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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Tomimt about 2 hours ago

      It's amazing to finally see this one through. I though I wouldn't be this exited about this after all this time has passed since the first part, but in thruth I am exited, as I liked the first part very much.

      Congrats to Tim and DF gang, it was a longer journey than anyone expected, but in the end you made it.

    2. Creator Yaniv L about 3 hours ago

      Wooohooo! It's done! congrats Tim and everyone at Double Fine! I'm going to play it now, keep rocking! ;D

    3. Creator Michael Kosmatka about 5 hours ago

      Congratulations to you on the launch, release and happy-times. You are and always will be RAD - all of you. Even that guy over there.

    4. Creator Josh Fairbanks about 5 hours ago

      Congratulations on the launch Tim/Double Fine!

    5. Creator Dax Jacobson about 5 hours ago

      Cool, worked for me (on steam), I had uninstalled Act one and most of my other Steam games a while back,I just put in the beta code and downloaded the entire game 2GB and it seems to have got Act 1 and Act 2, I looked at the backer credits so far.

      Also it did not crash when I loaded my old save game.

      Are there more Episodes after 18 for - Double Fine Adventure Documentary ?

    6. Creator Wesha about 6 hours ago

      Damn.... I refuse to use spyware/DRM Steam.

    7. Creator Double Fine and 2 Player Productions about 6 hours ago

      The Humble email has a code to put in the betas section of Steam to unlock the Act 2 build. Should have instructions as well!

    8. Creator Adam Wilson about 6 hours ago

      Nice to know Humble are giving some backers their keys while others are not.

      That's totally fair DF. Good job!

    9. Creator Wesha about 6 hours ago

      Hmm? Just received email saying Act 2 is available on Humble Bundle, but the download link there still gives me just Act 1...

    10. Creator Tyler 2 days ago

      I honestly can't believe DoubleFine let pirates get the complete game before paying backers. This is what happens when you artificially push back the release of a game just to release something as stupid and outmoded as a box. This isn't the 90's anymore. Artificially limiting the release then being stupid enough to let it fall into the hands of pirates before backers was just a profit maximization/greed move. One that hurt the backers. The documentary makes it painfully obvious how everyone treats Tim with kid gloves, giving him the 'final' date, and he STILL manages to go two weeks over after repeated warnings. Not to mention how the distributor literally built padding into their ship date because they knew Tim would be late, lol. Can't say I blame them.

    11. Creator Lorenz 3 days ago

      Well done on finishing act 2! 2PP's doc itself was worth the pledge, and now I get to play the game as well.

    12. Creator Dawid 5 days ago

      Any news whether Act 2 is going to available earlier for the backers than April 28th?

    13. Creator LionToast 6 days ago

      I have to change my address but it says I cannot anymore, what do I do?

    14. Creator Max Georges on April 17

      Hey guys, do backers get the PS4 version of the game?

    15. Creator Tyke Schoser on April 14

      And the second email has me down. Curse you email sender!

    16. Creator Aubrey Alexander on April 14

      I got my address update email soon. I wonder if we'll get this in the mail before it's available digitally.

    17. Creator Tyke Schoser on April 14

      I'm excited. I just got an email asking me to make sure my address is up to date for this. A little confused as to why the email thinks the estimated delivery is in Aug 2012 but excited nonetheless.

    18. Creator @mgatelabs on March 31

      I don't think Sony would just hand out PS4 keys for Broken Age without being paid by DF. Also the original tier rewards were just PC, Mac & Linux. I still don't know how we got Ouya keys, other then the platform being desperate for people to use it.

    19. Creator @mgatelabs on March 31

      I just went through and replayed Act 1 again, what a fun time.

    20. Creator Adam Bullock on March 30

      Hey gang, wondering if backers will receive PSN keys? I supported this venture even though I'm 99.9% a console would be amazing to play this game on my PS4!

    21. Creator Gabriel Herrin on March 26

      @Gary - unfortunately not.

    22. Creator Gabriel Herrin on March 26

      @Lisa - Me too, just email them and they'll change it.

    23. Creator Lisa Merback on March 26

      is there going to be another chance to submit our address? I've moved a few times sine I first backed

    24. Creator Gary Stango Jr on March 26

      As a backer, can I get a code for my PS4?

    25. Creator @mgatelabs on March 26

      So April, 28 is the release date. Neat.

    26. Creator Joe on March 23

      I think Tim's "jokes" were in poor taste... Why intentionally provoke people? What purpose does that serve? It certainly doesn't mend any bridges or heal any wounds. It just causes more hurt feelings and bad blood.

    27. Creator Bryy Miller on March 23

      It obviously can't be that a bunch of industry vets know what they are talking about. It obviously can't be that gamergate is actually a hate movement. no, it HAS to be that it's a conspiracy made up of minorities (in video games because we're not prejudice or anything) and corrupt journalists who want nothing more than to make you buy bad video games.

    28. Creator Bryy Miller on March 23

      I honestly don't understand equating GG jokes to the budget.

    29. Creator @mgatelabs on March 23

      Yeah, act 2 will have a release date soon. Time to fix my bricked ouya console.

    30. Creator ParasiteX on March 22

      Tim had more sock puppet jokes planned for GDC, but needed another $5 million to finish the other half of his set.

