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Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.
1,673 backers pledged $200,819 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Daniele
      7 days ago

      Come on Daniel, be professional

    2. Christopher Day on November 16

      In the spirit of honoring Kickstarter's TOS in regard to founders, please provide an update including a realistic shipping date and options for funders who wish to receive a refund. If this does not appear soon I will assume you are operating in bad faith and pursue legal options for reclaiming my pledge.

    3. Missing avatar

      Carsten on November 13

      In other words: this money is down the drain.

    4. Richard Nobel on November 13

      Relax, fellow backers... maybe Daniel's weekend is not over yet ;-) *just kidding*

      But seriously: I contacted Kickstarter Support via e-mail. Quoted from their reply:

      | Thanks for reaching out and flagging this for us.
      | The best way to get an update on a project is to message the creator directly.
      | While we provide a platform for creators to start their projects, it’s up to them
      | to manage reward fulfillment. To message a project creator, visit the project
      | page and click on the creator's profile. This will open up their bio page where
      | you can click the "Contact me" link to send them a message.
      | Project creators set an estimated delivery date when setting up their rewards.
      | These are often just what their name says: an estimate. This date can change
      | based on how work is progressing or if the demands of the project change.
      | It’s important to remember that many projects on Kickstarter are in the early
      | stages of development. That means as a backer you get to be a part of the
      | creative process. It also means backing a project on Kickstarter different from
      | purchasing an item in a store.
      | We expect creators to update their backers, especially if a project is delayed.
      | Some creators shy away from posting updates if they feel like they haven’t
      | made enough progress. Others may be first time creators. Many lack experience
      | with shipping and production timelines, or customer support. There’s uncertainty
      | in every project, but we expect creators to work with backers to make their
      | projects a success.

      While there's certainly truth in there - it still makes me feel like we, as backers, are "on our own".

      And so it all comes down to Daniel's ability and willingness to follow through.

      Posting (overly) negative comments won't help save the project. Even though I share the frustration of the latest update not giving any clarity on the implications for us backers; let alone any timeline indication :-(

      I'm also out of ideas, as to what we can do... except for waiting... and hoping that Daniel still has good intentions for the project.

      I personally can't file a claim through the credit card company, because it's been over 180 days since the payment was made. I guess I can only pray that my investment wasn't for nothing. :-\

    5. Daniele
      on November 12

      Boy oh boy, can't wait to read the update. It must be really juicy since it is taking so long to be written.

    6. Missing avatar

      Melvin Tan on November 11

      so...still no updates .....not surprising..... Good on you Daniel !

    7. Theo Harkness on November 10

      I’m pretty sure that in using our money to invest in acquiring another company, he’s violated Kickstarter terms and conditions since the funds are not being used for the intended purpose.

    8. Ramon Van Damme on November 10

      You shouldn't be reminded of this Daniel!

    9. Daniel Falus Creator on November 9

      @Fer Finders: will do over the weekend, thanks for your kind reminder

    10. Missing avatar

      Fer Finders on November 9

      c'mon Daniel. Please at least have the decency to respond on the comments below...

    11. Walt G on November 8

      You're a real Ass Daniel

    12. Missing avatar

      Carsten on November 7

      @Sylvain: I strongly disagree. The very basic idea of Kickstarter is to support entrepeneurs to get their product (which is fully devleoped and ready for market) to mass production. This is what we have invested in. I have not invested in the development of a product. And, by the way, developing a bicycle bell is not rocket science.
      Why am I so disappointed? Because I was one of the stupid guys who supported two bells which is 200,- USD. I don´t know how you earn your money but I have to work for those hard.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Hien on November 7

      I asked Daniel Falus per email ( for a refund. Thats his answer:

      "We can't refund KS backers. You will need to get in touch with Kickstarter directly, sorry about that"

    14. Missing avatar

      josh on November 6

      Ugh a merger more excuses to lengthen the waiting time. Sure it’s good if you want to wait even longer.

