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Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
1,673 backers pledged $200,819 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. KB
      just now

      An update will be great.. Even small progress no problem.. Thank u guys

    2. Missing avatar

      javier quintanilla 2 days ago

      looks like people are bailing out, Kickstarter has nothing to do with projects if they shutdown so we will probably be left out in the cold with no BELLS TO TOLL,,VERY SAD..... some compensation should come of this wait.

    3. Konstantinos Koutalis 3 days ago

      Hello shoka bell creators, I will agree with the people that complain.
      Not giving frequent updates (even if there is nothing important to share), is much much better.
      Has anyone of you worked in operations where providing frequent updates to customers is a MUST?
      I happen to be working in that field for quite some years (~20) and trust me, people appreciate communication even if there is nothing important to give, rather than no communication at all.
      Hence, I would urge you to do your best to provide at least monthly updates (if not every bi-monthly or even weekly) to keep everyone informed on the status of our long-awaited shoka bells. I'm sure that that way there will be a better feeling for all of us, your backers.
      Now to add my comments on the delays themselves, I would had expected that your basic design would had gone under some basic tests with regards to water resistance etc. even from the preview versions.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Porter 3 days ago

      I am somewhat concerned now. I hope to see this product hit the shelves and my doorstep in December. It maybe a shrewd business move to capitalise on the Christmas trade, but there are some pretty unhappy backers here that have only seen delivery pushed back even further. To keep us happy lets have some updates at least every month. Regards Dave

    5. Ho Koon Chung on June 15

      Where is my bell? : (

    6. Lee Foster on May 25

      Email, private message and forum post to ask for a refund. None responded to. Feels like no matter what, keeping backers/customers happy is not a priority.

    7. Cătălin Viorel Frenţ on May 23

      I sent you as private message the following:
      "I'm backer for Shoka Bell.
      I asked for refund directly on the comment after last update on May 11 and secondly over a private message on May 16th.
      If you don't respond positive to this message I'll ask my credit card company for a refund.
      I'm Catalin Frent, backer number: 60
      I did the following pledge:
      $79 - Super Early Bird: One Shoka Bell + $10 shipping.

      After last update, when you announced the shipping will be in December, I want to ask you for refund. December is too late for me."

    8. Missing avatar

      javier quintanilla on May 14

      I am also not holding my breath for updates, no reason why updates can't come out every 2 weeks or every month no matter what..

    9. Missing avatar

      javier quintanilla on May 14

      I would appreciate a refund, December is also to far ahead for me,

    10. Cătălin Viorel Frenţ on May 11

      After the latest update, I have to ask you for refund. December is too far for me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Barbara on May 10

      Is there any chance to have an offline navigation in order to save on data charges and battery use? Or a way to link to an app with a ready map?
      I use currently Bikecitizens and love it. Don't want to part with it when I get the shoka, but love the other features of shoka too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Bob Goodwin on May 9

      Hi Daniel. Congratulations. Sorry to pester you but do with have a date for deliverys to start.

    13. JAY VARA on May 9

      @Daniel Falus: Thanks for your reply and assurance all good so far.
      Do also assume from your reply that I will receive the Bell before I move house end of July 17?

      Also sent same message to your via DM.

    14. Daniel Falus Creator on May 8

      @JAY VARA: thanks man! My colleagues fortunately are keen and on track, we just assembled the first two devices (which are 98% identical inside out with the final product)

    15. JAY VARA on May 8

      @Daniel Falus: Congratulations on the birth of your baby; enjoy fatherhood.
      Looking forward to the good news soon regarding the Bell and regular updates to start again.

    16. Stephen Katchi on May 8

      @Daniel Falus. A big congrats on the birth of your baby girl. Of course you needed the time off to look after the new baby and her mum, I hope they are both well. I'm still fully supporting you in this project and I do believe it will be a success for you.

    17. Denver Garrison
      on May 7

      You might consider an update to the backers saying that you took a few personal weeks so people stop worrying and complaining. I'm still looking forward to my bell!

    18. Daniel Falus Creator on May 5

      @Markus: please see my latest comment l, hang in there! Thanks for writing man!

    19. Daniel Falus Creator on May 5

      @Carsten: for sure not please see my latest comment, truly sorry about our terrible communication

    20. Daniel Falus Creator on May 5

      You guys are totally right about that we didn't kept you posted and I'm truly sorry about our terrible communication. We are on track. What happened is I got a new baby girl and took few weeks off. It's not an excuse but that's what happened.

