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Turn your favorite pen into a touchscreen stylus.
1,792 backers pledged $73,276 to help bring this project to life.


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      Lynn Barr on

      How do I order?

    2. Marco Casabona on

      Don, you Are a genius...
      From Italy

    3. Joe Minkiewicz on

      FYI, I got a Fineliner and tried to fit the cap on a Paper Mate Flair: too small but seem like it would stay anyway. The Fineliner is just too fine, I don't think I'll be able to switch from the Flair just to accommodate a nice iPad stylus. Also put a Bic cap on the Flair and same thing. Not a perfect match either way but it seems like the tip quality should make up for it. Ordered a three pack and figured I can find someone who would want the sharpie version.

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      Michael on

      I have made a pledged for the Brass / Fineliner version. I will be using it purely for writing - maybe up to a few hours every day - and, on that point, I have a couple of questions:

      1. From what I've discovered, some other styluses can scratch an iPad's glass cover, and so it's recommended you have a protective film over the glass. I'd prefer not to do that. What's the collective experiences with your rubber tip - has it scratched / marked an iPad in any way? Do I need to get a protective film?

      2. Again, from what I've seen on YouTube and the reviews I've read, most of the tips used in other styluses are poorly manufactured and consequently will have a short lifespan. I realize you're still in the development phase, but no doubt you have clocked up dozens of hours in field testing. That said, how durable has the tip been so far? Have you found, over time, wear and tear affecting its accuracy and performance? As I said, I plan to be using it every day, so I just wanted to get some kind of feel for its lifespan.

    5. Don Lehman Creator on

      Device Compatibility update: I added Droid 2, Droid X, and Droid Pro today.

      I haven't been able to test the Xoom or the Archos 101 yet, but still feel confident that those will work.

    6. Joe Minkiewicz on

      Any chance you could test if the Pilot Fineliner cap will also fit on a Paper Mate Flair pen? ( They seem similar enough that it's possible. I will have to go see if a Fineliner fits my needs as well in case they're not compatible. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Josh W on

      No worries about any shipping for me. I understood the pricing+shipping from the get go. Fulfillment is a PITA as lots of the really successful Kickstarter project managers find out. The Glif guys say they spent $60k on shipping/fulfillment. ouch!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Cooper Levering on

      $5.00 Really? You are totally getting screwed on the shipping cost. Have you heard about the USPS if it fits it ships. Hell put it in a envelope and slap a stamp on it. I want to see the total weight of the item and it's size before I believe it cost $5.00 to ship it!

    9. Missing avatar

      Sharon Mathes on

      I have an Android Tablet - Archos 101. Will the stylus work with this

    10. Christian Skorik on

      No worries on the shipping confusion. It's happened before on many projects here on kickstarter. I'm excited about this item! Really cool idea. And great for me since I use sharpies all the time.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      I have a Zagg screen protector on my iPad. Will the stylus work with it?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Marcum on

      I will be using my stylus with my EXOPC Slate, a Windows 7 tablet computer. Even if it doesn't work with this device, I am still happy to back this project. I love to see individuals who question the way things are done and then work to improve them. I am glad someone alterted me to this project and to Kickstarter in general.

    13. Matt on

      Ok nevermind, I just re-read the section on shipping. So we add the $5 to our existing pledge, got it.

    14. Matt on

      I think the "add $5" is confusing because we're not sure where or when we're supposed to add that shipping fee. I pledged $25 for the brass edition assuming I would be paying shipping later, when the items were ready to ship. Is that right?

    15. Don Lehman Creator on

      @Christopher Pickslay
      Terribly sorry about the confusion. If you backed at the "KICKSTARTER LIMITED EDITION BRASS" option for $25, you need to add $5 for shipping. Your total is $30.

      Again, I'm really sorry about the confusion.

    16. Missing avatar

      Christopher Pickslay on

      I'm still confused by the statement "All backers must add shipping to their overall pledge." For example, if I want the "KICKSTARTER LIMITED EDITION BRASS" option for $25, and I live in the US, do I pledge $25 or $30? It sounds from this statement like you will add shipping to whatever the pledge is. Can you clarify?