      But seriously it’s just being drawn out longer. A proper timeline would have been nice.

    15. Kevin on November 6

      I'm glad you're making new connections, Daniel. I hope that works out for you. But you also have to take care of your investors. This has taken way longer than promised. Yet I haven't heard one word about anything extra you plan to do to compensate us for the money that could have been earning interest/dividends in other investments. I understand, things didn't work out for you as planned. A good business person would make changes, get back on track and reward those who helped you when you needed funding. Please think about that and do the right thing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Markus on November 6

      Enough is enough - I want a refund. This project has been awful for a long time and I thought it could hardly become worse - but now it has reached a new level of kickstarter madness regarding founders w/o the least amount of accountibility.

    17. Sylvain Ethier
      on November 6

      I don't understand why the comments are so negative. My understanding is that the development of the shoka bell was harder than expected... A lot has been done but without help, the product will never be there so Shoka Bell merge with another company to leverage both assets... It is not like us backer are owners or have equity. The only things that matter to me is to get a quality product for the invested money. Now Daniel is in negotiation so obviously there is not that much he knows for sure so I don't get all the frustration. At least Daniel is still trying to get is the product out!

    18. Dawn Henke
      on November 6

      What is this b.s? Obviously you’re scamming people in as many places as possible.

      Shame on you.

    19. Jose Boza on November 6

      i want a refund!!!

    20. Richard Nobel on November 6

      That's right @Chris Mottes - and it's awkward how this latest update *completely avoids* the topic of how the project failed to meet the original promise(s). :-(

      Although I like positive approaches, this one seems out of place. Only highlighting the benefits for Shoka's business, with no indication whatsoever of a (new) product delivery timeline.

      As others have mentioned here, we've apparently invested in business development rather than a concrete product. Without any form of "Return On Investment" in prospect :-/ This sucks.

    21. Chris Mottes on November 6

      I'm not sure I understand how it can be an advantage for backers that you are stopping development??

    22. Missing avatar

      kevin hayes on November 6

      Daniel should change his name Falus to Fail us I want a refund

    23. Lee Foster on November 6

      @Richard Nobel the bank claims it through Visa and gave me my money back but only if it’s not challenged after 3 months. If it is they take it back.

      I’m still waiting but I challenged the validity of the agreement and said Shoka broke the agreement by claiming it was ready for launch earlier in the year knowing fine well it was no where near. The was a lie and one of their posts even said it was time for an honest update.

      Plus the bell concept changed too and the focus is on the mount. So, my claim was these were not part of the agreement so the contract is void.

    24. Missing avatar

      Carsten on November 5

      Has anybody Daniels street address?
      I will claim Daniel for deceit. This will take a while but if a have the property title Daniel will have a nice surprise the next time he enters the EU.

    25. Richard Nobel on November 5

      @Lee Foster Any luck with your bank? I guess it's worth a try. If there are really no more updates coming on this project :-(

      It's a shame, I would have liked seeing Shoka Bell become a reality and to actually use it on my bike.

    26. Theo Harkness on November 4

      Found him on LinkedIn.

      Perhaps if we post on his profile enough he will finally come out with an update.

    27. Tobias Langhoff on November 2

      I never received anything. Please refund the money! #751

    28. Robert Ostermeyer on November 2

      Vaporware! The money's gone.

    29. Theo Harkness on November 1

      I don’t get it. Daniel last logged in on oct. 14. But still won’t update us. I really don’t think we are asking for too much here. Just an update!

    30. KB
      on October 30

      Hi creator nearly two months without any update.. Hope to see one soon.. Thank u

    31. Doug rathell on October 29



    32. Lee Foster on October 29

      I did that months ago when I got irritated when no one replied to my emails even though I was asked to contact them directly. Instead of apologising they called me a troublemaker and blocked me!

      They ask you to ask Kickstarter for a refund knowing fine well Kickstarter won’t do it and refuse to reply when you challenge them on it.

      I went to my bank and complained they they’ve broken their agreement with me since signing up for the bell and what was originally sold to me is not what it’s ending up as.

