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Update #1

Nelson & Kato


Just 2 good friends in a show about,........stuff.

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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Robert Liautaud on August 18, 2011

      Oh...THE COLORS! Never a rainy day with these COLORS!

    2. Eyerompround.small

      Creator EyeRomp Films on August 13, 2011


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    Homeless Cop will personally call out your name into the heavens as spiritual appreciation in helping manifest this creative explosion we call a cartoon.

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    Youll get a call to the heavens! and a Limited Edition "Homeless Cop" Pilot STICKER! STICKER!

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    In addition to a call to the heavens, and your own STICKER, you'll get a fantastic coloring book that will change your life!

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    We'll shout to the heavens, send you the STICKER! STICKER!, the personal thank you call from HC, along with a HIGH quality T-shirt and a digital download of the pilot!

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    We'll send you what you see above, along with a signed, limited edition 18x24 art print, and a special Thank You! in the end credits.

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    Along with the perks above, you'll get to personally have lunch with HC over Skype! We'll also send you a signed DVD copy of the pilot, and a hand draw portrait of YOU. You seriously might become famous, or super rich one day because of it. ;)

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    Double down! Youll get ALL the above, along with a signed, original 12x12 acrylic painting.

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    You get all of the above, plus a customized T-shirt, and painted baseball cap!

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    Make it rain playa $$. As you, HC and Crew go on a Segway tour around Chicago, you'll get bragging rights as we talk Producer credits and the future of the show. Plus, you'll get everything above along with tickets to the advance screening of the Pilot.

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    Big 3: As a hot shot Producer, youll be treated like one. You'll get written into the pilot with a chance for future or recurring appearances. In addition to the above perks, HC will give you a hand painted skate deck, and a signed, original 24x36" acrylic painting, along with VIP tickets to the screening and after party, where you'll have a chance to rub elbows with celebrity voice talents like Mancow, and Greg Hollimon.

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    5 Large: Cyclops unicorns will fall from the sky, and your dreams will be filled with dancing elephants with computer heads! We'll shower you with more gifts than you can fathom including the above, along with advance screening of scenes, and VIP tickets to the Pilot screening and after party. We'll personally fly you out to Chicago for a private dinner with HC and Crew, followed by a party in your honor before the screening!

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