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Detailed Miniature Unicorn Sculpture, Cast for YOU's video poster

I need to raise $540 to cover production costs for polyurethane resin casts of a miniature unicorn I sculpted. $45 and you get one! Read more

New York, NY Sculpture
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This project was successfully funded on September 2, 2012.

I need to raise $540 to cover production costs for polyurethane resin casts of a miniature unicorn I sculpted. $45 and you get one!

New York, NY Sculpture
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Alanna Bodman
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Alanna Bodman

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About this project

Hi everyone!  Thanks for checking this out!


I'm Alanna, and I just graduated from School of Visual Arts this past May with a BFA in Illustration.  I live and work in a teeny tiny apartment in NYC shared by boyfriend and cat.  During school, I found that the most fulfilling art form for me was sculpting; horses and horse-type creatures in particular.  I just think the equine form is the most beautiful and powerful form there is.  Sculpting is extra cool to me because it gives us the ability to share the same physical space with a creation--it's literally, creativity in physical form.  I've volunteered at the American Museum of Natural History for the past year and a half, so I have a special appreciation for all things natural--and physical, of course; animals in particular.

I have a small 'herd' of Breyer horses, and through them I discovered a whole niche world of Equine model sculptors.  Their work is incredible to me, and extremely inspiring.  I knew I had to do this.

Breaking into things is one of the most scary situations a creative person can put him/herself into, in my opinion.  Nonetheless, failure is 100% certain if one does not try.


This project is my 'breakout' piece into this world.  Artists create their sculpture, then have it shipped off to be cast into polyurethane resin (in my case, I'm using Mountainview Studios, which is an excellent company that does this) so that many copies can be made and sold to everyone.  Generally, sculptors sell their resins unpainted, but occasionally sculptors will paint a few of their resins to be sold that way.  Each paint job, whether done by the sculptor or by another artist, is, of course, one of a kind.  This of course increases their value a great deal, and can become a wonderful prize collection piece.

This piece is Breyer Stablemate sized, about 2 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches long from horn to tail.

Production costs to make a mold and casts total about $540.  If I raise this much in 30 days, I'll break even with no profit.  I'd love to make a profit but at this point I'm more interested in people having the piece I made.  I'd be thrilled if I could reach this goal!

The BEST part of all this is, if you pledge $45 or more, you'll get your very own unicorn cast!  You can then either paint it yourself, or send it to another artist to paint it for you.  If you want me to paint it for you, I'll do it for you if you pledge $100--you can choose what color(s) you'd like him to be, of course.

I'll need about 12 people to pledge $45 to reach my goal of $540 and break even.  Of course, if you choose to pledge less, that will contribute to fewer people having to pledge $45 in order to reach this goal.

If you don't want to pledge $45, I still have a lot of fun things I'll give you as a thank you for contributing.  Plus, you'll know that you're making a dream of mine come true!

Thank you all so very much, and I'm looking forward to this!

Please feel free to contact me about this project for any reason :)

For those of you who want to pledge $25 or more, this is what your medallion reward will look like.  This is the original piece, so once it is cast, it will be in your choice of white or imitation stone. :)  Any person who pledges $25 or more will get this, in addition to the previous rewards.

Here are some photos of the original sculpture:

Check out my other work at and


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    Pledge $1 or more

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    Anyone who pledges any amount of money ($1 or more) will receive a personalized thank you postcard with a piece of my flat illustration work printed on it :)

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $10 or more

    2 backers

    Anyone who donates $10 will get a postcard AND an original sketch of any kind of equine-related creature of their choice/description.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $25 or more

    1 backer

    Anyone who donates $25 will get all the previous rewards PLUS a cast of a small medallion relief I sculpted of a unicorn's head (see main description).
    The medallion will be cast in your choice of white (so you can paint it), or imitation stone.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $45 or more

    5 backers

    Anyone who donates $45 and above will get their own unpainted white Resin cast of this miniature unicorn.

    You can either paint it yourself, or send it off to another artist to paint for you :)

    You'll also get all the previous rewards.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $100 or more

    3 backers

    Any donation of $100 or more gets your choice of either two unpainted resin casts, or one resin hand painted to your liking by me.

    Plus the print, postcard, and sketch.

    Each additional $45 donated gets you another unpainted resin! Each additional $100 gets you another hand painted resin!

    Estimated delivery:

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