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One Reckless Action Hero, an Out of Control Hostage Situation, who will You Trust? Welcome to Countdown, the 80's hidden role game!
Welcome to Countdown: Action Edition, the 80's hidden role game! Miss the Kickstarter? You can still pledge below!
Welcome to Countdown: Action Edition, the 80's hidden role game! Miss the Kickstarter? You can still pledge below!
332 backers pledged $14,060 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jim Todd
      5 days ago

      What should we expect in terms of cadence of updates?

    2. Lindsey Collaborator on

      Hey everyone! I got a touch of the con crud this week so I'm going to move the live play of Countdown to next week. I don't want everyone to see me dying while playing it and think it's because of the game :p

    3. Lindsey Collaborator on

      Just wanted to let everyone know that the 1st print run officially started on the machines today!

    4. Alan M Hill

      Not surprised to hear that you guys are on top of that. Thanks for the info!

    5. Lindsey Collaborator on

      @Alan- We're going to make full use of our time while the game crosses the ocean to us. So even though the project looks like it's going to deliver early it shouldn't keep backers who got the upgraded goodies from getting their items around the same time as everyone else. At most it should just be a few weeks after the game only pledges get fulfilled for every upgraded backer to have their game and gear in hand.

    6. Alan M Hill

      Oh my, this is going to look stunning on the table! And my name in the manual is an absolute honor!

      There aren't that many of us, but will the VHS backers have an extra wait for delivery? No worries if that's the case, especially if an earlier project fulfillment is actually possible, I just want to gauge my expectation level.

    7. Lindsey Collaborator on

      New update out!

    8. Lindsey Collaborator on

      I know this info was talked about in some comments on the update but I'll also put it here just in case. The promo will be an alt art version of the Mastermind Villain (no unique gameplay) and it's goal is to help SUSD get people excited about SHUX18 and introduce a whole new group of people to Countdown that may have missed it. It helps to grow both of our amazing communities and I'm so grateful that the backers here are willing to support this. You are all the best! I will definitely let them know that there's excitement for the promo here and ask if there's anyway for people to grab one that aren't able to make it to SHUX this year.

    9. Jim Todd

      If it's just art no biggie for me.

      I'm about to cancel my subscription to a Catalyst games KS, though, because they're going back to the horrible practice of creating unique gameplay elements as rare/exclusive promos.

    10. Alan M Hill

      Oh, man! I wish I could make it to Origins and SHUX, but my con dance card is filled up by my SE quadrant of the USA. That booth photo looks magnificent.

      Crossing fingers there will be a non-attendance method of acquiring the promo card (HUGE Shut Up & Sit Down fan) for backers!

    11. Lindsey Collaborator on

      New Update Out!

    12. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Edge on

      @Lindsey - Thank you for the update! Glad to hear good things and looking forward to the Update.

    13. Lindsey Collaborator on

      @Gabriel- I'm happy to report the game is coming along great and I'll have an update for everyone by the end of the week. Here's some sneak peak highlights to hold you over:

      We decided to increase the size of the rulebook and box slightly. This will make the rulebook easier to read and will make it easier if people want to sleeve their cards.

      All the digital files we sent out have been checked over and approved by our manufacture and we should have the digital proofs for print by the end of this week, fingers crossed!

    14. Lindsey Collaborator on

      @Justin-Sorry about the delayed response! It's been crazy getting ready for Origins and I haven't check in every day :p my fault.

      We can totally do a live play when the pre-production copies come in! The Twitch stream was a blast and those guys did a great job for learning the game 5 seconds before we aired haha. I've found that the more people play the game the more their inner role player comes out and they get crazier with their antics. All the games that you mentioned are the ones I've spent endless nights playing with my friends and all inspired Countdown: Action Edition so I hope you will find it worthy to be among such amazing titles.

      I'll keep you updated on when I think we can schedule the live play!

    15. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Edge on

      Love to know how the project is coming along. Any news as we enter Con season?

    16. Justin Moll on

      Played about 8 hours of Kingdom Death on international Tabletop day. Can’t wait for some CoCos to put all the tokens on the table :) any chance of some new game play videos once the pre-production copies come in? Finally got around to watching the twitch live play-through and while it might not have been “role-played” 100% it looked fun and right of my groups playing. We already play Secret hitler, 2 rooms and a boom, deception murder in Hong Kong, and mysterium, but we can’t wait to add this to our list of games.

    17. Lindsey Collaborator on

      Hey everyone I hope you all enjoyed International Tabletop Day! We have an exciting update today so stay tuned!

    18. Lindsey Collaborator on

      @Charles-Thanks for the Kind words! We've all backed a ton of Kickstarters and know how annoying it is to not know what's going on with the project.

