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DNA Case
The case your iPhone deserves.
DNA Case The case your iPhone deserves.
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    1. Tim Parker-Smith

      I think the case looks really cool and I've received lots of positive comments about the way it looks. Have to say though that whilst I haven't experienced any signal degradation, the utilities that use sat nav/global positioning don't seem to work. this was a huge problem for me tying to get to a wedding, especially as I didn't have a screwdriver with me to remove the case.

    2. Mario on

      No connection issues so far with my Chrome case attached to a GSM iPhone.

    3. Nick

      Just got mine yesterday.
      Awesome case guys! - lots of good comments from friends and colleagues.

    4. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lombard on

      I loose 2-3 bars with the DNA case :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lombard on

      It looks like i am also seeing pretty bad signal degradation using the DNA Chrome case on my Verizon CDMA iphone 4. I'll be changing it to the black dna case i also received and see if that makes any difference.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrea Corso on

      Love the chrome case but has anyone experienced connection problems once it's on the phone? I can't seem to get good coverage unless I take it off. It's odd.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrea Corso on

      Any updates on the chrome cases?

    8. DNA Case Creator on

      Surveys will be sent out today!

    9. DNA Case Creator on

      Here is some information which may help:
      Based on our months of testing and real-world feedback, the following are the characteristics of the three DNA Case models when used with black iPhones:

      1. Black - Understated. Tends to show off the design of the iPhone.
      2. Aluminum - High-tech, industrial look. Shows off the design aspects of the case such as the chamfered edges, etc.
      3. White - Clean look. Also shows off the case because of the contrast with the black iPhone.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Cant decide between black or aluminum for my black iphone... What will everyone else choose?

    11. Missing avatar

      Kyle Foley on

      When will the surveys be sent out?!

    12. DNA Case Creator on

      Thank you Backers! We did it!!!

    13. Mario on

      Congrats for a successful funding. Can't wait to show off my limited chrome model!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kyle Foley on

      One of the models posted her photo on FB and I had to get it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Albert Peña on

      Is the plan to get these cases shipped immediately or will there need to be some time to order your supplies and then ship them out?

    16. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lombard on

      Can't wait. These look awesome!

    17. Kevin Gautreau on

      Woot!! Can't wait to get my hands on it! <3

    18. DNA Case Creator on

      Thank you, Backers! We appreciate your support and complimentary words!

    19. Missing avatar

      Armon Alexander on

      This is sick. I want it NOW!

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      Rachelle Shakoori on


    21. DNA Case Creator on

      Thank you for your feedback, Noor. Per your suggestion, we have reduced the international (non-Canada) shipping rate for up to two DNA Cases by using the US Postal Service. Backers who would like other end-to-end shipping services such as UPS or FedEx can request such an option.

    22. Missing avatar

      Noor Hanizam on

      Nice product. However the shipping rate of USD25 for international backers is very steep considering the DNA Case weighs only 25 grams as stated ( plus another 25 gram or so for packaging). Please reconsider the international shipping rate to make the product more attractive to international backers. Thanks is advance for a well thought item.

    23. DNA Case Creator on

      Thank you Ramin and Mario! We are grateful for your interest and generous pledges! With your help, it looks like we are well on the way to successful funding! Please keep on sharing the project with your friends!

    24. Ramin on

      Can't wait till I get my hands on one. Great Job!

    25. Mario on

      looking forward to a successful funding!