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DNA Case The case your iPhone deserves.
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Manufacturing Update 8/8/11

Posted by DNA Case (Creator)

We are pleased to report that manufacturing has been completed and that the first production batch of DNA Cases has has shipped from the factory in China.  Assuming the shipment clears customs with no issues, we should have all of the DNA Cases in our possession by the end of this week!!!

Also, we are very excited about the product packaging, a project in which we put a lot of effort like with the cases themselves. The packaging is scheduled to arrive sometime near the end of the August.

While we can imagine that there are some Backers who would want their DNA Case(s) along with the retail product packaging, there may be some who would desire to get their DNA Case(s) just as soon as possible.  

As such, we will be offering each Backer a choice: 

(1) Get your DNA Case(s) along with all of the included parts (screws, screwdriver, and use instructions), but without retail packaging, as soon as possible, or 
(2) Wait for the retail packaging to arrive and then ship the product.

Either way, barring some unforeseen circumstances, we are planning on shipping DNA Cases to Kickstarter Backers - with or without packaging - sometime in the month of August, as we have committed from the start. 

Sometime shortly after the funding period closes we will send the survey in which this choice will be offered.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you again Backers for your pledges and for your ongoing support!  You helped make this project a tremendous success!

Best regards,
DNA Case Concepts, Inc.


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    1. Jenny Sutherland on

      Oh, You KNOW I would like my steel one to be here ASAP, but maybe the black one can wait until it has packaging so I can show my bosses. I am jumping up and down in excitement for one of the DNA cases.

      SO happy, I'll be taking this case cause up everywhere I go.