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For DESKTOP. Arduino-based, 4-axis parallel-mechanism Robot Arm, 0.2mm precision! Bring industrial robot to everyone. Effective tool.
For DESKTOP. Arduino-based, 4-axis parallel-mechanism Robot Arm, 0.2mm precision! Bring industrial robot to everyone. Effective tool.
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Story Behind Dobot— Love you all!!

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Dear backers, 

haven’t get a good chance to tell you how we start dobot yet. As an mechanical engineer, telling story is really not my thing, and for a non-native English speaker, it seems more difficult. But in this peaceful night(4 am in the morning here), I want to write a few words to tell you more about us, about the stories behind Dobot.  

Summer 2014, I was working in a company focusing on industrial robots for medical applications and I was fascinated by what a robot can do in different scenarios, more efficiently and accurately comparing to human. My friend Lang and I are also makers, like to DIY some stuff in our spare time. The idea to play a desktop version of robot arm at home doing something hit us one day, but when we searched all the website, found nothing reliable. Most desktop robot arm are based on servos, lack of precision to do real applications. And for such high quality desktop level robot arm, either for light industry application or robot education usage, there is a growing demand, therefore we decide to build our own. In a few weeks, 3 more old friends from college—Frantic, Alpha, Bert,  joined this project.

For us, building robots is what we absolutely love, and the whole process of making Dobot was a series of trials and errors, constantly living between heartbreaking and absolute ecstasy. We were just graduated from college 3 years, couldn’t afford to quite the job. So we worked at day time, and designing its own robot, lots of nights we struggled on technical problems till late mid night. And all the hard work repaid, I can still recall the joyful moment when our first Dobot was assembled. 

But the development did not stop there, we expected more from Dobot, we wanted Dobot to be of more precision, more robust, furthermore, to be quite and beautiful as well. In the mid of this year, we quieted our jobs and went into intensive development. We used a apartment of one friend as our work room, and all our savings form work was spend on the prototyping. Solving errors, optimizing the structure, working with motor company for customized steppers, testing performance, and one iteration after another, we finally get here. 

We really love to see that Dobot using by a lot people and bringing people the possibilities to do their own applications. We see that people are really excited about Dobot, and wish to do lots of wonderful things with Dobot, which profoundly inspires us to grow, to make better Dobot. We are doing our best to to provide good service and high quality in Dobot. 

Please keep supporting us! Love you all!! 

Yours sincerely, 

Jerry Liu

 CEO/Mechanical Engineer 


Writting Chinese charater '龍'(Dragon). Enjoy!
Writting Chinese charater '龍'(Dragon). Enjoy!
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