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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 24 2015
Don Bluth & Gary GoldmanBy Don Bluth & Gary Goldman
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Don Bluth & Gary GoldmanBy Don Bluth & Gary Goldman
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pledged of $550,000pledged of $550,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 24 2015

We're Not Done Yet!! We Are Moving to Indiegogo Dec. 1st!!

Posted by Don Bluth & Gary Goldman (Creator)

To our loyal backers,

Today, we are canceling our crowdfunding campaign. Ah, but Dirk and Daphne are not done yet! We'll all be back in action on Tuesday, December 1st with a stronger, more valiant campaign we modeled after many of your suggestions.

So stay tooned by heading over to Indiegogo and adding your email address to our page, and you will be the very first ones we tell once we launch out on our newest adventure!

 Until then, may you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

 Don and Gary

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    1. Brian Layman on

      I've transferred by $35 sponsorship over to Indiegogo...I wonder what the bonus is! The issue with the new campaign is that I wanted to give the How to Draw books and Toon magazines to my daughter for Christmas. Since the donations are instantly pulled from our bank accounts on Indiegogo, Is it possible to get the digital only rewards before Christmas?

    2. Missing avatar

      Sparklette on

      I'm glad you're trying again.

      I'm glad you're relaunching the campaign. I had been focusing on the campaign for Indivisible before this, so I didn't catch this one until almost too late. Perhaps you both can give a shout-out to each other, since you're both working with 2D animation?
      I have no problem for it being on Indie Go-Go, since they take payment upfront-that's less confusing for me at least.

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh K on

      I think a lot more people would like their money spent instantly than to wait until the end of the campaign. I know I don't like having my money disappear suddenly forgetting it was for something from a month ago. So Indiegogo is great for me.

    4. Tim Albers on

      I wish you luck on indiegogo but I don't think I'll back there... it's cash up front with unknown resulst... maybe late in the process... but best wishes.

    5. Marina Koleva on

      I like Indiegogo! Will support you again! :) Indiegogo is a great platform , I have seen many famous artist using its service and having awesome projects funded. I don't know about you but I don't think it's less known than kickstarter. Once AGAIN , i am not sure if the platform was the reason for the outcome of the current campaign but I do hope you will take all the advice and feedback so the next one is fully funded and we enjoy one amazing movie! :)

    6. ET3D on

      I hope you're not planning to make the project a flexible funding campaign. These are a pure scam, saying "we need $500k, but hey, we'll take your money even if we don't have enough to do anything worthwhile".

      I'm less likely to pledge on Indiegogo anyway, but flexible funding will definitely kill it for me.

    7. Nicholas Lowery on

      So does this mean I'll have to input my info to help back the project on Indiegogo? Or do you have my info stashed somewhere?

    8. Wendell on

      The plus on Indiegogo is you keep whatever you raise even if you don't reach the stated goal. Besides what others have pointed out it doesn't seem to except pledges with debit cards which is why I haven't supported any projects on that site.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dag Leistad Müller on

      Round Two, here we go! :) I'm not sure that Indiegogo is a better choice than Kickstarter. It is a lesser known platform, and as others have mentioned, december is not a good month for fundraising as most people spend their extra money on gifts and christmas preperations. Maybe I'm wrong, it is the season of giving after all. Sadly, most people see the crowdfunding platforms as a place to pre-order, rather than having the opportunity to give and to help kickstart a project. Hopefully the campaign will run through January as well? Anyhow, no matter where you go, I will be there and back one of the big tiers, and I will tell all my friends. I wish you good luck, we ARE gonna make this!

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh K on

      Hullabaloo doesn't promise you the entire movie, just the short films that it is funding. Those shorts serve the same purpose as the pitch video in this project. Also, the Hullabaloo download is $25, not free.

    11. Mobin Mobeen on

      There is a Big Different between Hullabaloo and this project. because one give you free digital animated movie to download to keep. Well this doesn't and i have no idea what they are doing in here. Are they trying to get 500k just to give some studio to give them another 70 million? It is so confusing to me. So that why i won't back anything over $5 and i felt it is waste of money for me cos i have no idea what it going on here. One thing it is not written on front pages and maybe they explain it in the video but however i can't hear without subtitles.

    12. Leslie Ezeh on

      Looking forward to supporting the Indiegogo campaign :-) Please take all the time you need to make the campaign awesome; instead of a pitch video I recommend taking a page from Hullabaloo ( and creating a series of shorts or a featurette, which can be used both as a pitch and as a perk for backers. I think a Dragon's Lair comic book or graphic novel as a perk would go over really well also.

      I don't think it matters whether the campaign is on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or any other crowdfunding site: so far one builds a strong fan base it will be successful (again, Hullabaloo is an example).

      Lastly, I'm fine with the characters as they are, but it would be really cool to have their designs and personalities modernized so that more people could relate to it.

    13. Neonpremesis on

      Hope the indiegogo campaign goes better, but you guys really need to promote this more next time. The biggest problem with this kickstarter was that is seemed like so few people even knew it existed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Barri on

      I will support you but might I sugest wait till after Christmas?

    15. Zane

      Definitely will have a hard time on Indiegogo. That site just rarely gets as much attention and some people are more weary of it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Josh K on

      Game-O-Gami, I suggest you look up Hullabaloo.

    17. Game-O-Gami on

      I'm glad that you guys are planning to relaunch. I REALLY want to see this movie like so many others, and am so excited for the new Dragon's Lair that you will create!

      However, I agree with Jason's statements about Indiegogo. It simply doesn't have the same exposure and user-base that Kickstarter has, and projects typically raise far less on that platform.
      Also, launching on December 1st I think is a bad idea, because you'll be running during the holiday season when people are spending their money on more immediate expenses (gifts, etc...) As an experienced Kickstarter backer and project creator, I think you will do far better if you relaunch in January or February next year.

      Coming back early next year, on Kickstarter, with better marketing, and a project video that is focused on clips of the animation - these are your keys to success, in my opinion.

      Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in whichever path you choose. We all want this to happen and we're all rooting for you!

    18. Jason A Kreiger on

      Indiegogo may seem like a good idea, but you will receive far less exposure on that site. You will have to ramp up your own advertising even more to make up for that. Also i think a large portion of the kickstarter backers are not going to back the new project just because their not as familiar with indiegogo. Good luck in any case. I hope round 2 is a success.

    19. Ric Lumb on

      Shame this didn't work, always thought a Dragon's Lair or Space Ace movie would be amazing! Will check out the indiegogo! :D Best of luck!

    20. Iftekhar Ahmed on

      Thank you for giving this a second chance. Online donations is a tricky territory, but, you need to make yourselves known to YouTubers who are fans of you. JonTron, Rotoscopers and The Nostalgia Critic would happily advertise themselves for Dragon's Lair. Please, consider this! :)

    21. Marc on

      Too bad Indiegogo sucks and I won't pledge on that site. Not sure but Kickstarter should remove that here.

    22. Sean Wall on

      Already added my email in Indiegogo! Here's hoping round 2 is successful! :D