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The HONK! Festival is a revolutionary street spectacle of never-before-seen proportions.
265 backers pledged $14,351 to help bring this project to life.

Near and Far

Posted by HONK! Committee (Creator)

Two updates in one evening, who woulda thunk it? 

Well, in this update I get to talk about just how cool our Kickstarter backers are. As of this writing, we are just about $1,500 short of making our goal. As per the usual Kickstarter rules, if we make our goal we get to use the funds you have pledged to help us fund travel for the 35 bands who want to come to the festival (and if we don't, we get bubkes). 

We have just three more days left in this campaign so if you know anyone who can help put us over the line with a contribution (or a raised contribution) pretty please let them know just how close we are via email, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon, etc. 

Ok, on to the update. We at HONK! talk a lot about how you are helping us bringing bands together from near and far to play in our streets. I thought it might be interesting to give you an idea of exactly what we mean when we say that. 

The Nearest Bands

Somerville is really fortunate to have some awesome bands in its midst like AfroBrazil, Dirty Water Brass Band, Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band (the host band for the festival), and Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band. Here's a video from ENSMB:

I wanted to mention these bands so you know we don't take them for granted. The local bands (these and the others from around our area) contribute to our festival in so many ways. You don't hear as much about them in a Kickstarter campaign like this because we don't need to raise funds for their travel. They come and give freely of their time, their homes, their music and their spirit and for this we love them dearly.

The Farthest Band

The band from the farthest away that you are helping to bring to our streets is one we often get asked about when they are not here. This is a band that brings us the funk all the way from Rome, Italy. Yes, we're talking about the Pink Puffers Drum & Bass Phunk Band. We're delighted that the Pink Puffers have agreed to return to HONK! in 2012. 

Thanks for your help in bringing them here and thanks for getting the word out so we can make our goal in the next 72 hours or so.


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