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Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
1,673 backers pledged $200,819 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Travis Moore 2 days ago

      I agree that Kickstarter was never meant to be a web shop. But if it is not a shop and we are sharing the risk of failure by investing our money, then we should be treated like investors.

      There should be transparency on how our invested money has been spent, true stage of product development, and realistic milestones.

      If nothing else my invested money should buy me regular and meaningful communication from the person with whom I invested the money. Kickstarter projects are created by individuals and not companies, thus it is Daniel's responsibility to communicate. Not having any notification since November is totally UNACCEPTABLE.

      In my opinion his consistent lack of communication has broken the good faith contract that we entered in when he accepted my investment. As such he should be liable for our damages or prove that he did not damage us by taking our investment under false pretenses.

      As investors shouldn’t we entitled to part of the merger since we funded part of the product development and never received our products?

      Additionally, Daniel has accepted development money and awards from the EU, so in addition to getting Kickstarter to address our concerns we should also have the EU associations see if Daniel’s behavior and lack of product development raises to fraud in their countries. If there is no resolution to this situation it can easily rise to a multinational legal nightmare for Daniel as he created this "investment opportunity" as he sees it.

      As we have seen in the news today, committing fraud in the United States, even from another country is still a crime.

      BUT… all of this could be avoided by regular truthful communication…

    2. Richard Nobel 3 days ago

      Instead of threatening people (which is always a bad idea!) or simply getting bogged down in frustration...

      ** Why don't we join efforts in a campaign/petition towards Kickstarter? **

      Cameron Scott posted earlier: "...Kickstarter is not going to take action unless there is an overwhelming response from the backers."

      ** So let's give the Kickstarter team an overwhelming response! **

      Even if it doesn't lead to any resolution (and I know, the chance of this project turning out OK is minimal), we will have done everything we can in a constructive manner.

      ANY IDEAS ?

      Maybe through a website like this one

      Or would we need to seek more Social Media attention... perhaps a Thunderclap campaign (which the Shoka team also used).

    3. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Lee 3 days ago

      What happened???

    4. Jouko Huismans 4 days ago

      He Guys ..Please let us know what happend! I'm afraid you ran out of money before completing the product and finalizing the merger. Shoka received last summer 50.000 EUR funding from EU.… And 373.000 US dollar including the Kickstarter campaign Hastily followed by a merger...which you HOPE to finalize before end of year 2017... My gut feeling tells me it went the bad way. OK that's shit. But let us know!

    5. Daniele
      on February 9

      So I can create a project that will never exist, do a nice video, take the money and never deliver.
      Really nice.

    6. Chris Lin on February 8

      The reply from Kickstarter as follows. Basically, it says if you back any project on Kickstarter, you're on your own. Nothing is related to Kickstarter. So the Kickstarter may be just a website. Whether its products can be trusted totally depends on you, a customer.

      Thanks for writing in, and sorry to hear that backing this project has turned into a frustrating experience for you. Kickstarter’s mission is to help support creative freedom and independence. Our site operates on a system of trust – we expect and encourage creators to be honest with their backers about project delays when they arise. While we provide a platform for creators to fund their projects, we don’t step into the actual creative process itself or manage the fulfillment and shipment of rewards.

      If you haven’t already, it might be helpful to read through our Terms of use, which outlines the responsibilities of backers and creators.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cameron Scott on February 6

      I've also contacted Kickstarter in the last week stating that the creator his ceased all communication, does not respond to outreach efforts, and appears for all intents and purposes abandoned the project. They simply said to contact him again (which I've done), but Kickstarter is not going to take action unless there is an overwhelming response from the backers.

      It's understandable that there would be delays, but it's unacceptable for the creator to abandon his responsibilities to the backers. I'd urge everyone here to contact Kickstarter and tell them what's happened. If nothing else, it may help create guidelines that help future projects avoid the mass frustration which this one has led to.

    8. Daniele
      on February 6

      The way he is behaving and how he is treating us does not trigger nice sentiments.
      So he better explain what is happening before he loses his face even outside the tiny vacuum of KS.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Porter on February 6

      So since my last post I contacted Kickstarter who basically told me to contact Daniel again. Kickstarter will surely have more details on Daniel and are in a position to reach put on our behalf for an update. My advice is to keep asking the question of Kickstarter to help us either close this Kickstarter or at least get an update.

    10. Theo Harkness on February 3

      1. Threatening him or his family harm is not acceptable. In any circumstance.
      2. If you threaten ANYTHING, threaten litigation. That’s appropriate and may be warranted. That’s legal and since we and Kickstarter have “agreements” through this platform, it would be our only course of option.
      3. I contacted him via Facebook asking for an update of any sort. His reply “will update when appropriate”. So not sure what appropriate means to him, but while we sit and wonder wtf happened, he’s apparently still doing his thing even though the article I posted pretty clearly stated he wasn’t going to provide us with the bell.

