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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

Broken Age Act 2 Development at Beta!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

Hey all, happy 2015! LOTS of big milestones being hit by the Broken Age team in the past month, so let’s just take a second to hear Tim rattle them all off in video form!

And for the video-averse, a summary: 

  • All dialog is written 
  • All English voice is recorded 
  • All German voice is recorded 
  • All dialog and voice is implemented 
  • PlayStation 4 and Vita are up and running 
  • Gameplay programming is locked 
  • External QA testing has begun 
  • Nordic Games retail box art by Cory Schmitz is done, looks awesome, and is at the printers.

OH MAN we’re getting there! What this means is we’re preeeeeeetty much at beta these days. The brunt of the remaining beta work left on the game is to finish up all the final cutscene animation now that we have final voice, and then the visual effects and audio work that follows. 

The game is in a highly playable state now, and we’ve been doing a bunch of playtesting both with employees at DF and developer friends outside the studio, which continues to be really encouraging! 

Now we’re in that final stretch of polishing things up and pushing that bug countdown to zero! It’s a really exciting time. We now can see the full picture of the game we’re going to ship and are able to make small tweaks that really affect the quality of the experience. The good news is that we’re already excited about what we have, and these next few months of polish and bug fixing should allow us to ship something we’re super super proud of. 

Can’t wait to get the rest of the game into your hands! This also has us looking forward a bit to the remaining rewards left to ship. Here’s a handy dandy breakdown on where we are with all of those things!: 

That’s it for now! You can expect another documentary episode in the weeks prior to launch and more project updates as we hit major milestones. Until then, hopefully you can keep yourselves busy with Grim! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      @Chris J Capel Thanks! I didn't realize Act 1 was iPad only. I was looking at the App Store from my iPhone at the time and was wondering why I couldn't find it...

    2. Slightly Less Annoyed on

      "The finished game in all of its awesome glory"

      "Estimated delivery: Oct 2012"

    3. Dan Murphy on

      I donated a fair amount of money to Godus (that was largely due to a shity exchange rate to pounds) But I was already well aware of Peter Molyneux's tendencies before that.

      I donated anyway because of an interview he had done around that time where he had actually started to cry. He does care about his work and he does genuinely want to do all the things he says. The universe seems to have it out for the poor guy, nothing seems to ever go right for him.

      I hadnt heard about the media being shit bags towards him until this video. I stopped going to ALL games media websites after the gamergate thing. And after almost 6 months I can honestly say they add nothing of value to my life.

    4. Your average joe shmoe on

      You lot out there were the ones who settled on the name "Broken Age". The next time Tim Schafer asks you to name a game, you should call it "Super Double Quick!"

    5. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Kelly on

      @Adam, neither KS nor SEA are contracts. Good faith is not a contract. Because they are not a contract if you like your money, you shouldn't use them.

      @Anders, Tim never actually promised anything from the original pitch apart from making an adventure game like they used to, whatever that means. It was clear later on that what he was expecting to do was make a quick, functional little game and film the process. The original project to him seemed to be more about the documentary than the actual game. He did say in one of the documentaries it would have possibly been made in flash, unclear whether that was tongue-in-cheek. In many ways it is probably better that Tim got the money to do a full project. As a lot of people would probably be a lot more dissatisfied and feel he tricked them with what he originally intended.

    6. Anders Kjeldsen on

      @Solfi Flash game? Hardly. To my knowledge, this was never mentioned in the pitch video or any other video I have seen before the kickstarter was over (or actually ever). I did imagine a small team making a full-length 2D adventure game in a pretty efficient way. Instead if looks like from the documentary that they involve all sorts of 3rd parties to pitch in. And I'm fine with that, they're doing what they can to deliver the whole game. But no, the original idea was not a tiny Flash game. If so, they would be liars IMO. Tim Schafer also said in the video that the project COULD fail, so I would even accept that - but then I would never back a Schafer/DF game again :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Solfi on

      Best kickstarter I've backed yet!

      The game idea aside (and I really enjoyed part I), the documentaries coming from this project are what actually got me to back, and they have been great!

