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Once estranged by prison, drugs and unemployment, five brothers band together to build a jet-powered motorcycle in their Ohio garage.


SICK MICK AND THE BOYS is a feature documentary that begins and ends on the barren salt flats of Bonneville, Utah with Mike Charlton and his jet motorcycle, Aslan. The racing action is interwoven with surprisingly vulnerable reflections and flashbacks of his difficult past. However, it is on The Salt Flats that Mike and his brothers must prove that heart and ambition can triumph over money and technology, and where Mike will risk his life for the atonement he seeks…and can only find at 400 miles per hour.

We showed a preview to, a leading speed enthusiast publication, and here is their reaction: "You'll see more reality in the next couple minutes than you will in a season's worth of schlock on the SPEED channel or anywhere else. Mike and his brothers are not choir boys. They've all spent time in the cooler, some more than others. They have demons, they have issues, they are unflinchingly real. They also have skills, imagination, and a hunger to honor the memory of their dead father that once dreamed about doing the very thing they are trying to accomplish."

At the heart, Sick Mick and The Boys is a familial story of friendship, atonement and redemption. To them, breaking the land speed record is as much about family as it is the glory.


We've filmed 150 hours with Mike Charlton over the past two years. We have only one week of filming to finish the entire production, but it is the most important week of all: when Mike finally goes for the record at Bonneville.

For the past two years, Mike has gone for the motorcycle speed record, learning more and more each time. But because he has already given so much to this dream, this is likely the last trip he'll ever make to Bonneville. We need to be there to capture the most crucial event in the film, where Mike attempts to shatter the motorcyle landspeed record.

The film was recently selected for Film Independent's 2011 Documentary Lab. 


Until now, this project has been self-funded. At this point, we've maxed out our credit cards and now we really need people like you to help us pass the finish line.

We are nearing the end of this project, which means you are donating to a film that WILL be completed. We've been shooting for two years and we're raising money on Kickstarter now for the final shoot as Mike goes for the record one last time! 100% of this money will go toward production and travel expenses in Bonneville, UT.  The racing event spans miles of land and takes place over the course of a week. We need the crew and equipment to ensure this crucial event is properly covered.

This film is full of characters you never get to see on a movie screen. It touches on many themes:  the struggles of a man trying to live up to his father's legacy and the elusiveness of The American Dream. Your donation will help bring these people and themes to your theater and television.


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This photo is from Mike's infamous engine test in the Knight's Inn parking lot...

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