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Update #22

New Looker 1.1.2 in App Store Now!


Hey Kickstarters!

Thanks to all your valuable feedback, we've just released a new and much improved version of Looker!  You can download it in the app store now.

Some of our Beta Testers were running a test version and there are a few things you should be aware of before downloading this version:

-Make SURE you upload (to dotspots) ALL the videos you had recorded on any prior versions of Looker.  You may lose them if you don't and we'd hate for that to happen!

-If you are a Beta who was running a TestFlight version, be sure to delete it from your phone as it may interfere with the new app.

-In this version, remember to tap your screen to focus your Dot. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all!

Thanks again, guys!  We hope you're as happy with this version as we are.

Kogeto Team

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    A super huge thanks our website and a special invitation to our private launch party this summer in New York City. Plus, hugs and heart warming feelings (see above).

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    What can we say? We love you. Seriously. You'll be the first to receive two Dots and you'll be part of our, shhh, super secret beta testing program. We'll be buying your drinks at the launch party. (Yeah, you're invited to that, too.)

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