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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

It's All Happening!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

Soooooooo, we’ve got something exciting to tell you all. WE JUST LOCKED THE BROKEN AGE RELEASE CANDIDATE!! After a solid month of pure bug squashing we have a build that’s looking super duper polished and ready to roll. Big props to the entire team for absolutely killing it and delivering something that really is everything we hoped it would be and more. I know it’s been a long wait, so thanks again for being so patient with us and allowing us to take the time we needed to make the game as good as possible!

So now what?! The build will sit in test for the next week while everyone on the team looks for any remaining issues that may have slipped through the cracks. Then it’s off to PlayStation 4 and Vita certification as well as pressing discs for the PC/Mac/Linux retail copy from our pals at Nordic Games. Those processes can take around a month, during which time we’ll be packaging up and prepping the iOS, Android, and Ouya builds so we can hit with everything on the same day! Speaking of the release date....

Release Date Announce and IGN Coverage

We’re going to announce the release date next week as part of a bunch of coverage that IGN is going to be running on the game throughout the week! It will all be on the front page of IGN, so keep an eye out for that news, as well as an interview with Tim and preview coverage of Act 2! Should be an awesome way to kick off formal promotion of the game’s release!

Documentary Update

Now that we’ve locked the build, the 2 Player Productions guys are pretty much done with filming for the next episode, save a few interviews. It’s just a matter of locking down the cut and doing an audio pass before the next episode is in your inboxes. That should hit around the time of launch in a month or so!

We’ll make sure to get the new episode to you guys first, but it’s been really awesome to have more folks watching and talking about the game through the public release of the doc! Please let your non-backers friends know they can join in on the fun now over on our Youtube channel.

Toejam and Earl

Lastly, we just wanted to give one more shoutout to our friends at Humanature Studios that are in the final stretch of their Kickstarter for a new Toejam and Earl! They’re allllllllmost there with just 5 days to go, so let’s head on over to their Kickstarter page and give them that final push they need to make it a reality!


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    1. Dren Sokic on

      I don't mind waiting for the release, and I understand that coverage is important. But IGN didn't pay for the game to be made, we did, which is something to keep in mind with future kickstarters.

    2. Double Fine and 2 Player Productions 2-time creator on

      Yeah the IGN exclusive was a way for us to secure an entire week’s coverage on the largest gaming site. That’s highly invaluable when it comes to exposure for the game. The press are always just going to want some exclusive content to give a game that kind of placement. We’ve been really transparent throughout this whole process over the past three years, and just need to try and reach more folks as we ramp into release. We made sure to let you guys know ahead of time so you wouldn't be surprised by it though, and have an update planned tomorrow with the news.

      As for the game being done and just sitting around. That’s not entirely true, it’s just that those builds that have to go through cert and be pressed to discs have a longer lead time and needed to get rolling first. We still have the Android/iOS/Ouya builds left, which is being worked on now. We’re also continuing to test, so any new bugs that are found and fixed in the next month will make their way into the PC and PS4 builds. We’ve scheduled it all out so this can all hit on the same day, which will allow us to leverage any hype and press we’re able to drum up across all platforms. I know a month feels like an eternity, but y’all have been so patient, so hopefully you can wait just a bit longer!

    3. Dren Sokic on

      So I just read about the release date on Kotaku. Would it really have been so hard to put out one small tiny update with the date today? Just the date, nothing else, to show us that you have even the tiniest respect for the backers. If you're going to turn to kickstarter for your games, then you need to figure this shit out, until you do, Chalice will be the last thing I back, and I regret doing that considering you waited until after that campaign was done to announce the big delay on Broken Age. If you want to depend on good will, maybe don't squander it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrea Pace on

      Great! Can't wait. Might buy a box too, if it's really nice. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael du Bruyn on

      I almost expected the update to end with act 2 will be split into 2 parts, part 3 to be released later... :)

      Glad to hear we will be getting act 2 soon!

    6. John Putnam on

      So is the silly parity clause preventing you guys from supporting the XBOX platform?

    7. Missing avatar

      crazyd on

      One of the best things about Kickstarter is that we're supposed to be the publisher. I'm not happy about making extra deals with publishers that negatively impact our release. It feels like a little slap in the face to get told that we're not going to be able to play our already massively delayed game despite the fact that it's finished and ready for release.

      Whatever, though, not like anything can be done about it. Just wish they were a little more thoughtful about their backers when making these deals, and held off for a deal without any commitments for single release date. It's not a huge deal, but having to wait for console certification when I bought a PC game is annoying.

    8. Frogacuda on

      David Keen: Because, as you may have heard, they went a little over budget and they cut some deals to get more money to finish the game, and those deals include delivering day-and-date to retail and to PlayStation platforms. This means PC gamers wait a little longer, but it also means they got to finish the game without cutting it down, so in the long run, it's probably a fair trade.

      I don't know if this project turned out to be a triumph for the Kickstarter model, or a strong argument for transparency (or if the public can even handle the amount of transparency we've been given). But I do know Act 1 was excellent and I can't wait for this game to finally be whole. I also know it's led to something of a renaissance for adventure games and a lot of other great kickstarter project and the gaming landscape as a whole looks better than it did 3 years ago.

