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The next phase of Here Active Listening has been announced! Introducing Here One, which takes everything you love about Here Active Listening and adds streaming and phone calls, making it the first all-in-one, truly wireless listening system.
The next phase of Here Active Listening has been announced! Introducing Here One, which takes everything you love about Here Active Listening and adds streaming and phone calls, making it the first all-in-one, truly wireless listening system.
2,855 backers pledged $635,189 to help bring this project to life.

“Save Your Settings” ACHIEVED! + Stretch Goal #2 + Here Progress Updates

Posted by Doppler Labs (Creator)

We’ve reached our first stretch goal !!!

Thank you to our amazing community of backers for continuing to spread the word about Here Active Listening. Your efforts, along with the amazing press response, have helped us hit the $350,000 mark in just 5 days! Because of your support, everyone will now be able to save their very own audio settings for quick and easy access through your personal preset library!

Our team is loving the suggestions, messages, and comments (international community, we hear you and are working on it - more details soon!) - it shows that you guys realize the potential (and complexity) of Here and it’s an amazing feeling being reminded that we are building something that people are incredibly excited and curious about.

(@maxwellsantoro @petrosalema thanks guys!)

We are receiving hundreds of messages and in particular we love that fellow music-lovers and producers are asking for more advanced functionality in Here so they can truly have “a studio in their ears.” We love that idea and are always looking to improve the Here system in order to make it as magical as possible for the live music experience. So in honor of all of you who want even more, we introduce our next stretch goal...


We want to give you deeper control, and with these new tools and effects you will get just that! When we reach $500,000, we’ll upgrade the effects pack to include helium voice, pitch shift, chorus, bitcrush, and others, plus add in gradient effects sliders to maximize audio customization ability. You can use these to fine-tune the level of, say, reverb and get that concert hall in your head to the exact size you want it, or adjust noise mask to drown out noises to the perfect level in order to stay focused but still immersed in your sound environment.

This is not an easy task as it involves (a) upgrading the hardware, firmware, and the Here app to make the real time processing adjustable to a granular level of detail (ensuring the audio output is seamless and not interrupted) and (b) developing new effects from scratch. If you guys have any special requests please send them in, and help us spread the word so we can make this a reality!!


What else have we been up to? Read on friends: 

  • We’ve made major progress on the portable charging case. We’re aiming to make the case as small as possible (i.e. to be able to fit into a jeans pocket) - pictures and more details coming soon! 
  • We’re taking special care to account for ranges of temperature, wind, and moisture, etc. to optimize Here’s performance in a variety of environments. 
  • We’re working through the details of continuing to evolve the Here system from a prototype to a full-fledged, scalable product and are working closely with our manufacturing partners in order to do this. 
  • Plus, our new office in San Francisco is really coming together! 

- Doppler Labs

P.S. SUPER excited about Bonnaroo this upcoming weekend - we’ll be on the ground spreading word about audio curation, live listening and EQing your world. If you’ll be out at the farm, look out for the DUBS tent or any of the Doppler Labs staff and come say hi! We may even have some Here surprises on site :) ...!


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    1. Doppler Labs Creator on

      @Greg yes that's correct!

    2. Missing avatar

      Greg Hudson on

      Also is there any way it'd be possible to also have these function as Bluetooth headphones? If not I'd imagine it's just a hardware limitation, but thought I'd ask!

    3. Maxwell Santoro on

      You're welcome. I bought it the second I saw it, I truly believe these will be an absolute joy to use.

    4. Missing avatar

      Greg Hudson on

      I'd also love to see some sort of limiter feature. So that way I can never have concerts go over a certain decibel level in my ears. So ridiculously excited, thanks for the update!

    5. Tasha Turner

      I'd love to see the stuff your doing incorporated into next generation hearing aids. My hearing aids are super expensive and so far behind the curve on both sound and filtering out background.

    6. Missing avatar

      Byron Phillips on

      Can you incorporate a high decibel cut off (ie gunshot) for protection of the ears.

    7. justin sabe on

      My dream application for this app would be to do baseline hearing tests and then use that data to let the user hear "flat" again.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Russell on

      I thnk this will change the game for hearing aides. If you can do this much at this price the hearing aide industry has no excuse left. Thanks.