    11. Daniele
      on February 2

      That does not justify this lack of communication.

    12. Stephen Katchi on February 2

      Well said Simon and Sylvain, I totally agree with you. I believe that Daniel did not set out to scam anyone. He had a product he wanted to develop, he truly believed it would be a success and we all invested in his project, fully accepting the risk that we could lose some or all of our money if the project fails. He is only human and, like each and everyone of us, makes mistakes and bad decisions in his life. Unforeseen things can happen which has affected the project and he is probably devastated that he has not been able to deliver the ShokaBell to all us investors.

      There is no need to threaten Daniel and, especially his family who are nothing to do with his business. That is not going to achieve anything and it just puts even more pressure on the man and he definitely would be able to complete any projects if he is in fear of his and his family's lives. How would you like it if you was bombarded with emails threaten to hurt, or even kill, you or your loved ones?

      As been mentioned before, this is not a shop were you are buying products, it is Kickstarter, were you pledge money to aid a project develop and accept all the risks that go with it. If you unwilling to take the risk, there is always amazon or even your local high street shops.

      But it would still be nice if Daniel could at least inform us of the current state of the project, even if it is bad news saying it has failed and he is unable to deliver the bell. Then we can all resign to the fact that it was a bad investment choice by us and we can then get on with the rest of out lives.

    13. Simon Watson on February 1

      I have been involved (and still am) with several start-ups. I don't think it is / was a scam. However I do think that Daniel should post an article about where the money has been spent, what has gone wrong, what he would have done differently and if there is any realistic chance of this light / bell ever being manufactured.

      I went into this with my "eyes open".

      This is Kickstarter. Sh*t happens.

      Not every project is a success.

      Just like the real world. You have to accept the fact your money is probably gone for good.

      Like investing in shares and stocks (or Bitcoins!!!), only put the money in that you are prepared to 100% lose.

      Naturally I am a little gutted and upset. But threatening the man and / or his family is *not* OK. And it is illegal. And it won't get your money back.

    14. Sylvain Ethier
      on February 1

      I think when Daniel refers to trolling he certainly not refer to people asking for information...

      I think people here don't realize how MEAN people are. We are talking about exposing is family, we are talking about people saying they will destroy his life. When there is a screen between you and the person you are talking to people just forget that Daniel is human, flesh and blood as you and me. Involved money and there you go...

      And don't tell me well, if he would update us more often... bla bla bla... You are just wrong. Some people are just mean that's it. Some people think the world turn around them.

      I told it months ago, I think Daniel is close to burnout or depression but people here don't give a shit about it... It is all about the 150$... because what is more important... a human life or 150$?

    15. Stephen Katchi on February 1

      I found this whilst reading Kickstarter's fulfilment report (, so if Daniel can at least do the following, then it might be something.

      What is a creator supposed to do if their project can’t be completed?
      If a creator realizes they’re unable to bring their project to life as promised, they have to be open about it with their backers. Here’s what they need to do:

      Explain to backers what work’s been done, how funds were used, and what stopped them from finishing;

      Demonstrate that they’ve used funds appropriately, and have made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised;

      If there’s money left over, offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward, or explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form.

      There’s much more on this topic on our Trust & Safety page (…) and in our Terms of Use (…)

    16. Missing avatar

      Markus on January 31

      The quote from the article is incredible: "I take the wrong communication, but we got a level of trolling that did not fit my life to answer them, to hire a PR expert there was no money or demand." Also he claims that it would have been impossible to deliver the shoka bell with the amount collected as it was hardware - which is again utter bs. There are at least four similar projects on Kickstarter that did deliver:

      - Haize:

      - Smart Halo

      - BeeLine

      - Haiku

      And anyway the main issue remains not the non-delivery but the abnormal ignorance, continuous lack of communication, the lying and general refusal of any responsibility. What an arrogant person he is.

    17. Missing avatar

      Miguel Angel Orobio Cossio on January 30

      exijo la devolución de mi contribución al proyecto que nunca vera la luz

    18. Lee Foster on January 30

      Well it goes to show what a complete arse Daniel is if he thinks people demanding answers to their investment outcome is trolling and not worth his time to respond!

    19. Ramon Van Damme on January 30

      Thanks for the article Theo Harkness..... Hope this gets posted a lot!!!

    20. Theo Harkness on January 28

      With the social media going dark, I can almost guarantee that his login was to check comments and *hopefully* formulate a message on how the money he stole was lost and that there’s no product. If there was good news to share, he would have already shared it and the social media would have been screaming it.

      That or Kickstarter got enough reports of fraud from us that they threatened him with a lawsuit if he didn’t follow up with us. I highly doubt that though as it seems Kickstarter really doesn’t give a S about backers.

    21. Daniele
      on January 28

       Last login Jan 27 2018
      Maybe there is still hope.

