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Snap Dot onto your iPhone 4 and in an instant you can capture fully immersive 360-degree videos and share them with anyone.
Snap Dot onto your iPhone 4 and in an instant you can capture fully immersive 360-degree videos and share them with anyone.
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dot for iPhone 5!

Kogeto dot for iPhone 5 will be ready in just a few weeks! Get ready to capture your best dotspots ever!

If you were already using Dot on your 4 or 4S and have upgraded to an iPhone 5, just send us an email at for more info. We'll make sure you get a great Kickstarter discount on the new version of dot as a thank you for being one of our early supporters!

We really couldn't have done this without you guys and we're forever grateful.  Thanks again for helping a little company achieve a big dream.

Love from Kogeto


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Eight Months Later...


As of Tuesday of this week, Dot is available in all Apple Stores in the US - just eight months after you all supported our original idea here on Kickstarter. I wanted to drop you all a line to say that we couldn't have gotten here without you, our first believers, and we are deeply grateful.  Here's a brief piece on kogeto at CES that sums up the last eight months for us:

We're hard at work on new features for Looker and our dotspots platform -  clip trimming, inverted recording, and a revamped UI - all are coming in the weeks to come, and as always these updates will be free.  At CES we showed a preview of our online dotspot editor, which allows you to choose the point of view in an uploaded dotspot (coming Q1 2012), and  announced plans to bring our iCONIC technology to Android in the first half of 2012. We also showed prototypes of iCONIC for GoPRO Hero cameras.  

As we continue to grow and innovate, I wanted to let you know that whenever we bring out new devices, software or services, we'll always offer special discounts to our early Kickstarter supporters - it's the least we can do for your early belief in us. Consider yourself part of the kogeto family. 

From all of us, thank you. 

keep dotting (and, of course, hugs),

Jeff & the kogeto  team


New Looker 1.1.2 in App Store Now!

Hey Kickstarters!

Thanks to all your valuable feedback, we've just released a new and much improved version of Looker!  You can download it in the app store now.

Some of our Beta Testers were running a test version and there are a few things you should be aware of before downloading this version:

-Make SURE you upload (to dotspots) ALL the videos you had recorded on any prior versions of Looker.  You may lose them if you don't and we'd hate for that to happen!

-If you are a Beta who was running a TestFlight version, be sure to delete it from your phone as it may interfere with the new app.

-In this version, remember to tap your screen to focus your Dot. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all!

Thanks again, guys!  We hope you're as happy with this version as we are.

Kogeto Team

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Editing dotspots

Happy New Year, everyone!! 

We've been hard at work and are excited about all the things 2012 has in store. 

In addition to continued improvements on Looker, we just recently introduced the ability to edit your dotspots and then upload them back into your dotspots account for play in our panoramic player!

We're excited about this, as it gives our customers the freedom to be even more creative!  You can do a simple edit and use QuickTime You to trim your movie.  Or, if you have access to Final Cut Pro, you can make your movie black and white, add effects and even add music or sound effects! 

Check out our editing dotspots tutorial.

Let us know what you think - we value your feedback and want to do everything we can to keep you happy with your Dot! 


Kogeto Team