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Kickstand and Earphone Storage
for all iPhone & iPod touch models
Kickstand and Earphone Storage for all iPhone & iPod touch models
1,683 backers pledged $30,484 to help bring this project to life.

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Why I just backed the myType keyboard

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Exclusive deal from a friend


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

One more chance to get the early bird

I posted an update yesterday inviting you, my valued backers, to check out my latest Kickstarter project: the Smart Cargo for iPad.

Unfortunately the 600 units reserved for the early bird special ran out in just a few hours and because of time zones, many of you didn't even get a chance to get in on the deal and understandably complained about it in the comments.

That's why I decided to add another 600 units priced at $15 but you'll have to be fast this time because it's your last chance to get it half-price.

Click here now and pledge using the new $15 level.

Don't hesitate to tell your friends (by email, Facebook, Twitter) so they can get in on this unique opportunity.

If you need 2 or more, please add $20 to your pledge amount for each extra Smart Cargo unit you need. Shipping is free to the US and is only $9 for international regardless of how many you order.

If you also want a Smarter Stand for iPad from my first Kickstarter project, add $14 to your pledge amount for each Smarter Stand you need. It comes in 10 different colors and you'll choose the color(s) you want right before we ship. Again shipping stays $0 to US or $9 international regardless of quantity.

I hope you seize the opportunity to join me in this new exciting Kickstarter journey!



PS: If you've already pledged at the $20 level and wish to save a few bucks by converting your pledge into one at the $15 level, note that you can sign into your Kickstarter account and make that change as long as there are still units left at $15. If not, I do appreciate your extra contribution!

My Smart Cargo for iPad Kickstarter is live (early bird)

As a backer of my Smarter Stand for iPhone Kickstarter, I wanted you to be among the first to know:

My new Kickstarter just went live minutes ago: The Smart Cargo for iPad - The world's first on-board accessory storage for iPad.

The Smart Cargo attaches to your Apple Smart Cover magnetically and holds all your iPad essentials.

If don't have an iPad, please share this with friends who do so they can benefit from the limited "Early Bird Special" at 50% off.

Only 600 available as "Early Bird Special"

As a backer of one of my previous projects, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to take advantage of the "early bird special" at 50% off the normal retail price. The project literally just went live as I am publishing this update so I hope you'll be able to grab one!

How the idea came about

The idea came to me last August as I was working the Smarter Stand for iPad (my first Kickstarter project):

I was carrying my iPad everywhere and testing the Smarter Stand in different travel situations. Even though the Smarter Stand was the world's most compact iPad stand, I still had to carry my iPad in a bag in order to bring other essentials along.

Then it occurred to me that my accessories were all small and might be able to fit in some sort of on-board storage that would attach to the iPad's magnetic Smart Cover. And that's when the design process started!

So thanks again for your continued support and I hope you'll be able to take advantage of the early bird!



Your 40% OFF coupon expires in 3 days.

A few days ago I shared a 40% off promo code for the Smarter Stand for iPad (my previous Kickstarter project) to thank you for your patience while waiting for your rewards. 

Many of you have already used their coupon but for those who have not yet done so the coupon expires on June 6. And father's day is coming up real soon (June 13 in the US)...

Redeem the coupon at and don't forget to enter the promo code SMARTDADS at the end of checkout (after you enter your shipping and billing address).

Feel free to share it with friends and family as well before it's too late!

Smart Cargo launching very soon with limited early bird rewards

Great news! Kickstarter just cleared my latest project for launch so I am in the final stages of fine tuning the project page. Stay tuned for an announcement very soon. There will be a very limited number of discounted early bird units and I'd love for you, previous backer, to snag the early birds!