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$28,057 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Dodo Games
$28,057 pledged of $100,000 goal

Why Unity3D and We Need Brave Volunteers!

Why we chose Unity3D?

Back in 2008, producer, A. Anti Danilevski, suggested (in another company) Unity3D as a browser-based game engine for the new generation. Unfortunately, not all were so insightful and in this proposal without proper attention and understanding of the prospects of Unity3D. Since Anti followed the development of Unity3D and have always wanted to do a project on it. In recent years from a small Unity3D engine becomes a serious, powerful platform for creating cross-platform games. The choice was obvious - if the pace of development of Unity will continue with the same height then soon Unity3D may well overtake competitors.

The simplicity and broad tools are also important causes that influenced our choice. To create a prototype of the game, or even an alpha version, it is only a couple of programmers - perfect for a small indie team, which we are. Unity tools can easily be expanded and supplemented by the need for a specific project.

The fact that the thousands of projects chosen Unity3D. We are incredibly pleased that this means that soon the Unity3D were even more widespread and will be developed further, perhaps - even more actively. We like Unity, and we happy that chose it!

We need volunteers!

We really need volunteers who will help us with bring the news about our project to the farthest recesses of virtual spaces. Of course, we have already contacted the major forums and portals devoted to games, but we cannot reach all of them alone. If you can help to tell about us on forums, write blog entries, status in Skype or somewhere else, together we will raise the necessary funds and make a game that will forever leave a mark in your heart.

Thousands of thanks to everyone who are helping us now: Orestes, Rastro, Thomas, Axel-F and others!

We recommend: Hero-U

A fantastic game recently launched by Corey and Lori Cole, authors of Quest for Glory, Castle of Dr. Brain and more. We highly recommend you to check their game. Personally, we very want to play it! 

You can find them here: Hero-U


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    1. Orestes Kyriakos Poulakis on October 21, 2012

      Being open and co-operative with other projects is something that I noticed and liked in this project (which is the first project of kickstarter that made me give a better bit of attention for the site..) and then to others too.
      Also, I think that DS in particularly wouldn't have anything to be afraid of of other projects, since it is quite unique in many ways anyway.

      And I think that supporting other good projects than yours, should be a "good tradition" everywhere, not just Kickstarter (but it is a good start anyway..

    2. Dodo Games Creator on October 21, 2012

      We hope that good projects will recomend each other. someday.
      I believe in karma and that everything good that you do will always return to you. Though I recommend games that a really cool and might be interesitng to our backers - so far, it never caused someone to abandon us and leave to another game.
      - Anti

    3. DIGITILUS on October 20, 2012

      @ ZDreamer - actually it is. Other projects are doing this here on Kickstarter and this is a very good tradition. During our campaign here we recommended many space titles, which were launched on Kickstarter that time. A week ago we also mentioned Divine Space in our update, proposing to our backers to visit project's page and to think about to support this project. Camouflaj (project Republique) mentioned us and many others in their updates in Summer, and probably they mentioned Divine Space few days ago as well. Btw, Hero-U had been mentioned by these guys http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/posts/332113 So as you can see, this is really a good tradition and many Kickstarters are doing this just to help other projects to win their goal. In overall, Kickstarter is not a store, but the right place, where good and noble people help each other to get their dreams to get realised. And this explains everything :)

    4. Archon on October 20, 2012

      When talking about Divine Space out there, first reaction was "Urgh, it's a MMO".
      Now we can argue it's first a Single player game. But then the second reaction is "Urgh, it's for iPad".
      Even when pointing out there will be PC/Mac/Linux version, all I can get is "I'll wait for it."
      So, any chance for a pre-alpha video with PC gameplay ?

    5. ZDreamer on October 20, 2012

      I recognized this project after recommendation from Legends of Eisenwald creators. It's nice that now you recommend Hero-U. Maybe, it will become good tradition on Kickstarter.