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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator ParasiteX on May 15

      Wow... Act 2 is unsurprisingly a massive disappointing mess.

      Maybe if Tim spent less time writing crappy tasteless jokes for conventions, then act 2 might have been a lil bit better.

      One has to wonder where all the money went for Act 2? As it defiantly didn't go into making new areas..

    2. Creator Anmol Nagpal on May 14

      @Martin O: Your suggestion to go to worked for me.
      Thank you!

    3. Creator Anmol Nagpal on May 14

      Is anyone from Double Fine reading the comments to provide appropriate support?
      Still looking for Steam access to the game.

    4. Creator Rob Sanchez on May 14

      I have not received a copy of the game, I pledged 15$.
      How do I get Steam access to the game?
      Thank you.

    5. Creator Gabriel Herrin on May 14

      @Corey - For some reason the names are alphabetized by first name... That threw me at first. Did you check the C's?

    6. Creator Corey Woolley on May 12

      Searched for my name in the credits. Not There. Wonderful.

      Come on Doublefine

    7. Creator Matthew Netzley on May 10

      Does anyone know if the Humble download page will be updated to include the game and documentary soundtracks for act 2?

    8. Creator Martin O on May 9

      @Nicklas Tigerberg: Use
      @GF_: You could try to directly contact Humble Bundle support.

    9. Creator Christian Page on May 9

      i loved the game!!! im realy pissed at the bad reviews its one thing if you dont like the game i understand we dont all like the same things....but half the reviews read like the person backed/boght it not knowing what an adventure game is. they describe everything that makes up a classic adventure game as the bad things that should not have been in this.

      another chunk of bad reviews are clearly people that just hate dublefine because of space base df9.
      i hope idiots can move on soon so we can get a better representation of how this game is.

    10. Creator Nicklas Tigerberg on May 9

      I have not recieved an email with the game key. I pledged 15$. Who should I contact about this?

    11. Creator Anmol Nagpal on May 8


      I have not received a copy of the game, I pledged 15$.
      How do I get Steam access to the game?

      Thank you.

    12. Creator Gabriel Herrin on May 8

      Hey guys, you can't. I asked.

    13. Creator Gábor Szakács on May 8

      Hi! How could I get the game for iOS / iPad (without pay it again)?

    14. Creator GF_ on May 7

      How can I get my Broken Age Part I and II keys/download access? I changed my kickstarter login mail years ago and have no access to the old one. I think it's the problem cause doesn't work for me. I sent a message via kickstarter one week ago but there ist no answer yet.

    15. Creator Jimmy Ho on May 7

      Hi, congrats on the launch. I had pledged $100 for the special edition box set. I was wondering when will those be shipped? And I never received an email for the digital copy of the game for Steam for either part 1 or 2.

    16. Creator Duan Gauche on May 6

      How can I get access to the game on ios and mac?

    17. Creator Michael Cohen on May 5

      I received a Humble Bundle link. Can I get a GoG key?

    18. Creator @mgatelabs on May 5

      I finished the whole game and wow, I haven't needed pen a paper to solve a game in a while. Now I was able to figure out most of the puzzles and I tried to use steam screenshots so I wouldn't have to keep going back and forth, but they failed me in the end. But I will say some of the puzzles did not click for me and I did have to lookup their first step, because I would have never though to use A with B, or wait 3 minutes.

    19. Creator Overmann on May 4

      I just finished Broken Age today, and it was great! Alright time for another Kickstarter!

    20. Creator Nick Davies on May 4

      Hi. I never received an email with a code - I've checked in boxes, deleted items, spam - you name it, but nothing. Any way I can get it resent? Thanks.

    21. Creator Overmann on May 4

      @Sam Cook
      Is the file you downloaded around 2GB? If not you'll need to download it again.

    22. Creator Sam Cook on May 4

      So, does the Humble Bundle download only have Act 1? Just installed it a few days ago and played though it, but it does not take me to the second act after finishing it.

    23. Creator Dave on May 4

      How many dang ports of this game are there?

    24. Creator Ruben Iversen on May 3

      I recently moved and need to update the shipping address. Who should I contact to do that?

    25. Creator Jordan Merrick Vincent de Paul Albert on May 2

      As far as I can tell I haven't received my email.

    26. Creator Gab on May 2

      Ok I bought the 250 dollars tier and I would be grateful if you could issue us PS4 and iTunes keys even if it costs you a few dollars, at least for the 100+ dollars tiers... Would make sense right? :) Please update us on that point. It would be frustration to re-pay 50 extra euros to get the iTunes and PSN versions!
      Also for the physical stuff that is remaining to be sent, I hope that you will get our updated mailing addresses first? Because after all these years many of us likely changed addresses...

