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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      East Chao on October 10

      Glad to hear it wasn't a problem shipping it and that it just hasn't been shipped yet... i guess...

    2. Daniel Åberg on October 7

      So there's a vinyl release that seems to be on track to be released before the boxed version of the game now? Jeez

    3. Joseph P on October 6

      seriously double fine, you got to stop smoking the doobies. it's hurting your productivity. i'm warning you, bro. i'm worried about you.

    4. Paskarl (k0SH) on August 30

      4 years later.. lol.

    5. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on August 30

      My first Kickstarter that began a long chain of investing to projects.

      Also way not the last to complete itself. Still waiting for forever taking projects like Last Life, Drift Stage and Paradise Lost: First Contact to be released someday. All three of those were supposed to be ready years ago.

      Also the quality in DF projects has been amazing. So happy to be a backer. Just sad that I lost my DF backer pin badge a few years ago... :-(

    6. NightWolf21k on August 28

      Wow, the boxes are still in production - How many years after the game was released? I must say i totaly forgot about this project i just checked some of my older ones, and after reading this post i must say, i dont believe that there will ever be a box. I just heard to many times "we are stil working" and the opposite was the case. i am glad that i forgot about this project and that it is a reminder never to back another Double Fine Project again. Sorry to be that harsh, but its just my two cents.

    7. Double Fine and 2 Player Productions 2-time Creator on August 25

      Hey y'all sorry for the delay here. We've been so close for so long that we were hoping to wait until the next update could be, "THE BOXES ARE IN PRODUCTION!!" The good news is, that really is almost the case!

      We just got our final pre-production test print on everything and it looks GREAT. And 2 Player just put the final touches on their crazy extensive collection of footage, which now is fully color corrected, has the blurs removed, has subtitle tracks, two commentary tracks, and hours and hours of bonus content.

      It's gonna be really great! Thanks so much for the patience. You can expect an update any day now with news that the production chain is a go, at which point it won't be long. Hopefully we can get you some photos of the final product as it comes off the chain!

    8. Jens Hoenscheid on August 22

      Any news on the boxes?

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on August 18

      It also was my first one. But there are some other projects I've backed which are taking even longer to complete (talking about active ones only of course).

    10. Jürgen Probe on August 14

      The first Kickstarter I backed and it seems to become the last Kickstarter I will get my perks from. :-D

    11. Christian Page on August 5

      @Paskarl (k0SH)
      they are slightly more spasific then that in the forums but that is the general idea.
      there google doc of progerss is almost all green for the dvd and blu-ray

    12. Paskarl (k0SH) on August 3

      "the pepole making the documentary have said its pretty much done except a few small parts"!

    13. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on August 2

      @Christian Page: Thanks for that information. I'm fairly optimistic that we will get the box this year. Lets see :-)

    14. Christian Page on August 2

      sence they are not updating pepole i will.
      based on the forum updates i would say in a week we should get an update but knowing them it could be as long as 3 weeks.
      the pepole making the documentary have said its pretty much done except a few small parts. they implied there is one announcement/ decision they are going to let us in on but they are saving it for the next kickstarter update(this means they are ready for the update now but we are waiting for it)
      if they were anyother company based on that id say two months after the update it would be shipped out.
      so about 3 months from now total.
      but again id expect them to have further dleays so id estmate closer to 5 months at this point.
      i hope im way off and they deliver far sooner but i would not hold my breath.
      good luck all i will check back in in a month.

    15. Gabriel Herrin on August 1

      I've backed 10 things since this and have received most of them. : /

    16. Paskarl (k0SH) on July 31

      Boxed game: August 2012

    17. Alexis Maes on July 28

      Hello. Almost four years after the campain, i still haven't received my boxed version. At the time I was really hoping that you'll make something great but I was far from happy with the resulting game.

      Is there a way to get a refund ? At least for the physical content ? It really took too long for too little.

    18. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on July 27

      @Joseph P: You should have received the artbook some time ago. Try to contact Fangamer if you haven't.

      @Christopher Hamilton: The artbooks were delivered. Boxed game + documentary haven't shipped yet (see comment from

    19. on July 26

      Here ya go everyone, I just contacted them today and here is the official response: "These items are still in production, and we will be shipping your order later this summer. Please let us know if you have any other questions." If you're curious, I pledged the $100 tier and specifically asked about the Boxed Special Edition and Documentary DVD. Hope this helps everyone.

    20. Christopher Hamilton on July 26

      Has anybody received the boxed edition yet?

      I filled in the survey from a few months ago to update delivery address, etc so just curious if anybody has had any luck.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sean Rester on July 26

      I used to love Double Fine but I won't be backing/buying anything of theirs again. It's insane the lack of customer service they have. I've heard stories of Tim being hard to keep a schedule but I never imagined it could be this bad. Four years is far far to long to wait.

