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The 2nd print collection of Irregular Webcomic!, with the first 530 Cliffhangers strips. Archaeology, artefacts, adventure, aliments!
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More content ideas?

Posted by David Morgan-Mar (Creator)
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Hi folks!

Good news: All the content that I have for the book is now in the hands of layout!

Bad news: That doesn't include the final map I had planned, and it looks like we may not be getting it at all, alas.

What this means is that I have two spare pages in the planned layout, which needs to be filled with other stuff. So... do any of you have ideas for what other bonus content you'd like to see in the book? I have one or two ideas, but if you have something brilliant, let's hear it!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Atkinson on

      Why not a fake interview with yourself? Talk about your background and what inspired you to do webcomics, and this one in particular. DC Comics used to have creator interviews all the time in the 70s.

    2. Missing avatar

      Blind Mapmaker on

      Okay, David. That explains things. In that case I second some movie posters. That's probably faster to do than Young Monty Adventures, although I'd like that too.

    3. David Morgan-Mar 2-time creator on

      Blind Mapmaker: Deadline missing issues. A replacement would be great, but since the deadline has already passed, that's not really possible. And matching the style of the maps I do have would be tricky. The missing one is the least important of the three, so it's not as bad a loss as it could be.

    4. Missing avatar

      Blind Mapmaker on

      What's wrong with the map? Do you want a replacement map? I'm not sure I could whip up something within the deadline, but if you give me your specs I can see if it's at all possible.

    5. Lee Seitz on

      Two pages of The Young Monty Jones Chronicles?

    6. Matthew Ryan on

      We totally need an analysis on the impact of the recent ball tampering scandal and what it means for Australia's cricket team, especially with Smith's comment that "the leadership group knew about it" ;p

    7. Hans Peter Bak

      Why don't you make some bloopers or gag reel? It was like a Indiana Jones movie which was copied from the 30's serials. ;)