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The HONK! Festival is a revolutionary street spectacle of never-before-seen proportions.
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New Bands!

Posted by HONK! Committee (Creator)

Hi HONK! fans-

I'm sorry we haven't been as update-y as we'd like to be this year. Please take that as a sign that we've been working harder than ever to plan this year's festival and not a lack of love for our backers. We really appreciate all of your support. There are close to 35 bands signed up and more events than ever in the pipeline so you can imagine that the whole committee is a blur.

In the remaining days of the campaign I'll be sure to bring you more of the behind-the-scenes coverage we tried to bring you in our last campaign. Speaking of remaining days, there are only 10 days left and we've raised about 42% of our goal. If you know of anyone else who would like to support HONK!, please be sure to direct them here because we could really use everyone's help to make our goal. 

This Kickstarter campaign is our way of raising funds for bringing bands to the festival, so let's talk about two of the exciting new bands who planning to join us this year.

Church Marching Band

Coming all the way from Sonoma County in CA, we're really pleased to be hosting the Chuch Marching Band. Descended from Hubbub Club (another amazing band) we heard rave reviews of their performances at HONK!Fest West in Seattle. When we saw some of their videos on YouTube, we knew they'd be perfect for our festival. Here's a couple of videos of them so you can see what we mean:

Ok, sorry, one more, simply because this one includes a person in a banana suit:

(no word on whether the banana will be at HONK! but let's hope we make our goal so we can find out)

Lungs Face Feet

To quote their bio: Lungs Face Feet is an 8 piece brass, accordion, percussion band from Pittsburgh, PA that began in 2010 with friends from Mexico playing raw cumbia. We have since been pursuing our own blend of energetic sounds influenced by cumbia, oddities, cooked and uncooked fish and whatever keeps us honest. We play inside, outside, on the street and wherever people gather to enjoy their community. We perform, write and collaborate striving to make the music living, inclusive and true to our feelings as working people.

Here's a little sample of them and their fabulous cumbia vibe:

sometimes taking it to an even different place:

Ok, that's just two of the great bands you are helping to bring to our streets when you backed our campaign. I don't want to make this update too long because we've got tons of cool HONK! update information coming your way in the next 10 days. Thanks again for your support!


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