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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

Broken Age Coming April 28th!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

Greetings dearest backers! 

As many of you will have seen already, we’ve announced that the full Broken Age adventure, Acts 1 & 2 combined, will be coming to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Ouya, PS4 and PS Vita on April 28th! (Although PlayStation platform release dates may vary depending on the local store update times) 

That’s only One. Month. Away. Say Whaaatttt? Exciting times are the times we are now living in!

You won’t have to do anything special to get Act 2, it will be added as a free update to Act 1. So if you have it installed already, it should patch in and you’ll be good to go! 

Cross Save 

Broken Age also support cross save across many platforms, so if you’ve completed Act 1 on PC, Mac, or Linux, you’d be able to continue your game on your iOS or Android device through Dropbox cloud saves if you so wished. PS4 and PS Vita have their own separate cross save system as well. 

IGN Act 2 Sneak Peek 

Last week Tim took Broken Age Act 2 over to the IGN offices (which are handily just around the corner) and sat down with Marty Sliva to play through the first 12 minutes of the game. If you can’t wait any longer to see what’s in store for Shay and Vella, and you don’t mind a few light spoilers (we made sure to hold back all puzzles), then go check out IGN’s 12 minute preview (warning: again, spoilers).

Broken Age Box art, by Cory Schmitz 

The physical box release for Broken Age is making it’s way through the manufacturing plants as we speak with a classy box art design by our good friend Cory Schmitz. The box will feature a transparent slip case with Shay and Vella on it, which means you can choose who sits at the bottom or the top, and it’s suuuuuuuuuuper purty. Check it out here with the slip case removed... 

Please note that t his is NOT the $100+ backer reward box, which is going to be a whole bunch bigger, and obviously even cooler. That will be based on this design, but we’re waiting for the documentary to wrap up before we start making that, since that will be included. No, this is the physical box that will be for general release. 

Pillars of Eternity

Lastly. our good friends at Obsidian are releasing their crowdfunded game Pillars of Eternity today, and we wanted to give them a big ol’ high five! Made by the same talented folks who made South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity launches today on PC, Mac and Linux, go take a look!

Thanks everyone!

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    1. Your average joe shmoe on

      Thanks. Looking forward to it. You might be a little bit too busy to read this Mr Schafer, but thanks for that thing you did for the Edinburgh Museum as well.

    2. Martin O

      @Liam Markham: I bought it on GOG last time it was on sale for just 7,99€.
      I'm fine with giving Double Fine and GOG more money :-)

    3. Liam Markham on

      Will we finally be able to get GOG keys? GOG are cool with it and lots of kickstarter funded projects have provided GOG keys to backers...

    4. DeeK on

      @ Joachim
      Whinge, whinge, whinge. You can't judge the game until you've played the complete product. Also very hard to compare games that are quite different in style, gameplay, and production values. I think both studios have done a superb job on their product, and I can't wait to see the result of Double Fine's wonderful work.

    5. Raphael S. Neto on

      +1 for a GOG key, if possible ;)

    6. Josh Reichental on

      I'm really excited to play the second half of this game. I think I'm gonna replay part one in preparation. A huge project like this is a momentous achievement, and it has certainly stuck out in my mind when I think over the past few years.

      You've really taught me a lot about project development and team collaborations, on such a grand scale it becomes much more nuanced and complicated; the documentary and the game are a testament to the success of the venture.

      Again, can't wait. :)

    7. Momomomo on

      @Rob Eisenberg I want it for GOG too.

      Last time I asked (backer forums) they say no. They said that we have our direct DRM-free download on Humble, but still GOG is where all my digital games are..

      And technically is possible..others kickstarter have do it.. Like Jane Jensen, Dreamfall Chapters, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.. Just asking support for the key or changing the steam one for a gog one.. even the guys from Republique distributed GOG keys within the Humble account..

      So.. Please DF.. I dont need a Steam key, could you just keep mine in exchange for a GOG one? Pretty please? ^_^

    8. Joachim on

      Since you mention Pillars of Eternity: 2 1/2 years in the making, a little bit more funding than you = amazing game, huge amount of text, 50hours+ story, great adventure, total re-playability, good music score, huge amount of maps and backdrops and graphics.

      Broken Age: 3 years in the making, 12-18 hours of gameplay, super easy puzzles (first act), about 20 scenes (first act).

      It's a shame :(

    9. Overmann on


      Just to clarify, will the $100 box copy come DRM free?

    10. Noelix on

      How do I get my copy of the PS4 or Vita version? Will there be instructions?

    11. Rob Eisenberg on

      Is there ANY way I can get Broken Age on GOG instead of Steam? I've asked this before, but not sure if anybody's ever answered. I really, really don't want it on Steam....please.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jared Boehm on

      I'd also appreciate some way of getting the PS4/Vita version.

    13. Teppic on

      Looking forward to play the last part. Thanks to the team for all the hard work.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bethany on

      Hey, how do we update our addresses now the survey has gone out? I've sent messages but haven't gotten confirmation in a while.

    15. Missing avatar

      Adam Bullock on

      Same question as Jon Evans. I backed the game even though I rarely, if ever, play anything on my PC. I DO, however, love my Vita.

      Was curious if anything was talked about for backers to get the PSN version?

    16. Christopher Hare on

      I second what Jon Evans said. I most likely won't be playing this on Steam but still wanted to support the project. I would absolutely love to get a PS4 copy, though, instead. I hope that's an option now that we know those will be available.

    17. Michael Matzat on

      The box art looks amazing! Could you please to a full reveal of it once you got a printed version at the office?

    18. Jon Evans on

      Congrats! Looking forward to it. Will there be an option to upgrade to the Sony versions or will we have to buy them separately?

    19. Andy Baio on

      OMG SO EXCITED. Can't wait to play it, and congrats to the whole team who tirelessly worked to see this project to fruition.

    20. Andy McMillan on

      Eeeeeeeeeek! Can't wait!