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Welcome to Countdown: Action Edition, the 80's hidden role game! Miss the Kickstarter? You can still pledge below!
Welcome to Countdown: Action Edition, the 80's hidden role game! Miss the Kickstarter? You can still pledge below!
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Voting Results Are In and It's Feature Friday!

Posted by Dog Might Games (Creator)

The votes are in and the winner is....Police Dog! 

The Police Dog Hostage will be included in all copies of the game! Check out future updates to see the art and development of this new card. 

Feature Friday: Understanding the Villain Role 


Playing a Villain can be tricky in a game of Countdown: Action Edition. Hiding among Hostages takes no small amount of skill, cleverness, and role-playing. While the other players get Hostage Cards that tell them how to role-play, Villains have to think fast on their feet in order to keep from giving themselves away. The secret is to imitate another Hostage Role and using a combination of charisma and logic to convince the group that you are telling the truth. 

Over the past year our playtesters have put together a list of their favorite tips for pulling off the perfect Hostage Situation.

  • Don’t panic if a player is role-playing the same Hostage you are. Try to convince everyone that the other Player is lying. 
  • Keep your early answers a bit vague so you can switch to imitating a new character if needed. Try to think of answers that might apply to multiple Hostage Characters. Buy yourself more time so you can collect as much information as possible.
  • Pay close attention to the Character cards you receive and the ones you pass on. This can help you know which Hostage Character might be a good choice to imitate.
  • Work as a Villainous team! If another Villain is lying back them up when you can. Listen to what the other Villains are saying and collaborate their answers.
  • Don’t forget about your Action Scene card! Think about how and when it’s most useful to you. An Action Scene card can be used to turn the game in your favor or to gain the Action Hero’s trust.
  • Try to get the Action Hero to pull you aside. Spend that time convincing the Action Hero who they really shouldn’t trust and why.
  • Role-play your heart out! The more you throw yourself into a chosen Hostage Character the more convincing you will be. Once you’ve chosen a Hostage to imitate don’t hold back! Good role playing by a Villain can make the real Hostage Character appear unsure and suspicious

Of course this can all change when there's a Betrayer Villain in the mix! The Betrayer Villain needs their teammates to become fiery testaments of how awesomely good they are. 

Since Character Cards are drafted and there's always an extra Villain card thrown into the mix, it's possible that none of the Villains chose to be the Betrayer. At the start of every game, when the Villains open their eyes and learn each other's identities, those players will have to decide if their friends have it in them to BETRAY!

Yippee Ki Yay

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