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Smarter Stand turns your iPad Smart Cover into a multi-position iPad stand.
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Full steam ahead: Packaging designed, tooling started and more

Posted by Dotan Saguy (Creator)

I just wanted to write a quick update to keep everyone informed about the production process. I've done some major progress on several fronts:

1) As of a few minutes ago we have a package design and it will look something like this:

Kuddos to my dear friend and talented designer Carin from for staying up until 2am to finish the design!

2) On monday I wrote a sizable check for the tooling of the short run production. This means the limited production has started for the press. I'm hoping to get this very limited production shipped out around mid July. Once again, if you're a blogger or a journalist who would like to review Smarter Stand or a distributor who would like to carry this new hot product, let me know by clicking the "send message" link next to my name at the top of the project page.

3) On Thursday I wrote an even bigger check for the tooling of the large run production. This means the machine that will make your Smarter Stand(s) is going to start getting built. If I was sane, I would wait until later to have a better sense of quantities in order before placing this big order but I reaaaaally want everyone to get their product before (and if possible way before) the promised date of October.

4) Non-slip pad cosmetic tweak: After a few of you have expressed concerns about the black non-slip pad being too visible, we found a way to get it as a translucent silicone pad. We need to do some testing but it should barely be visible on your iPad and should provide great stability for all stand positions.

5) Researching the possibility of adding clear clips as a color option: After I mentioned the possibility of maybe making the clips in clear/transparent plastic for the early short run production, a few people wrote asking if I could make it a new color option for the regular production too. I can't promise it just yet but as soon as the short run tooling is done we'll be doing some experimenting and I'll report back whether it can be done. If it can, I will add the clear "color" as an option you can choose from. In the meantime, please do let me know if this is a color option that sounds appealing to you. If it can be done, it would have the advantage of being very discrete and minimalistic looking.

Thanks again for all your support so far!


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    1. Greg Outlaw on

      I would defintenly prefer clear smart stands for my 3 orders! Keep up the great work! YOU ROCK!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Noor Hanizam on

      I think I prefer the colored ones as they are a lot more easier to find if they fell off from the iPad down on the floor, under the sofa, table etc... Not to mention that the clear ones can show a lot more scratches due to daily usage? White ones would be nice...

    3. Missing avatar

      Pamela Smith on

      Clear is an option I would perfer

    4. Philippe van Nedervelde

      I sure am in favor of making the clips in clear/transparent plastic. I'd prefer them that way.

    5. Darrell Hale on

      Don't mind the cardboard packaging. Understand the need to hang it on a display hook in the store. The clear plastic insert "window" size should be minimized, if not eliminated, since that is less disposable/recyclable in general. Opening a cardbaord box to find a second complete plastic package inside is when the packaging seems to get further over the top.

      I would also like the option for unbranded/uninscribed clips, but I suspect issues with tooling and branding will make that a problem.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      Same here! Your pre-production colors are the ones I would prefer over any color you had already planned, especially the silver option.

    7. Alice Rink on

      Please add the clear as an option. I want to give some as gifts but can't remember what color my friends covers are so clear is the perfect answer.

    8. Missing avatar

      Scott S. on

      i'd go for clear or even a limited edition kickstarter aluminum, gold, or silver...

    9. Missing avatar


      clear clips as a color option would be awesome...this would be my second Clip choice.

      >The Facebook contest for the 50 early production Smarter Stands is still going until July 14
      >at midnight so make sure to participate now if you haven't already
      Would love to have one but not a deal for me with no Facebook-Account
      (which I didnt want to have)

    10. Missing avatar

      FangLin Hou on

      A choice of simulated aluminium color would be very cool as it fits with all smart covers/stands.

    11. Jeremie Lariviere

      Love the idea of clear! Would work great with multiple colors of covers

    12. Missing avatar

      Ivaylo Ivanov on

      Is it possible to have some of these clips without the inscription "", i.e. unbranded?

    13. Christina

      I don't think you actually need the "before" photos, just the "after" ones. you might want to show a colored smarter stand clip on the packaging, so public knows multiple colors available...otherwise looks like it only comes in white. (you'd could use space freed up by getting rid of the "before" photos.

    14. Christina

      LOVE the packaging design! full steam ahead!
      congratulations Dotan!

    15. Phillip M.

      I would love a clear or read tabs

    16. Andrea on

      i have to agree, something smaller would probably be enough ... maybe a small box to carry the clips around when they are not mounted? Bu maybe the larger package is necessary to carry also the pad.

    17. Avigayil on

      Not hating on the creativity, but that package seems awfully large and environmentally wasteful for such a small product.