DoorBadge was created after the unexpected death of a family member. The shoebox full of sympathy cards, and the mountain of flowers, were amazing and yet overwhelming at the same time. DoorBadge provides the platform to bring all of this together in a clean, easy to use framework that allows families to have more time together, and less time wading through the monumental task of thanking everyone for their love and support. 

Our mission is to ensure that families are able focus on what is most important after the loss of a loved, one which is the grieving process.  

Doorbadge is marketed to funeral homes, and therefore families, and provides the funeral home a platform to digitally capture the flowers and sympathy cards given to the families they serve. This in turn provides that organized list to the family.  This has been an often overlooked part of the funeral process.  Families shouldn't have to struggle finding out which card went with which flower so they can send an accurate and detailed thank you card. 

Once the funeral home sets up the family and create the funeral event, the family will get their own log in.  From there, the funeral home simply takes a picture of the sympathy card and the flower. The family will then have a digital, organized record they can reference and remember at any time. They will be able to send postage paid, physical, personalized thank you cards directly from the website and have everything in one place.

As a bonus feature, when an event is created, a unique event code is issued.  That code is used to access the digital memory book. Guests attending the funeral use that code and are able to upload their own stories, pictures, or videos. 

All in all, this tool creates an organized list that solves the problems of lost cards, missing flowers, given away flowers, remembering personal stories of those that attended, and most of all, the burden of doing the thank you cards immediately after a funeral.  Families get to take their time and send when they are ready. Grief is hard, Thank you should be easy.

We will be using Kickstarter proceeds to develop past apple and add android, marketing, and additional development suggested by people that need it the most. 

Thank you for your support!

Risks and challenges

The funeral industry is a tough one to enter when it comes to new technology. Typically it takes a few years to gain traction in a slow moving industry. Despite this known challenge, we have already reached several homes that have validated the need in the community. We have been attending trade shows and doing due diligence to gain traction in the industry. The build of the app has been difficult as well. We are on our second build now in order to provide the most helpful product possible to funeral homes and ultimately the families they serve. Time in market is the number one way to gain traction here. Attending national conferences and visiting homes directly and consistently will result in success. We have seen interest which has made us even more determined to reach all 19,500 homes out there!

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