    27. Creator Dave on April 30

      I have mine on steam and I think it auto updates

    28. Creator emilio on April 30

      Cache problem, solved.

    29. Creator emilio on April 30

      I redeemed my humblebundle key but download failed, now it doesn't let me download can I fix this?

    30. Creator Lawyerman on April 29

      I recently moved and need to update the shipping address. Who should I contact to do that?

    31. Creator Nathaniel Edwards on April 29

      Haven't received a Humble Bundle email with a game key, and using the Humble Bundle key resender didn't include it. What can I do about this?

    32. Creator Lucid Nightmare on April 29

      So, I think I derped out and deleted the email with my act 2 key (before I could claim it) by accident. Anyone have an idea who to contact to fix this?

    33. Creator garkham on April 29

      Hi guys ! Is there any official info anywhere regarding an estimated date for the physical stuff release ? I mean, some months, one year ? Thanks in advance !

    34. Creator VkBest on April 29

      @Martin O Steam too ask money for keys. Don´t have unlimited codes for free.

    35. Creator Aidan O'Mara on April 28

      Like Alexander Mercer I also have no key. Who should I contact about this?

    36. Creator Alexander Mercer on April 28

      I appear to have no key, checked my trash, and spam folder just in case, and tried resending keys from humble bundle, but it's not appearing. Any advice?

    37. Creator Steve Brown on April 28

      Act 2 feels like I'm doing combinatorics homework, but with art.

      Loved Act 1, btw. Shame that 'increased difficulty' seems to translate to 'increased tedium.'
      It remains to be seen whether I'll finish it.

    38. Creator Jonathan Phebus on April 28

      I am having the same problem as Antonio Navarro Navarro. I downloaded the Mac OS X version from Humble Bundle using BitTorrent first, and also direct download to see if I could get it to work. In both cases, the zip file received is corrupt and the MD5 hash does not match the hash given on the Humble Bundle download page. Please fix the Mac OS X zip file so that us Mac users can play, too! :) Thanks.

    39. Creator ABCHEE Alex on April 28

      Great new the game is fiinish Now I waiting for the DVD of the game and the BLURAY for all the documentary!

    40. Creator Matt Combes on April 28

      Same issue as Antonio Navarro Navarro a few posts down ... the DRM-free download for OS X does not work. The torrent stops at 95% and the direct download is an invalid file and cannot be unzipped. Can you please work with Humble to correct this ASAP? I want to get started playing this game!

    41. Creator Josh Fairbanks on April 28

      I finished my playthrough of the full game and it was obvious that you all poured a lot of love into this project. Thank you Tim and all the guys/gals at Double Fine.

    42. Creator Martin O on April 28

      @Corey Woolley: You can enjoy the documentary since 3 years, every time when an episode was released. You got HD downloads and you will get the full documentary at the end (uncensored etc.) and I don't remember bonus material like Side Quests being release to the public.
      I don't see the problem.

      Also you nearly never get PS4 and iOS versions from Kickstarter projects because they would have to pay Sony/Apple for the keys (unlike e.g. Steam where you can just request a bunch of keys of your own game).

    43. Creator Martin O on April 28

      Great to hear the difficulty was increased!

      @Krakn3dfx: You find your rewards at Humble which is available since a long time. This includes DRM-free downloads of game, soundtracks and documentary + Steam key and other keys.
      The complete game is available since today.

      Use the key resender if you haven't claimed your stuff yet:

    44. Creator Krakn3dfx on April 28

      I haven't received my key yet, I figured I would wait a day since I'm not in a huge hurry, but now I figure something in legitimately wrong. Who should I contact to assist me?


    45. Creator @mgatelabs on April 28

      I had a chance to play yesterday and man, that first girl puzzle was difficult, but at least I feel better then the man in the documentary who gave up on it.

    46. Creator Corey Woolley on April 28

      I got the $30 reward tier, thinking that was a great idea at the time because of the documentary.

      They've since released the documentary for free and now the game is on steam at $19.59 cdn, full price it's $27.99.

      I'll never go past the first reward tier for another Double Fine Kickstarter.

      As well, the $30 reward tier doesn't include the ps4 or ios version.

    47. Creator Antonio Navarro Navarro on April 28

      Hi All !

      I have received the HumbleDumble email, but when I try to download the MacOS X package it fails (on direct download the ZIP file is broken and in bittorrent the torrent stops at 95.5%)

      Help me please :-)

    48. Creator pavakah on April 28

      Thanks to everyone involved with making the game. Most of all, thank you, GERMANY!

    49. Creator Matt Buckley on April 27

      Well that was my fault, still associated with an old email address apparently. Key in hand.

    50. Creator Matt Buckley on April 27

      Whoops! Still had an old email address associated. Backer key claimed! \o/

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