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Who Loves A Parade?

Posted by HONK! Committee (Creator)

We sure do. Each year we put together a parade with the bands who have played at HONK! and bunches of neighborhood groups and march from Davis Square, right up Mass Ave to Harvard Square "reclaiming the streets for horns, bikes and feet" (as we like to say). Here's a few videos from last year's parade courtesy of the fine folks at Indymedia to give you a flavor of the magic that happens right outside your door:

To see more, check out the Boston IndyMedia site where more videos of last year's parade can be found. 

One of the fun things about the third video that may not be immediately apparent is that it shows the "pickup band" marching at the beginning. This is a band that forms just for HONK! weekend. Anyone who wants to can bring their instrument, attend a rehearsal, and then play and march in the parade. That's the kind of parade we want to have.

We're definitely going to have this parade again (bigger and better even!), but we got to thinking--if one parade is good, maybe more parades would be better! The idea of having some sort of night parade has always been artistically really attractive to us (and others, for example our friends in Providence at PRONK! always do some night parading). 

So this year, we've been working on plans to see if we can create a smaller family-friendly lantern parade on Friday night. These will be sidewalk processions accompanied by various brass bands and paraders with bike lights, paper lanterns, flashlights, and other forms of DIY lighting. We will organize lantern-making workshops beforehand for kids and adults, to help parade participants create their own lanterns. If you are interested in participating in these, contact us at

Cool, eh? Hope you can come!


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