    22. Daniele
      on January 26

      Please share his details here

    23. Ramon Van Damme on January 26

      Facebook and Twitter are not checked as well. No sign of life on either social media.

    24. Eduardo CG on January 26

      I was ghosted by Shoka, before it was cool

    25. Missing avatar

      Moreno Paccagnan on January 26

      If we have lost money,Daniel tell us please.

    26. Lee Foster on January 26

      Guys. He hasn’t logged into Kickstarter since 16th November. Your comments are wasted on here as he’s just not interested in telling us what’s gone wrong. Clearly something has.

      Try Facebook or twitter to get his attention and an explanation. I’m surprised Kickstarter hasn’t done something as it’s not doing their reputation any good. I’ve not backed anything since this.

    27. Jae Hyun Kim on January 26

      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

    28. Verdi on January 24

      @Daniel - Please check the email I've sent you.

      I'm not angry about the delay, this is KS after all. My kids already got me an alternative, so I asked for a refund. You replied you couldn't refund because you do not have my data. I've sent every you might need the before mentioned email. Please take a look.


      Ps. some people here seem really upset. You might want to address that.

    29. Missing avatar

      on January 24

      screwed with no lube, thanks for stealing my money...

    30. Shih Cheng Yen on January 23

      The problem is Daniel demonstrate a great video to mislead us to believe the product is almost ready & working great. He even presented TEAM PHOTOs through first 3 updates. But in the end, we all know there is no team but only A DANIEL there. He already proves the scam himself.

    31. Sylvain Ethier
      on January 22

      @Christopher: I am as frustrated as you are but don't do anything stupid. Don't bring his family into this. This KS is pretty sad as it is. You don't try to destroy a family because you (and me) lose 100$.

      I still think it was not a scam... It was legit but poor social and business skills sink the project. Lack of communication destroyed any confidence and if in business you can fail, you still have to take responsibility other wise you are just a coward. Doesn't mean his family should be involved.

    32. Missing avatar

      Walter on January 22

      Where is mine

    33. Christopher Day on January 19

      Information about Daniel and his family is pretty easy to find on the internet. If he doesn't want it publicly posted here, he'd better give us a good update soon.

    34. Missing avatar

      David Porter on January 18

      Has KickStarter even contacted any of us? They are responsible for communication too and yet nothing! This sight needs shutting down as it appears to be a platform for fraud.

    35. Lee Foster on January 15

      Copy and paste this into your twitter. Got their attention last time I did it. Shouldn’t have to but what else is left?

      ‪@GetShoka #GetShoka #Shoka This company turned out to be a #Kickstarter #scam after all & took everyone’s money. The comments section is loaded with furious customers wanting answers but Daniel doesn’t even log in to read them. Disgusting. #Fraud #thieves‬

    36. Missing avatar

      josh on January 13

      I too regret finding this shame-Paign in the ass much is around sell the business tell us nothing BS

      I’ve sold my bike now so no need for it and I’m in financial hardship now due to tough circumstances too

      Please refund me asap

    37. Missing avatar

      Junsuh on January 12

      I regret so much funding this worldwide scam.
      Where should we seek refund?

    38. Mark Duplessis on January 12

      So if this shit ever gets made I'm going to need to change my color as I've now bought a new bike since.

    39. Thomas Sommer on January 12

      Another KS scam.
      The creator's name should have tipped us off though..
      Oh well, live and learn, live and learn.

    40. Missing avatar

      Stefan Rasch on January 9

      I lost money in another campaign about a year ago, but in that case the founder at least had the guts to admit that the campaign had failed and apologized that the money was lost.
      I was not happy about that, of course, but this here STINKS!!

    41. Theo Harkness on January 4

      He’s totally ghosted on the internet. I’ve tried to do searches for him to no avail. Perhaps somebody else with more resources can try and find him, but from what I’ve got he’s gone.

    42. Walt G on January 3're really proving to be a Douche Bag

    43. Maybe this campisi on January 2

      never got product either

    44. Siems Luckwaldt on January 2

      Never got the product. Contacting didn't lead to anything. What a scam!

    45. Theo Harkness on January 1

      I reported it, haven’t heard back from Kickstarter yet but honestly don’t expect them to do anything. They really aren’t much help with these things...or anything really

    46. Misha Ketslah
      on December 27

      I suggest to report here and on FB to bring to attention to KS and also to prevent future scams by Daniel.

    47. Ramon Van Damme on December 26

      Why do I still bother checking for updates??? I think Daniel died and took my money to his grave. R.I.P. Daniel. Hope you spend my money well.

    48. Theo Harkness on December 24

      I was hoping we’d have an update by now. But that would probably take a Christmas miracle for him to be forthright with us. Oh well.

    49. Missing avatar

      Moreno Paccagnan on December 23

      How long does it take?

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