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A theatre show for very young children in which love sometimes means holding on... and sometimes means letting go

We've been making theatre for children since 1994, with very many successful touring shows. Given the chance, we can make something very special for young children and their parents and carers which will stay with them and have a profound effect on their lives.

Cloud Child is a project we've been working on for a number of years, and in 2012 we spent two weeks at the Lowry in Salford working on the concept for the show - artists working alongside famiilies with young children testing the effect of the performance on it's intended audience.

The work we did in 2012 showed that not only did this show appeal to young children and affect them profoundly, but also that there was a great demand from bookers and arts centre managers to have the show in their theatres.

We're touring Cloud Child in April and May 2013. The income from the tour won't nearly cover the cost of developing the show as well as touring it, so we've applied for support from a national arts funding body the Arts Council - they will fund the tour as long as we can demonstrate popular support from other sources. We need to raise five hundred pounds in order to justify the five thousand pounds offered by the Arts Council. This, combined with the income from the tour will allow us to meet all our costs and pay the people who have worked so hard to make this project happen.

Between April 6th and May 8th 2013 Cloud Child will tour to the Nottingham Playhouse, London's Watermans Arts Centre and The Little Angel Theatre, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts in Maidenhead, The Square Chapel in Halifax, The Lowry in Salford and The Place in Telford. We'd love you to come see the show, especially if you can bring a child under 6. We'd also love you to support this project in advance of the tour, either by donating or helping to promote the work.

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There is always the risk that the work fails to meet all the tour dates, either by a performer becoming sick, a problem with transport or the venue cancelling for another reason beyond our control. The show will still exist and the booking will be honoured at another time. These things take time to develop and the show will go on to be performed over and over again in all sorts of places to all sorts of people


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