      @Adam: you realize it was supposed to be a tiny Flash-game, and not a full-blown graphical adventure at $400K? Also, Kickstarting something is *not* the same as being an investor.

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Fans are way too kind, and developers are way too cavalier.

      Kickstarter and Steam Early Access are contracts.
      People give up money and expect the developer to act in good faith.
      But when a project is poorly managed, or the developer does shenanigans,
      This leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the everyone.
      And for that the developer should expect to take a reputation hit.
      Similar to a self inflicted gunshot wound.

      Kickstarter and Steam Early Access have a hands off policy.
      There are no refunds, and FUBAR projects can live in limbo for years.
      In order for crowdfunding to survive, somebody needs to take charge.
      Right now it's like being on the Titanic, But nobody is steering the ship.

    9. Benjamin Hüll on

      @Adam If you actually believe that we would be getting the same game for 400.000 as we are for 3m+, well then you also don't know how to manage money. I would be really pissed if they took the 3m+ and made a flash game in 6-8 months, like they were planning with the 400k. But they did not do that. Did Tim design the game that was bigger than the budget? Yep, but they NEVER TOLD YOU that you need to give more money, all the asked for was time. Plus, they created the game from scratch. At the end of the KS there was no story, no art, no characters, no tech, no design, no team but Tim :) They did all that in 3 years. I think it's great. And with the documentary you could see where things went wrong and why things got delayed. I actually believe it would be better for Double Fine's image if they didnt do the documentary and just write a monthly wall of text what they did that month, without all the drama behind the scenes.

    10. Martin O

      @Adam: I don't see a problem with that circumstance that a proper game getting made takes 3 years. Would it have raised only $400,000 maybe it would have been done after one year, but it wouldn't be such a great game as it is now (and will be when it's fully complete). At least that's my opinion.

      I'm actually sad the development will finish eventually and there won't be new documentary episodes anymore. I agree with Overmann that they alone are worth the money.

      What happended with Spacebase DF-9 is sad. But otherwise I see no real reason to have a bitter aftertaste in my mouth with what Double Fine has done over the years.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Double Fine Adventure had a budget of $400,000 and a 8 month development cycle.
      The game ran out of money despite raising $3,336,371 which is 8x the original goal.
      And here we are 3 years later still waiting for the game to be finished.

      Spacebase DF-9 also leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

      How is it that Tim Schafer has 25 years experience making games,
      but can not properly budget resources?

      Fans aside, for most people this leaves a bitter taste in their mouth.
      And it destroys Kickstarter and Early Access as funding platforms.
      If Tim Schafer was more organized, this would not be an issue.

      And that is what leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    12. Missing avatar

      Fiomtec on

      By the way, next week is the one year anniversary of Tim's "working on it". I know of great games that have been done in half the time it's taking them to remove GFWL.

    13. Missing avatar

      Fiomtec on

      @Chris J Capel: "Double Fine don't own Iron Brigade, Microsoft does. And I'm sure if DF could click their fingers and take GFWL out of it they would do."

      Tell that to DF. They are the ones that promised to remove it a couple of years ago and haven't said anything other than this tweet from Tim since then:

      They're the ones that apparently worked on it during last summer but don't have a couple of days to test it or at least release a beta.

      And not that that would be great, but it would be better than nothing, since some people can't play multiplayer, some people can't even launch the game. And they are still selling the game, mind you.

      So don't put Microsoft in the middle. Yeah, Microsoft is a horrible company and a horrible PC publisher, but this is DF through and through. Their post-launch support has gone down the toilet. Just look at DF-9.

      Oh, and zero communication skills. They seem to have learned a lot from Valve there.

    14. Peter de Castro on

      I've only played a bit of the game and watched the episodes up to the release of Act 1, but I'm looking forward to making the time to complete them both once I have the full game in my hands. Thanks for the update!

      And together with a couple Kickstarter dev podcasts I've been listening to (Distance, République, ...), yes, I think you folks have done a heck of a job conveying some of the stress and joy of making video games. I can't corroborate all of it from experience, but I can relate to bits of it, and I'm both scared and super-excited by the idea of making an actual game some day.