    22. Alexis Maes on July 25

      Hey. It's July 2016. I've been trying to get a refund for month year. I still haven't got the boxed version and you released a few games since. Please, just put your whole team on box duty 'till the guy that gave you money to kickstart your game got what they payed for.

      PS : A refund for the physical stuff that I never got would be nice too but I'm not hoping for too much here.

    23. Joseph P on July 22

      Physical copies of this game have been in stores for months now. I saw the art book being sold at a local comic book store. At yet, here we still are waiting. There's no better term for what's going on than gross incompetence.

    24. Missing avatar

      gentzel on July 22

      While I agree that it would be smart for DF to post more updates here, there have been regular updates on the DF forums. Unfortunately they are currently down for an upgrade (per the DF twitter feed). Expected up "at the start of next week" (e.g. around the 25th).

    25. Mike Woods on July 21

      This is getting pretty ridiculous, the game has been completed for over a year and we are still waiting! There was a time that I thought DF could do no wrong and the purchase of their next game was a foregone conclusion. The lack of communication during experience is disappointing to the point of being disrespectful. Sorry Tim and crew but I will have to think long and hard before I throw another dollar your way.

    26. Missing avatar

      Courtney Wuistinger on July 19

      Nothing. Also, received nothing but the t-shirt years ago and the digital downloads. Waiting for big box, art book, etc. I emailed both DF and Fangamer, so maybe we'll see their response.

    27. Daniel Åberg on July 19

      Has anyone heard anything new? Seems their forums are down

    28. Dave Woods [Owner of the Daffy Duck] on July 11

      No, still waiting on any news at all

    29. Missing avatar

      Jer Lav on July 11

      As anyone received anything yet? I've completed the survey, yet didn't get the big box (100$) nor the art book.

    30. Khakimzhan Malayev on July 9

      We are still waiting for our BOXED editions!!!! When!?

    31. Sam Foote on July 4

      hello! are the big boxes still being produced?

    32. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on July 2

      @Mandy Robinson: What bug are you talking about? Ensure you are using the latest version (e.g. from GOG or Steam) if you are really suspecting a technical issue.
      All the digital rewards have been released and can be found via Humble!

      @Christian Page: Yes this happens especially with classic adventures and is considered a feature :-)
      (Though if it happens to really be a gameplay-breaking bug it sucks because you won't realise until some time, or you give up)

    33. Christian Page on June 30

      @mandy whats the bug? not to sound like a dick but when it comes to puzzle games alot of pepole get stuck and think theres a bug when there is not one.
      you may be stuck but discribe the situation.

    34. Mandy Southam on June 29

      Only received the game no other rewards. And the game itself part two isn't actually playable due to a bug that has yet to be fixed. Not backing double fine again.

    35. Jake Friedel on June 28

      Good lord, I don't even care about the documentary. I just want my big box... I hate to say it but I'm not backing another Double Fine game. I think it's safe to say this has hit ridiculous wait times.

    36. Andrew Morris on June 23

      Nearly 2 months since you sent out the surveys, and a month since your last update, are we likely to see anything before the end of the year?

    37. Fermin Santiago III on June 22

      Just wondering who should I get in contact with for my kickstarter rewards. Besides the game I haven't received anything....

    38. Missing avatar

      Gary Kurkewich on June 22

      Have the blu-rays been sent out yet? I still have yet to get mine.

    39. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on June 18

      I was talking about the art book. It looks like this on the inside (but with another number):

      Also it seems like the documentary is nearing completion: Disc #1 and #2 are done, #3 is being reviewed the 3rd time!

    40. Christian Page on June 17

      @matt i messaged fan gamers they said they have not sent any out yet so i dont know what martin was talking about when he said he got his.

    41. Matthew Stange on June 16

      Also responded to the FanGamer survey and am still waiting on the artbook.

    42. Damian Hurson on June 8


      I backed a number of projects a while back, this being one of them, but then left kickstarter and they went out of my head. I'm a $50 backer for this project, how do I go about getting the game/extras now? Thanks.

    43. Graham Lanini on June 7

      I responded to the email from Fangamer confirming my address and everything for the Big Box edition back on May 6th but never received a follow up email or tracking number or anything. Should I reach out to Fangamer to follow up or find out when my reward will be shipped?

    44. Christian Page on June 2

      i still not have resived my art book i resopnded to the surbey back in may should it have come yet lot of pepole are posting they got thiers

    45. SadOldMagician on May 27

      I confirmed my address on the 5th but still haven't gotten my big-box edition yet... I'm just curious if they have shipped that one or if its just lost somewhere...

    46. Interstate78 on May 25

      4 years and 3 months later, I got the artbook today. Still waiting for the big box game.

      Don't get me wrong I'd do it again but dayum... over 4 years

    47. Matthew Stange on May 23

      Christian Page is right about the old e-mail address issue. If you've changed you e-mail address since backing this project, the survey will be sent to the old address, so hopefully you remember the old address or still have access to it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jer Lav on May 21

      @Martin O Oh ok, thanks friend. Guess we will have to wait a little longer.

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