    19. Missing avatar

      Charles S Mote Jr

      Thanks for the update. Creators following the comments and posting responses and new information is a great show of respect for the backers and bodes very well for the campaign.

    20. Lindsey Collaborator on

      Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend playing games and watching some awesome movies!

      I wanted to let you know that the late pledge button has been added and to tell your friends they can still get in on the goodness and help us unlock the final stretch goal.

      The pledge manager for everyone who has already pledged should be coming out very soon. You'll be able to finalize your pledges, address, and add to your order if you'd like. Remember there's no extra shipping charge for add ons to your pledge!

      There will also be an update coming out later this week with a look as some new finished art and to talk about how the rulebook is going!

    21. Lindsey Collaborator on

      @Zoxe- Well there goes my next paycheck!

    22. Zoxe minion of the Storm Knight on

      Congrats on the campaign!

      If there is ever a future dungeon crawly version of C:AE, here are some great 80s (and other decades) inspired 28mm figures to use.…

    23. Lindsey Collaborator on

      Thanks everyone! I've come out of my pizza coma and the update is up. Thanks again for all the awesome support and the mind blowing experience of getting to see a game I made fund!

    24. Tgpumpkin on

      Awesome job Lindsey. Soooooooooooooooo happy for you!

    25. LuckyIke

      Over/under on Lindsey hitting peak Viking Lumberjack at the DMG workshop tonight, with the line set at 5.5 slices of pizza and 7 beers.

      I’m taking the over on the beer, and am guessing the ever-mischievous Sawdust absconds with Lindsey’s plate, stranding her at a total of 4.5 slices.

    26. Lindsey Collaborator on

      That was one crazy ride everyone thank you so much! I'm going to go home and crash for the night but tomorrow "I'll be back" with an update about what the plan is going forward. This has been one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to experience and I'm so glad you all are going along for the ride!

    27. It's a secret!

      Congrats! I can't wait to get my hands on this.

    28. LuckyIke

      Woo congrats!

    29. Lindsey Collaborator on


    30. Dog Might Games 16-time creator

      And the bomb has gone off!!!!

    31. Serge Darveau

      BOOM :) :) :)

    32. Lindsey Collaborator on

      Oh man it's counting down I can't take it!

    33. Serge Darveau

      tic tic tic tic tic tic .....

    34. Lindsey Collaborator on

      10 Minutes and Counting!

    35. Dog Might Games 16-time creator

      Congrats, Linsdey! We are soooooo proud of you for reestablishing our games division with a fantastic first release!

    36. Lindsey Collaborator on

      Holy crap you guys did it! You unlocked the Undercover Cop!

    37. Lindsey Collaborator on

      @Matthew- Oh that's even cooler! We have playtesters from all over the country so it was probably one of them!

    38. Lindsey Collaborator on

      Less then 30 minutes and counting!

      @WYLD- We've totally got this!

      @Serge- You're making me nervous...

      @Cody- Enjoy the adrenalin fueled final moments of your first rollercoaster KS ride!

      @Russ- Thanks for being such an awesome part of this Countdown Party!

    39. Russonc

      Less than 30 minutes! I'll miss the end, so early congratulations! Should inch past that next SG before the end.

    40. Missing avatar

      Cody on

      Woot woot! My first board game kickstarter!

    41. Serge Darveau

      tic tac tic tac tic tac...

    42. Matthew Kelling

      @Lindsey It was at Tribe here in Austin, TX. I got the impression that it was a print-and-play that they were testing for someone else.

    43. WYLDGaming (Aaron) on

      2 hours to go and that Undercover Cop is sooooo close!!! Let's get it unlocked everyone!

    44. Lindsey Collaborator on

      @Matthew-If that FLGS was Giga-Bites café that someone was probably me. I tested out the very first prototype of this game there. You were probably one of the very first people to ever play it! I can assure you it's way better then that initial prototype now haha

    45. Lindsey Collaborator on

      @Jim- One of the craziest part of designing this game was trying to hit the feeling of what people think the 80s was. Which is so different from what the 80s actually were.

    46. Lindsey Collaborator on

      We've unlocked the Tuesday Knight President Hostage! Next up is the Undercover cop. The Undercover Cop is always paired with the Mob Boss.

      When Villains open their eyes the Mob Boss and Undercover Cop also open their eyes. At the end of the game the Mob Boss can guess who they think the Undercover Cop was. If they guess right its an auto-win for all Villains and Mob Boss!

    47. Matthew Kelling

      Someone at my FLGS brought this in and we play-tested it six months ago. I backed for $1 so I could follow along on the adventure!

    48. Serge Darveau

      18 years old and the radio was playing Eye of the tiger, Eye in the sky, Thriller, Our house, Mickey and I love Rock'N'Roll :) :)

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