      Thanks for all the hard work, DF and 2PP!

    15. Overmann on

      There's no bitter taste in my mouth.
      This is without a doubt the best thing I've backed, the documentary alone was worth it.

      Three years is a reasonable time for a game to be made, and I for one, am completely happy with it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      The John Walker interview was fair given the current state of Godus.
      Empty promises are a form of negligence.

      There needs to be more accountability on Kickstarter.
      Kickstarter is an investment? not a pre-order service!
      According to the Terms Of Service, Kickstarter is not liable for any projects.
      The same goes for Steam Early Access.

      Someone has to do the due diligence. Caveat Emptor is not a valid answer!
      Right now the price of a poorly managed Kickstarter is a destroyed reputation.
      At some point there will be class action lawsuits.
      And in the end all Kickstarter projects will be required to carry insurance.
      And laws will get passed to regulate Kickstarter.

      People like Tim Schafer and Peter Molyneux need to get their act together.
      Their current behavior leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of their fans.
      And undermines everything they seek to accomplish.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Creative people need to learn how not to over-promise.
      Those who over-promise need managers to protect them from themselves.
      Scope Creep is like a Pressure Cooker.
      And it Undermines the Trust of other People.
      Tim Schafer needs to get his act together.
      Or he will someday be where Peter Molyneux is right now.

    18. Austin Storm on

      Yikes the comments on this one are scary! Ignore the haters - I'm very excited for the new documentary episodes and the second act.

      I'll be really sad when the documentary is over - what a unique experience. I feel very invested in the game and your studio and I appreciate you exposing the process in that way.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason Devine on

      Wish I'd never given you a penny, but lesson learned to not pay for anything your company has it's fingers in. Honestly just pay for a real project manager since you seem to piss through money like sailor on leave.

    20. Wahngrok on

      Happy to hear that you are on the home stretch.

      @Tomimt: I just read that interview and have to disagree with you. John pressed Peter pretty hard on some points but it was in no way spiteful. It's what I'd call good journalism and I wish that more overpromising people (esp. politicians) would be treated the same way.

    21. Missing avatar

      theadam on

      You know you're doing something wrong when an adventure game takes longer to complete than a large complex RPG. You ate away all the funds... I'm eager to finally play the **whole** game, though I was a bit pissed offed that it has already been on sale before it is fully done (and no, I refuse to play it in separate acts).

    22. Gojal Krogsgaard on

      Great news guys! Happy for you and looking much forward. <3

    23. Chris J Capel on

      Thanks Tim, just to make it clear that I'm still incredibly excited for both this and Massive Chalice. I think everyone forgets that Double Fine Adventure was started from scratch, you weren't in production already, so 3 years is actually good. It is really hard for most gamers to get their heads around the idea that games really do take a long time to make, they only get announced after years of development usually.

      @Porcupine: "Re: Grim - frankly, I prefer to stick to the original (regrettably NOT available on GOG) - but hey, that's just me..."

      It IS the original. It's just been made playable on modern systems with a few extra options, like mouse controls and widescreen. You're thinking of the Monkey Island Special Editions.

      @Eric: "Why can't I seem to find the iOS version of Act 1 that's already been released?"…
      It's only on iPad right now, you may have been searching for an iPhone version.

      @Fiomtec: "Hey, Tim. If you guys could also FINALLY finally end the removal of GFWL from Iron Brigade, that would be swell. We've only been waiting for, I don't know, years, and many people that bought the game can't play multiplayer, not to mention that some can't even start the game. And you guys haven't said shit in the last two years other than "working on it"."

      Double Fine don't own Iron Brigade, Microsoft does. And I'm sure if DF could click their fingers and take GFWL out of it they would do.

    24. Gromber Fox on

      please add spanish voices!

    25. Benjamin Hüll on

      Great update. I think 3 years of development from scratch is not a very long time, so I relly do not understand all the hate. Every single game I backed on KS I doubled and even tripled its expected release date in my head.

