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Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
1,673 backers pledged $200,819 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Lee Foster 2 days ago

      I've tried for two months but they just ignore you. Won't reply to any messages as clearly demonstrated on this forum or twitter. Try asking your bank to claim it back on your behalf.

    2. Michael Barquero 2 days ago

      Does anyone know how to request for the refund?

    3. Missing avatar

      josh 2 days ago

      He's a joke. Clearly his schedule has no time line ...

    4. Missing avatar

      Albert Nagy on August 12

      No information at all. Promises not kept. No solution in sight. No communication. How could we trust?

    5. Walt G on August 9

      Wow! Did I really bring all of the comments to a halt?

    6. Walt G on August 3

      Now I want my pledge refunded. This is BS. This whole experience has taught me to never get involved with another Kickstarter campaign.

    7. Missing avatar

      josh on August 3

      Still no time line
      Someone said maybe not ever getting an end product... this is not something you can do by your self Daniel. Your team needs to work together with better communication and better suppliers and a proper time line at least with the manufacturer if side of things

    8. Missing avatar

      Albert Nagy on August 2

      Szegény, látni, nagy a gond.

    9. Ramon Van Damme on July 31

      Thank you for the update. That's all I wanted.

    10. Missing avatar

      josh on July 28


      Ahhh yes his lack of communication is sending me bonkers. Ahh and yes he posted an updated now, but NO Apologies at All. Sad .. and More delays... what's a "SHOKA "
      Clearly no clever planning went into This project.

      So Daniel. I've lost my faith over this project..

    11. Daniel Falus Creator on July 28

      Please join our live stream on 2nd of August here:

      Update #15 is coming in a few hours, after Jack fixed all the typos :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Roel Vanobbergen on July 28

      Is there anyway to get my money back? The lack communication towards the backers is preventing me from looking forward to receiving it. If I ever receive it that is....
      I'd prefer to back projects that actually realize something and don't ignore their backers.

    13. Ramon Van Damme on July 26

      I really don't want to, but I am seriously thinking about reporting Shokabel / Getshoka to kickstarter. I'm also talking to my bank to see if I can get my money back. I totally love this project. I really want to be part of it. But I am losing my faith in the makers. there is no responce to my mails, on Facebook, Twitter and my Kickstarter-comments. Very, very sad!

    14. Lee Foster on July 26

      I've sent emails both direct to Daniel and Shoka. Sent messages via Kickstarter and Facebook. Messages on the forum. The only thing I got a response to was calling Shoka thieves and scammers on Twitter and that was to criticise me for calling them out and saying I was blackmailing them. Not apologising for completely ignoring my messages like you'd hope.

      And the messages are being ignored, not missed. They see all of these comments and choose not to respond which is the most damning insult this company can make towards the people who trusted them enough to invest in.

      The fact we were asked to choose a colour for a June delivery knowing fine well at the time there was no plans at all to deliver a finished product is disgraceful.

    15. Jeffrey Morris on July 25

      @josh - I have sent Daniel 2 direct emails (the first right after the survey which did not include my entire order, and one approximately one month ago). I have yet to receive a response.

    16. Missing avatar

      josh on July 24

      Apparently there's an "update coming" as he said to the email I sent him

    17. Missing avatar

      josh on July 22



    18. Missing avatar

      josh on July 22


      Send Daniel an email he would surely see that before these comments ..

    19. Missing avatar

      Steven morgan on July 20

      Shoka promised so much and have delivered nothing i feel if kickstarter should be on shoka back to at least to keep it backers inform

    20. Missing avatar

      Alan Spears on July 19

      I want my money back. I've replaced my bike twice since I first got involved in this and I don't think it will fit on either of the newer bikes.

      Just let us know if this is money we flushed down the toilet.

      Be honest.

    21. Missing avatar

      javier quintanilla on July 18

      I would rather you came out and said"sorry" it failed and lost the money then to do what you are doing to all your backers, believe or not believe, but you have to face your MAKER one day and he wouldn't be needing any update to do to you what you have coming..

    22. David Lopez on July 18

      Shoka wins Customer Service of the Year Award. Congrats.

    23. Ramon Van Damme on July 15

      The lack of updates is really starting to PISS ME OFF!!!
      Keep your backers informed Shokabell!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Messen-Jaschin on July 14

      I wait always my 2 Shoka Bell, Promises made, not kept by researchers. They have earn a lot of money on the backs of the investors ...

    25. Cătălin Viorel Frenţ on July 12

      I've got in 2 kickstarter projects, both of them SCAM. The platform is a perfect spot for delays, to postpone an lose any claim for your money. do nothing to STOP this plague and will die as soon as more projects are scams.
      I'll never put any money on platform like kickstarter if there is not a fund to refund scammed users.