      As a result my bank is claiming it for me.

    33. Theo Harkness on October 29

      Flood their social media accounts. It’s time we got an update on the project we funded.

    34. Theo Harkness on October 29

      They respond to Facebook and Instagram comments and posts. EVERYBODY on here needs to go to their pages and flood their posts with comments demanding an update.

    35. Missing avatar

      Brandon Reyes on October 27

      Does anyone have the email to these guys? It's been too long and the lack of communication and a basic timetable is not looking good. I'd rather ask for a refund right now to pay some bills and buy the Shoka bell if/when it comes to market. Thanks in advance!

    36. Missing avatar

      Kathy Tier on October 27

      I have contacted Kickstarter to find out if there is a point at which they pull the plug. It was with reluctance, as I guess, like all of you in the cycling community, I want this really cool looking bell, with all the other things it has to offer. Sadly, it doesn't look like it's coming any time soon & TBQH, it looks like the team at Shoka are spending our money swanning round the world, advertising a product they are not yet able to deliver. Also, there are now other things that are superseding the technology offered, just because we have been waiting so flipping long for it to come out. Sorry Shoka guys, but read the comments. You are losing the support of your backers. We gave you our money in return for a product & that's the contract. We kept our end of the bargain ages ago & it's well past time for you to keep yours

    37. Jo.H on October 26

      This Shoka Bell is a joke !-----》 can't agree more.

      I want to cancel my pledge....,if I can.

    38. Missing avatar

      Melvin Tan on October 25

      This Shoka Bell is a joke !

    39. Richard Nobel on October 25

      Hi fellow backers, did any of you contact Kickstarter to discuss this project? Although I have no idea if there's anything they can possibly do to help after a — overly ambitious, I guess — project like this one has (long since) completed the funding phase.

      Earlier this month I saw, via Twitter/Instagram, they got the "Hungarian Design Award" for Shoka Bell. But I assume the product must be more than just a design by now ;) As we've seen pictures of several prototypes. I'm keeping my hopes up for Daniel and his team to follow through!

      Still I must agree that the lack of regular updates, and missing any indication of actual product/reward delivery, is frustrating :-(

    40. Missing avatar

      Edgardo Heyliger on October 24

      How I can get my money back, this will never happen, Shoka bell you are the reason of why I stopped supporting projects on Kickstarter.

    41. Stephen Grandison on October 24

      Is there any news on the Shona bell? There hasn’t been an update I a while and everything seems to have gone very quiet. If there isn’t any coming be the end of the year I’d like a refund. If I’d have known I was pledging for an idea I’d have pledged a lot less.

    42. Missing avatar

      Carsten on October 23

      Sadly Daniel has misunderstood Kickstarter. He sold us a product but he had only an idea, in best case a project. But unfortunately he is not a project manager, he is an visionar. But this will not give us any delivery...

    43. Terri Kelly on October 21

      I have to agree with others' comments. It's been over two years - by the time the bell gets delivered my daughter may have stopped using her bike for her primary mode of transportation. Maybe you should have done more planning before asking for support in funding the project. I really think you have something here but I can't wait too much longer. I've backed other projects and haven't had to wait this long. Give us an update - support your backers!

    44. Daniele
      on October 19

      Can we please have an update? You need to deliver by the end of the year.

    45. Mark Duplessis on October 19

      So maybe an update from y'all would be a good move.

    46. Lon Bernstein on October 17

      I am waiting for what I paid for. No updates in over a month is not acceptable.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kim Normann on October 15

      I am still waiting for my Shoka. When can I finally expect it?
      Is it really that hard to give us information?

    48. Missing avatar

      Martin Lehmann on October 14

      Why is it so difficult to give regular updates?
      It should not....or he just stole our money!
      Or he should be honest and tell us that the bell will never be delivered!

    49. Missing avatar

      Walter van der Helm on October 14

      I am still waiting for my Shoka. When can I finally expect it?

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