      Most importantly we have delivered all the required files for the manufacturer!

      Will keep you guys posted, thank you for all your comments and emails!!


    21. Daniel Falus Creator on May 5

      @Daniel Fanselau: thank you Daniel!!

    22. Daniel Falus Creator on May 5

      @Markus: so sorry Bout the terrible communication on our side. we welcomed a new baby and took some weeks off. thanks for writing!

    23. Daniel Falus Creator on May 5

      @Carsten: it's definitely not the case, good news are on the way!

    24. Missing avatar

      Josina Pragt on May 5

      Yeah, Falus give us some updates please

    25. Missing avatar

      Carsten on May 3

      I guess this money is gone. So sad.

    26. chan kwon on May 3

      Any update yet?
      I'm with Markus.

    27. Missing avatar

      Markus on April 28

      Again two months w/o update and broken promises regarding that. Not impressed at all with the campaign. I am thinking about asking for a refund.

    28. Daniel Falus Creator on April 25

      Hello Backers,

      many of you wrote us that you couldn't read our last update, it's because you have to be logged into Kickstarter (as it is backers only) in order to read it.

      Please find it here:

    29. Daniel Falus Creator on April 24

      @michael it's otw! All is in order in advance, just shipped all the source files required for manufacturing to Malaysia!

    30. Michael Barquero on April 24


      4 days ago: "Update is coming over the weekend thank you guys for your patient."

      Where is the update ?

    31. Daniel Fanselau on April 24

      Hey guys, i just want to tell you how much i´m looking forward to finally ride with my Shokabell!
      Your´ doin a great Job, thanks for makin this special Project happen!

      Kind regards, Daniel from Cologne

    32. JAY VARA on April 24

      @Creator: An update would be good soon.

    33. Missing avatar

      Carsten on April 23

      Hallo Daniel. No update as promised several times - very disappointing.

    34. Michael Barquero on April 23

      Any updates???????

    35. Missing avatar

      josh on April 22


      There was an update just on March one

      Re-check you updates section ..

      &Daniel update due this weekend
      Hope this rings true ...

      But every two weeks should see some update at least to keep us happy and on our toes.

    36. KB
      on April 22

      Hi creator Thanks for info..

    37. Daniel Falus Creator on April 20

      Update is coming over the weekend thank you guys for your patient.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jurgen Janssen on April 20

      Daniël, what is the status for delivery, People start getting nervous....Please send an update asap.

    39. Missing avatar

      Melvin Tan on April 20

      I am contacting my credit card company to reverse the charge for my this purchase.
      No update, no email, nothing. I seriously wonder if this is a scam.

    40. 유형열 on April 19

      I am a person who lives in south Korea who participated in funding.

      I am grateful when you let me know when you will receive it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Marc on April 18

      @Daniel Falus, I am curious what it requires to post the update you announced on the 10th April? We are all curious for an update on the progress - especially since the last proper update was back in February (49 days ago).. which is almost half the presidency from Donald Trump.

    42. Korry D. Scott on April 14

      i haven't received a response to my email either. I WANT A REFUND!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      javier quintanilla on April 13

      how can we get our money back? an update every 6 to 8 months isn't cutting it for me anymore ?

    44. Blade Chiou on April 11

      When does Shaka app for Android?

    45. Daniel Falus Creator on April 10

      Guys, we are posting the new update. Everything in order. Please, be patient, and help us by testing our iOS app. Daniel

    46. Missing avatar

      Melvin Tan on April 10

      So its a scam then ? totally no response ?

    47. Lee Foster on April 8

      So many people wanting an update regarding their paid up product yet the company is being really ignorant in not giving any response or reassurance. I'm getting to the point where I want a refund as I've held up my side of the bargain but Shoka hasn't. Wouldn't mind if a simple explanation was sent periodically but there's nothing!

    48. Remco Herfst on April 8

      App isn't working for months now. Send mails, but didn't get any answer. That doesn't promise any good for the bell that will be send (or not, as the lack of answers here makes me wonder...)

    49. Missing avatar

      Srujan Shah on April 7

      Hello, I understand that there are delays to production. However, this should not stop the communication. I would like a little assurance that work is progressing, maybe even some pictures to show the progress.
      In the last update you stated the Mount has been redesigned, how different is this to the original design?
      I just want to know what is going on.

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