    26. Chris Lin on July 11

      Please let me know to update my new address if you are going to ship! Cheers

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard de Vries on July 10

      Nine (!) weeks ago, latest update: 'we are on track'. If this project is really on track, nothing keeps you from updating your backers more frequently. Please be transparent, even if the project is about to fail. Silence from your side causes backers to think this is a scamming project. Even then, transparency would be appreciated, could live with that by now...

    28. Shih Cheng Yen on July 9

      Your video showed us a working prototype which makes people to believe shoka bell is near a mature product and most of developments look been done. But from updates, it told a different story.
      We back this project as we love shocks bell and wish to support you to mass produce it. But, it looks like you mislead people! This behavior is totally wrong! You misuse Kickstarter! You should not come here is you only have a concept but not an real product!

    29. Missing avatar

      josh on July 9

      This is BS
      We are your company or lack of


      You have let us hanging far far too long
      You got us to understand last time it was due to a baby sure we accept but now please ....

      This is rediculous

    30. Travis Moore on July 7

      In May I was willing to give you till December 2017... even though that meant waiting till the snow melted in March 2018 to use the bell.
      But NO UPDATES IN 2 MONTHS??!!??!!??
      You need to update us NOW and then monthly there after... otherwise the community will have no choice but to take action.

    31. Missing avatar

      Andreas Schmidt on July 6

      Waiting.... any updates on delivery?

    32. Maffei Martin on July 5

      still waiting for my comment....sad

    33. Missing avatar

      Nora Harty on July 4

      Not feeling the love for this ding dong

    34. Missing avatar

      Messen-Jaschin on June 30

      I invested money in this project, I never received my two Skoka, I was promised. I wonder if I got ripped off by this group. Communication is very bad with these people, I would like to have information on this subject.

    35. Missing avatar

      josh on June 30

      pffft Shoka bell just became a A Shola Regret for most of us ... u had a baby, we understand that. But it's been a month and not a peep �

      Solooooooooo refund us.... clearlyu have t planned this out at all not communication team to keep in touch with the backers that are the shoka company effectively

    36. Missing avatar

      javier quintanilla on June 28

      they are probably out there with another name for the product ripping more people off..

    37. Lee Foster on June 28

      Unfortunately the only way to get the attention of this disrespectful company is to give negative #hashtag comments on twitter. The fact that they're replying to no one can only imply they've screwed up big time and we've all lost our money.

      How can Shoka possibly redeem themselves or the company name after such a lousy, disgraceful attitude towards the investors who were initially so excited by the product.

      The management needs to attend training on how to keep people on your side. One of the golden rules is communication - little and often to reassure people. A concept lost on these amateurs.

    38. Ramon Van Damme on June 27

      Any updates Shokabell?

    39. Missing avatar

      Messen-Jaschin on June 26

      I invested money in this project, I never received my two Skoka, I was promised. I wonder if I got ripped off by this group. Communication is very bad with these people, I would like to have information on this subject.

    40. Missing avatar

      javier quintanilla on June 24

      below the Post comment is a request to "be respectful and considerate" WELL SHOKA BELL practice what you preach and give monthly updates or just shut it down so I quit believing that this phantom bell will appear in my mailbox one day. so be respectful and considerate and do the RIGHT THING..

    41. Michael Barquero on June 23

      I want to join the list of backers requesting an update. We already did our part, WE PAID, And I think we deserve respect as customers and at least we should know FREQUENTLY what happens.

    42. KB
      on June 23

      An update will be great.. Even small progress no problem.. Thank u guys

    43. Missing avatar

      javier quintanilla on June 20

      looks like people are bailing out, Kickstarter has nothing to do with projects if they shutdown so we will probably be left out in the cold with no BELLS TO TOLL,,VERY SAD..... some compensation should come of this wait.

    44. Konstantinos Koutalis on June 20

      Hello shoka bell creators, I will agree with the people that complain.
      Not giving frequent updates (even if there is nothing important to share), is much much better.
      Has anyone of you worked in operations where providing frequent updates to customers is a MUST?
      I happen to be working in that field for quite some years (~20) and trust me, people appreciate communication even if there is nothing important to give, rather than no communication at all.
      Hence, I would urge you to do your best to provide at least monthly updates (if not every bi-monthly or even weekly) to keep everyone informed on the status of our long-awaited shoka bells. I'm sure that that way there will be a better feeling for all of us, your backers.
      Now to add my comments on the delays themselves, I would had expected that your basic design would had gone under some basic tests with regards to water resistance etc. even from the preview versions.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Porter on June 19

      I am somewhat concerned now. I hope to see this product hit the shelves and my doorstep in December. It maybe a shrewd business move to capitalise on the Christmas trade, but there are some pretty unhappy backers here that have only seen delivery pushed back even further. To keep us happy lets have some updates at least every month. Regards Dave

    46. Ho Koon Chung on June 15

      Where is my bell? : (

    47. Lee Foster on May 25

      Email, private message and forum post to ask for a refund. None responded to. Feels like no matter what, keeping backers/customers happy is not a priority.

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