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Singer/Songwriter Doria Roberts pays musical tribute to, in honor and memory of folk legend & mentor Odetta.

One of my mentors, legendary civil rights folksinger Odetta, passed away a few weeks after President Obama was elected. When I heard she was sick in early November 2008, I dedicated a song to her at my show & not one person in the room knew who she was. Odetta wanted to make it to Obama's inauguration but, sadly, she did not.

I want people my age and younger to know who Ma'am Odetta was and I want them to know she is the woman who inspired Bob Dylan.

Since then, I've been trying to figure out a way to spread the word about her.

I've finally decided to record a tribute record (half original, half Odetta covers) and include a mini biography of her in lieu of liner notes.

I toured with the Holmes Brothers and Odetta along with Sister Marie Knight for three weeks in April 2005 (they were tributing Sister Rosetta Tharpe) after bumping into them in a hotel lobby in Worcester, MA. I was checking out, they were checking in and we've been friends ever since.

Another reason I'd like to get this done is that I've been invited (along with six other amazing women) by the Black Rock Coalition to participate in an artist residency and tour in Toulon, France to tribute black female singer/songwriters this coming November. I'd like to be able to take the project with me.

My goal is $20,000 for the recording, mastering, CD design, CD duplication and tour support. I'll be touring in support of the project at listening rooms and college campuses in the US. I'm also going to record a live show of previsouly unreleased songs in August so this will be covered by funding as well.

Here she is singing "Water Boy":

Thank you for your consideration, Doria Roberts VIDEO NOTE: This is my reworked version of "Another Man Done Gone", song she made popular. I've added lyrics relevant to current events and my looped banjo bass ("Poppa") to Odetta's original version.

CREDITS: Photo by Sarah B. Foster: "Odetta & Doria at the Knitting Factory" - NY, NY (c) 2003 Videography by Michael Moss: Doria Roberts -Live at Earthshaking Music - Atlanta, GA - June 2010


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