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A 21st Century "Peter & The Wolf"! Nathan Gunn, Isabel Leonard, Kyle Pickett, Colorado Symphony, You & I bring the orchestra to kids!

What Should Our Most Important Audience Hear?

Peter & The Wolf is great -- but old fashioned.  We need a 21st Century approach to inspire kids to explore classical music.  Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony -- a recording of lasting value to support our hit live interactive shows -- is the answer.

We invite you to make a difference in children’s lives with the click of a mouse… to join our campaign to bring orchestral music to kids.  We need to raise at least $50k on Kickstarter to help pay for a top American orchestra and world-class voice talent to record Doctor Noize's hit innovative show for kids, all wrapped in state-of-the-art character artwork and design.

Here’s how and why it matters.  By taking a few minutes to contribute your dollars and spread the word, you'll help produce a fun-filled, star-studded Doctor Noize album of Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony that will inspire kids to stretch their minds and explore the adventurous world of classical music -- developing sophisticated critical thinking in the next generation.

"Spectacular! I've never seen kids respond with so much enthusiasm to classical music. Your gift for inspiring kids is unparalleled." -- Kyle Pickett, Conductor

Watch our fast and funny Mini Children’s Opera below with renowned opera superstars Nathan Gunn and Isabel Leonard, conductor Kyle Pickett, Doctor Noize, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Mozart, and all four Beatles!  (Okay... maybe not all four Beatles.)  If you like the video, you'll love the recording...

Smiling? Wanna hear more? So will the kids who hear this album. Please choose now from our awesome perks at right. A gift of any size makes a difference.

And last but not least...  Share the news!  Take a minute to forward this page to anyone who might be interested in bringing the world of the orchestra to kids.  Post it on Facebook.  Hire an airplane to drag a banner over stadiums during NFL games (make sure it's not a dome).  Get creative for creativity!

Questions?  Thoughts?  Wanna hear me personally tell you why kids are the most important audience in the world, and they deserve our most sophisticated and colorful music?  Then email or call 303-858-0007.  Nothing on my schedule is more important than discussing the brilliance and creativity of kids, and why I believe we must inspire big dreams and big thinking in the next generation.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on that too as we create something valuable for kids and parents to share together.

Thank you for your help bringing the world of the orchestra -- and the spirit of boundless exploration -- to kids.

Want more background and details on our project?  You got it...


Background & Details...

Doctor Noize is a chart-topping children's musician, composer, author and app designer with a Classical Music degree from Stanford. He's an award-winning former school teacher and arts department head and the current CEO of Doctor Noize Inc.

Our recording cast includes Doctor Noize, opera superstars Nathan Gunn and Isabel Leonard, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra with conductor Kyle Pickett, and the entire Doctor Noize voice character cast from Doctor Noize's beloved existing catalog.

Our Creative Team also includes hit multimedia company Outblaze (3D-illustrated album artwork and design) and the Children's Museum of Indianapolis (the world's largest children's museum with whom we're developing a traveling Symphony Exhibit).

A live version of Phineas -- originally commissioned by the fantastic McConnell Foundation and premiered by CA's North State Symphony -- has premiered to multiple sold-out symphony audiences, who sang, danced, and didn't want to leave at the end -- all while watching a story teaching kids sophisticated concepts like Classical Sonata Form & Music History Periods.

"I had tears in my eyes when you asked the kids if they wanted to hear Beethoven, and they all screamed:  YEAAAAHHHH!!!" -- Briar Segal, North State Symphony Trumpeter

Phineas is the story of one monkey's quest to master classical music and orchestral conducting.  It’s also the story of one angry villainess who desperately wants to destroy Phineas' premiere.  It’s learning so adventurous and colorful, kids won't even know they're learning.

"I wish I had a recording to hand the kids right after the show, when their interest in the orchestra is at an all time high."-- Tom Burkett, Redding School of Arts Music Teacher

Well, Tom... we're making one.


Parenting Philosophy Guides Our Project Passion...

Everyone in the cast is a parent dedicating their time and talent to fill a need and make a deep impact in a shallow children's arts culture.  Studies show music education is critical to your child's development, but it's being cut from school curricula.

Today's culture promotes increasingly short-attention-span multimedia to a generation who'll grow up to face increasingly sophisticated challenges.  Kids want to reach and challenge themselves to master Big Things.  To reach is the purest state of joy.

Like any great teacher, Phineas has high expectations of kids.  Like all kids, today's kids are up to the challenge.  Watch 'em memorize every bit of a song in ways an adult never would, and you'll know they'll conquer music's highest forms with Phineas.

Looking to the future...  This album is only the beginning of Doctor Noize's long-term plan to inspire kids to explore ambitious music and gain the confidence to master Big Things.  For details of everything in our larger 10 Step Plan, review our Symphony Keynote Presentation, and contact Doctor Noize with questions or comments!

We'll see you at the Symphony!

Doctor Noize, the Cast & Creative Team of Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The post-funding challenges of this project mostly involve the administration and planning of a recording of large scale -- an 80-piece orchestra, a voice cast of 15 characters and a choir, engineers, mixers, and masters for all of the above. Plus, we have to take out all the green M & M's from Placido Flamingo's bowl every time he performs. It's arduous.

Rest assured: We'll get it done, and we'll get it done right. Doctor Noize has a lot of experience making recordings of large scale -- "The Return Of Phineas McBoof" featured over 100 musicians and singers -- and we have the passion and purpose to pull this off. Our goal for kids and families is far too important to us to fail.


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