    31. Creator Shawn Swift on March 22

      Part 1 of Broken Age was excellent, and I can't wait to play part 2. If Tim does another adventure game Kickstarter, I'll back it immediately.

    32. Creator ParasiteX on March 18

      Yeah, that reminds me of what Bobby Kotick, CEO of Shittyvision said once.

      "The guy comes out and says I'm a prick,"

      "I've never met him in my life – I've never had anything to do with him. I never had any involvement in the Vivendi project that they were doing, Brütal Legend, other than I was in one meeting where the guys looked at it and said, 'He's late, he's missed every milestone, he's overspent the budget and it doesn't seem like a good game. We're going to cancel it.'"

      "And do you know what? That seemed like a sensible thing to do. And it turns out, he was late, he missed every milestone, the game was not a particularly good game..." /EndQuote

      As much as i dislike Bobby Kotick, I can't agree with him more about that.

      It is becoming more and more apparent that Tim Schafers problems where never with publishers. But the fact he has no freaking clue of how to run a game development company

    33. Creator Tyler on March 18

      Don't care much about gamergate, but I do care about playing the damn game. More delays ? Or by spring did they really mean the beginning of summer ? Also, as others have said, what's up with the beta ? I guess backers only get to beta test part 1 ? I see lots of people asking about that here, and no responses. Nice job stepping up and improving communication like you said you would. Bravo. Never backing another DF project again. Other companies may go a bit over in their time estimates, but it's nothing compared to this - and, those kickstarters (wasteland 2, divinity, etc) delivered a good game - not a watered down product with consolitus.

    34. Creator Gabriel Herrin on March 17

      Uuuuuhhhh... Cool dude.

    35. Creator Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on March 17

      The people saying gamergate is a hate movement are the same people telling you that they aren't the problem, gamers are, and that gamers are dead.

      The entire anti-gamergate movement has been debunked as socially-tied groups of people invested in eachother protecting eachother's interests.

    36. Creator Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on March 17

      If gamergate is hatemovement then the civil rights movement is a nazi rebellion against socially repressed jew haters.

      Its a fucking fantasy in other words.

    37. Creator Martin O on March 13

      @Amanda Kirk: You can download the documentary in 480p, 720p or 1080p directly from Humble.(latest episode is no. 18). You also get a VHX key there.

    38. Creator Gabriel Herrin on March 13

      @Jeffery - No, we're not getting PS codes. We're gonna have to pay for it again to play it on that system.

    39. Creator Amanda Kirk on March 9

      The Documentary was supposed to be released as an HD download to backers, but per the beta update it appears it is partially delivered? Did I miss an email or has it been changed to be the webisodes? I don't care if its released to the public episodically if what was listed in the original kickstarter is fulfilled

      And as Yaron mentioned, if we're at beta.. why is there no beta access to backers?

    40. Creator ParasiteX on March 9

      And while were on the subject of jokes and sock puppets. Here's one for ya.

      How many kickstarters does Tim Schafer need to make a game?
      50. One to pay for the game, one to make a profit, and 40 to make up for his poor math skills.

    41. Creator ParasiteX on March 9

      @mgatelabs Oh i would also like to play an adventure game. But so far were about 3 years over due, with only half of one..
      And it seems Tim is too busy playing with sock puppets and insulting minorities, than actually finishing the game he promised.

    42. Creator @mgatelabs on March 8

      I have listened to angry joe, Jim sterling and others talk about this gamer gate thing, but I'm still lost and not caring for any of the sides, I'm here to play an adventure game, how about you?

    43. Creator ParasiteX on March 7

      I used to have a lot of respect for Tim Schafer. Even defended the Part 2 delays..
      But his misinformed anti GamerGate behavior coupled with the recent sock puppet idiocy. Has caused me to lose all shred of respect for the man.
      Don't expect a single cent from me or anyone i know for any Double Fine games, ever.

    44. Creator Jeffrey Johnson on March 6

      With the Playstation release, will backers receive redemption codes for Broken Age 1 & 2 for PS4 / Vita?

    45. Creator Bryy Miller on March 6

      By politics, I assume you mean female representation in video games.
      So explain to how GamerGate is not about fear of a female apocalypse again?

    46. Creator aiat_gamer on March 6

      And three years have passed. At least one thing came out of this mess, I will never ever give money to Double Fine.

    47. Creator Stevie Parmentier on March 6

      @Bryy Miller: I see you believe the bullshit the press spews. Good on you for being one of the sheeple. Gamergate is mainly about gamers being SICK of the press forcing their political ideology onto gamers and game devs. The press responded by calling gamers sexist, racist, etc. which is a very old and common tactic. Well done Bryy for believing their word instead of actually doing some reading up on it. I want my games politics free and devs to make the games they want without massive pressure from the corrupt press to conform to certain world views. It's called "freedom".

    48. Creator Bryy Miller on March 6

      @Ryan Smith,
      What the hell are you talking about? #gamergate is a hate movement fearing the rise of Females In Video Games. That you write about "purity" only makes me want to vomit.

    49. Creator Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on March 5

      Which is kind of obvious when you go over budget with a huge budget. The game was obviously not the goal here, so spending money on your 'dream' is really more about giving you money so you can work with your friends, and have fun dicking around while being 'real' game devs. Whoop d. do.

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