      And I would support your KS for another adventure game, because I am still getting the game I backed, even if is a "bit" late :)

    26. Tomimt on

      I’d say PM has had it coming for a long time, as he has always been too much of a dream painter, whose games very often end up being much less what he has envisioned. That wouldn’t necessarily be an issue with many devs, but PM very often speaks with such passion that many people can’t help but to fall in the dream with him and after they wake up, well, it can be a hard awakening.

      Though I do strongly disagree with the way the whole thing has been handeled. John Walker was agrressive, spitefull and just out to get his pound of flesh with no intention for objectivity.

    27. Zhivko Yakimov on

      I'd appreciate some more details on the release date, because spring is a broad term, and summer doesn't start until late June ... At least you'll get it done; I had a look at the Kickstarter projects I have backed so far, yours is the first in the list and still hanging. Better late than never, I guess.

      Please don't get it as hate, but I won't be among your backers any more. I don't mean any disrespect to your efforts, but I simply don't trust you and I am being honest about it. You've done some great games (which I have bought), but I'm afraid I'm going to wait for a finished product from now on.

    28. Ber on

      Good work guys. Try to not let the haters get you down. You're doing good work, and you're treating us gamers well, I can see that :)

    29. Overmann on

      Awesome, can't wait!
      Also let me know about the next Kickstarter adventure.

    30. Christian on

      @Porcupine You do know you can switch to the old graphics in the remastered game, right?

    31. Missing avatar

      Mike Taylor on

      I appreciate what you said about Peter.

    32. Welverin on

      "Nordic Games retail box art by Cory Schmitz is done, looks awesome, and is at the printers."

      Wait, wait, wait, someone other than Bagel did the box art!?

    33. Gabriel Herrin on

      Hi DoubleFine! I have a couple of questions. When I answered the survey back in 2012, I had a different address. How do I change it with you guys for the disc when all is said and done? Also, is the ps4 version doing to be free for adventure backers? Thanks, and continue doing what you do. (Currently enjoying the hell out of Grim Fandango!)

    34. Missing avatar

      merrill grinch on

      As a kickstarter to this and a purchaser of Spacebase DF-9 I feel like I am entitled to ask if you have considered hiring a business manager yet? I really think you could do with hiring a business manager.

    35. Nicholas Russell on

      I was promised chinchillas and the world's first Snuff game. You have not delivered. I am mad and want my pancakes back.

    36. bonuswavepilot


    37. Michael Matzat on

      The peter molyneux stuff bugged me a bit, yes. Don´t get me wrong, the dude has overhyped many of his games in the past and Godus + The Cube have been horrendous… but when i read that Rock Paper Shotgun (i think that was the site, right?) Interview it did not seem like a journalist asking questions but like a rageing troll on an internet forum. It was really not a fun read.

      A good journalist dos not have to be a developers best friend, but clearly this guy went out of control.

      I always liked the cool light hearted fun people made out of Peter though. I forgot the gamejam were they made games by ideas in his spirit, it was hilarious.

      Happy to see a update here. I get the the money is running short and i hope you make all of it back (in that sens of sausage makeing i would love to learn about what early access dos to games, how many people are realy holding out for the retail version of a game or the full 1.0 gold master to buy?) but i still am kinda sad that the documentarie is not happening that regularly anymore.

      You guys should recut the Documentary anyway, put it on some TV Chanel, Netflix... as a movie, as a series, people will talk about it , people will share it, more will buy the game. We all win!

    38. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Why can't I seem to find the iOS version of Act 1 that's already been released?

    39. Missing avatar

      Fiomtec on

      Hey, Tim. If you guys could also FINALLY finally end the removal of GFWL from Iron Brigade, that would be swell.

      We've only been waiting for, I don't know, years, and many people that bought the game can't play multiplayer, not to mention that some can't even start the game. And you guys haven't said shit in the last two years other than "working on it".

      K, thanks.

    40. Porcupine on

      Re: Grim - frankly, I prefer to stick to the original (regrettably NOT available on GOG) - but hey, that's just me...