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Comedy: Lloyd & Dillon, 20 somethings who are stuck between college & adult life, with strong opinions on things that don't matter.

Comedy: Lloyd & Dillon, 20 somethings who are stuck between college & adult life, with strong opinions on things that don't matter. Read More
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About this project

If You Don’t Leave, You Can’t Come Back is a character driven comedy that follows two apathetic, mid twenty year olds awash in their lives, with more opinions than purpose. It takes place on a long Sunday when Lloyd finally loses it when a Customer calls him a “Bastard” for charging him for the heavy cream in his coffee. Oh yeah, Lloyd works at a Coffee Shop and has for probably too long. Tired of wading through life stuck a drain, Lloyd decides to take action, beginning with a rather pungent response to this rude costumer. The film is mostly the roaming dialog of the rest of Lloyd’s day after the incident at the coffee shop. It should probably be noted this film contains rather strong language in an attempt to recreate a cinematic reality that is closer to life than some may be comfortable with ( just a heads up, I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds or shock the ears and sensibilities of those that made this project possible).

This project would fund and provide a life for a short film that has been written by JOHN MICHAEL DORMAN. The project has begun preproduction and will be shooting in January. Once completed, the film will be submitted to several film festivals over the next year.

The film will be produced by the Writer & Director as well as Producer Nicolle Johnson.

The funding will be used to pay for equipment rentals, compensating crew and talent, keeping those making the film from being hungry, and will offset transportation costs. Further, this funding will keep the film from dying off in post production and make sure the final product reflects the huge amount of work that went into it. Lastly, this film will be submitted to quite a few film festivals and this kick starter will be used to pay those final fees.

The project is currently in preproduction. We are finding our locations, talent, crew and several other smaller items that it takes to move a film from paper to screen.

For frequent updates check out our Facebook or follow @sweetflow on twitter.


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    A SET PHOTO POSTCARD with a note from the Director thanking you for getting the ball rolling and when accompanied by a magnet, it will stick to your refrigerator. Plus, you still get your name in the CREDITS.

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    A DVD of the film you helped make and it will be signed and numbered. When this DVD is opened it will be like finding the golden ticket. And, unlike having to eat boxes of candy this DVD won't make you fat, since you won't be eating it. (Please, don't eat this DVD.) In addition you will get the non-edible post card and film credit.

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    SPECIAL EDITION DVD. This edition consists of a hand printed cover, a booklet, and special features - - including the "Making of". This will be a short film on what it was like to make a short film. It will be an effort to answer those that say - - - "I sure wish I could have been around to see the production of this film!" - "It is truly amazing cinema! Was the director French?" - "I laughed until all my ailments were cured, this film has literally saved my life." - "This movie wasn't the worst thing I've seen and if I was given an opportunity to see what it was like on set I might be mildly interested" As if that wasn’t enough you get all the items listed before (with exception of award #3).

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