    9. Rachel James

      How about an Xbox One version as well?

    10. Missing avatar

      lspark on

      You know, I don't mind them waiting until they're ready to release the date to the world to tell the backers, because see leaks.

      But it seems ridiculous they can't tell us at more or less the same time, directly.

      Tell me when I can actually get my copy, folks, because I'm afraid when we're two years past estimated delivery, I stop making daily checks of anything.

      Quite enjoyed the first half and looking forward to the second half. But not enough to waste my time checking daily! The 'excitement' as it were is gone.

    11. Chris Schreiber on

      Thanks for the update and really looking forward to playing Act 2! I'll keep this simple and just say that I like you guys and think you make very reasonable decisions.

    12. Missing avatar

      crazyd on

      Why do we need to wait for the other versions to be finished to get the PC release? I'd rather not have a single release date if it ensured that the PC backers got their copy sooner.

    13. JFA Jansen on

      Nice, I totally understand and approve your exclusive deal with IGN. I hope you get the coverage needed for a blast of great sales!
      BTW, as response to those below, who question the IGN deal: in the perfect world you would be totally correct, unfortunately there are a few backers that have been proven to leak exclusive news for backers only (I'm referring to the decision to split the the game in 2). Therefore, a deal with IGN makes sense, this is the only way they can control it.

    14. Ryan Deroche on

      Awesome news, DF!

      PS - Will there be early access to Act 2 for backers? If so, I'll buy a second copy for PS4!

    15. Jeffrey Johnson on

      As backers, will we be receiving ps4 codes as well?

    16. Engler Bracho on

      as Brad Muir would say :D !

    17. Cheeseness on

      What a road it's been so far. I'm super happy to have been a part of this and wish all my friends at Double Fine a smooth and uneventful release accompanied by a warm reception for the game :)

    18. Christoph Zürcher on

      Great to hear that Ep2 is almost done. I do understand the criticism against the IGN reveal, but as long as it might lead to more exposure (and hopefully more sales), I'm all in for it.

    19. Martin O

      Wohoo! Glad to hear that soon I will be able to replay Act 1 and then the remaining game.

      Regarding Toejam and Earl: I don't understand why they cannot promise a DRM-free version for PC. I won't support any DRM ever again.

    20. Rinu on

      Congrats! I look forward to see how the journey of Vella and Shay ends :)

    21. ET3D on

      Glad to know it's finally done. I haven't played Act 1 yet, so I'll finally be able to catch up on the game and documentary.

      I agree with Argyle Sox, please don't force me for follow IGN. I don't need to know sooner, but I'd prefer to have a Kickstarter post with the date.

    22. RPRezo on

      Yep, have to agree with people not liking you putting promotion before backers. Interview with IGN is fine, giving them excusive rights to announce a release date - not so much. People who've been here with you from the start deserve to be the first ones to know.

    23. Missing avatar

      Argyle Sox on

      I'm glad you're finished. I loved Broken Age Act I.

      That said, putting the release date on IGN instead of just giving it to the backers is a really stupid way of announcing.

    24. Dren Sokic on

      While it's good that you're finally done, I don't see the need for us to wait on retail release. We've already paid for the thing, years ago. You're not missing out on any sales by waiting for a simultaneous retail release. Also, why does IGN know stuff before us?

    25. Joseph Le May

      Hi! So I originally got the game for Mac, but I've since gotten a PS Vita and I think I'd rather play on that. Is there a way to, you know, not pay for it again and play it on my Vita? Also, will we be able to get the next episode on all platforms, or is it a choice of platforms, or is it a locked-in thing?

    26. FlamingFirewire on

      Glad to know I'll be able to play the second act soon - really looking forward to it ^_^
      I might be alone on this, but is there a way you could tell us when the Nordic Games version of the physical is available to purchase? I only got the digital tier for the game, but I'd really like to have a physical representation of the game on my shelf. (Please offer ask if Nordic Games can offer it through a Canadian retailer as well.)

      Has it been confirmed whether or not the physical versions will be DRM-free+a Steam key? Or at least something along those lines?

    27. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Kelly on

      Any word on when you are doing the "old-school" big-box physical special editions for backers? Same time as the regular packaging for Nordic?

    28. Missing avatar

      Seth Goldberg on

      W00t! Great job!!

    29. Oscar Tong on

      Zero bugs? Bold claim. :P Anyway, I can't wait to play Act 2. Act 1 was great!

    30. Hanway on

      Always really happy to hear from you guys. Glad though that we are almost at the finish line now. :) It's been a long road, but I'm sure it was all worth it. Recently finished Act 1 a second time, so everything is really fresh in my mind and im definitely ready for the conclusion. :)

    31. Ber on

      Well done DF, I'm looking forward to it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Yaron Golan on

      So... Any chance BACKERS get access to the RC BEFORE the rest of the world?

    33. Alan Dripps on

      ...and on and on it drags. Jane Jensen & Charles Cecil delivered in half the time with a fraction of DFA's budget. Get a grip!