mail does not work at all (for me at least) . Part 2 does not list under the humble bundle downloads page at all. They send a key but there is no spot on their website to put a key in. I've contacted HB support but I figured maybe other people would want to know

    18. Denis Nickoleff on

      I look forward to trying it when I figure out how to add it to the beyond terrible humble bundle page (not your fault)

    19. Michael on

      Thank you Tim! The game so far has been great, but I think I have liked following the progress through the documentary better than any game can provide! You'll always have a backer in me.

    20. Andy Baio on

      So excited to play this with my son. Broken Age has been my favorite project I've ever backed on Kickstarter—and I've backed a lot. The documentaries alone have been so incredible, I got my money's worth from those alone. it's been a long road and it's been amazing to watch it every step of the way. Thanks for opening your doors and letting us all in.

    21. Bryan Adams

      Congratulations to the fine people of DoubleFine, past and present, for making this a reality. I can't wait to play it and look forward to your future endeavors :)

    22. Bryy Miller on

      "It's ok that the game is 2.5 years later - happyyyyy
      It's ok that the game was splitt into 2 chapters - happyyyyyy
      It's ok that $3.3 million wasn't enough - happy happpyyyy. "
      I hope this is sarcasm.

    23. Missing avatar

      Corey Woolley on

      Disappointed I haven't received my code yet.

    24. Jörn Huxhorn

      Happy! \o/ :D

    25. Jörn Huxhorn

      That original 2012-10 date was an estimate (!) for a $400k game. This is a $3.3M++ game.
      But you know all that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    26. Dren Sokic on

      The documentary has been incredibly awesome. 2Player Productions, you did a great job! I'd definitely back a 2Player Productions kickstarter again, separate from a product over which you have no control.

    27. Missing avatar

      gamesBacker on

      I've not felt the desire to play even the first part. I was very surprised when Mr. Schafer joined the Kotaku Crusades. I thought he would be above these twitter squabbles as an adult and professional. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the video of Tim in "Ten Reasons Gamers are all Misogynists" or whatever it was called, and the mocking of GameGoobers at GDC. He had joined the cult of self flagellation, blaming all problems on men as if we were some wicked creature. Our only cure forced castration. I guess that's what San Francisco does to you. Tim truely has the heart of a child.

    28. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Haha.. nice that everyone is sooooo happy.
      It's ok that the game is 2.5 years later - happyyyyy
      It's ok that the game was splitt into 2 chapters - happyyyyyy
      It's ok that $3.3 million wasn't enough - happy happpyyyy.
      We're all so happy now and I'm playing the happy game on my happy tablet right now riding on my happy unicorn alongside an awesome rainbow..
      Happy me - happy all. Yeah... .

    29. Frank Grießing on

      woohoo! I can't even imagine how you guys must feel.
      I for one feel grateful to all of you! thanks for your passion, your openness and for (literally) putting your money where your mouth is! You have delivered way beyond what you've promised, I got more out of than i ever expected, and i didn't even play part two yet.

      so thanks for the ride to everybody at DF as well as 2 player productions and I wish you all the success with the game.

    30. Serpentine on

      The one project I regret backing. This definitely is not and old-school adventure.

    31. Paul Barrett on

      Don't normally do Likes but here, have one - you more than deserve it.

      And as for all the naysayers? Screw 'em. You made exactly what I wanted you to make - something original and something that made me smile whether I wanted to or not.

      Just hope we can eek out another adventure or fifteen from you in the near (and far) future. Thank you Tim & co.!

    32. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Ah, we're finally there. No Steam for me, so I'll just await the general release. Pretty sure I can wait a bit more. :) You guys set the benchmark but there are some other developers in your wake poised to surpass you in taking their time. ;) However, even the journey in itself getting here, with the documentary and such, has already surpassed my pledge. So THANKS very much!
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    33. bonuswavepilot

      @carstenp - from the DF forums:
      How to unlock Broken Age Act 2 on Steam

      1. Install Broken Age.
      2. Right click on Broken Age and select ‘Properties’
      3. Click on the ‘Betas’ tab
      3. Enter your code and select ‘Check Code’
      4. Select the branch ‘Beta - Beta branch’
      5. Wait for the game to download
      6. Play the game!

    34. carstenp on

      Okay, I got the code, but where to I enter it?

    35. Missing avatar

      Village Monk on

      Congratulations Double Fine for finally getting to the end Just downloading it now and looking forward to playing it.

    36. William Henry Grant Johnson on

      ::Waiting Intensifies::

      So close... I can't wait. Seriously, Humble. Where is my email. Why aren't you auto updating on Steam yet, Steam?

      But seriously. I love Double Fine. I hope this is a huge success.

      Not just to set a precedent that adventure games are not dead, but to also give you guys financial independence, and eventually leading to Tim's ultimate goal of global domination.

    37. Jef Mendoza on

      Wish I could change the "Like" button here to "Love". Congrats!

    38. Ashleigh Warner on

      I didn't get the email because my humble bundle info is old and I'm having trouble updating it. Is there a way to send it to me directly?

      I am SO EXCITED though! Congratulations, I really appreciate what you guys do :).

    39. Tectonic Slide Entertainment on

      Wow, great news - really looking forward to it! Thank you, Tim and Doublefine Team for an amazing game, loved the first part.

    40. Missing avatar

      franz kruhm on

      Didn't get my code; so I'll have to resort to using a version of questionable origin. Sad really...

    41. Quiteblank on

      Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work! I'm extremely excited for the release! I can't imagine how much of a relief this must be for you all.

    42. Ben Simpson on

      Congrats to the team. The documentaries have been very educational. Especially for implementing dialogue in my latest game! Thanks Double Fine. :) - Arrogant Pixel

    43. Missing avatar

      Stefan Faltin on

      Congratulations Double Fine and 2 Player Produktions! Cant wait to play the whole game!

      Btw: Ive moved and also wrote two times my new adress to you. I dont know if you get the message... So please contact me. Tahnk you!

    44. Rodrigo "rrc2soft" Roman on

      Congratulations, Double Fine and 2PP! Thanks for the ride... and good luck!

    45. Estefania Miguel on

      Nevermind! I got it again!
      I can't believe it's been 3 years!!

    46. Estefania Miguel on

      Oops! I accidentally deleted the email with the code to play! :(
      So sad! How can I get it again?

    47. Jikap on

      Three years already? Oh wow, how time flies...

    48. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Wauson Jr on

      Awww yeah! Congratulations guys! Don't worry, Tim. I'll definitely be starting over. ;)

    49. Unclever title on

      Soon as I get home from work I'll be playing the heck out of this!