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Partager ce projet

The 2nd print collection of Irregular Webcomic!, with the first 530 Cliffhangers strips. Archaeology, artefacts, adventure, aliments!
The 2nd print collection of Irregular Webcomic!, with the first 530 Cliffhangers strips. Archaeology, artefacts, adventure, aliments!
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    1. John Stern
      il y a 1 jour

      Took a little longer than the last update said, but I did get the shipping information for my book yesterday. :)

    2. David Morgan-Mar 2 projets créés le

      Lee: PDF is a bit fiddly for me, but how about a high-res JPEG which you can print onto the front of a card?

      I recommend the following greeting inside the card: What's the wurst that could happen?

    3. IRDC le

      And now the second :-) More work for you, David...

    4. Avatar manquant

      Lee Valentine

      Any chance you could put together a PDF Christmas card that we could print out and give to our loved ones while we are waiting for the book? Nothing fancy is really needed. Thank you.

    5. IRDC le

      Yeah, first Stretch Goal has been reached :-)

    6. Avatar manquant

      Thompson Stubbs le

      Looks like the last minute spike is in effect...

    7. IRDC le

      Maybe another mail to the backers of the first book in the last 48h could generate some more interest.

    8. David Morgan-Mar 2 projets créés le

      sgllama: good idea! Let me see about adding that in....

    9. Avatar manquant

      sgllama le

      Would it be possible to get the PDF of "Burning Down the Alehouse" as an add-on, to help (in only a small way, it is true) the push to your stretch goals?

    10. John Fiala

      Irregular Webcomic Volume 5: "...And the Kitchen Sink"

    11. David Morgan-Mar 2 projets créés le

      Yves-Andre: The plan is to do all of the sensible themes that lend themselves to a collection volume. Space in 2018. Maybe a combined volume of Pirates/Shakespeare or Martians/Mythbusters. And then think about the other miscellaneous stuff.

    12. Yves-Andre Schaeffer

      Woohoo! I've been waiting for a print version of these for years! I was, shall we say, 'a tad ticked off' when I saw I'd missed (by a single day!) joining the last campaign. Pledged now.
      Is the plan to eventually have published the entirety of this, the most regularly updated irregular webcomic (;D) ?

    13. David Morgan-Mar 2 projets créés le

      IRDC: Thanks - just word of mouth in your social media or circle of friends would help! The "making a loss" issue is not a serious problem - I'll do a certain sized print run and have extra stock which I can slowly sell to recoup investment. But yeah, making a stretch goal or two would be great!

    14. David Morgan-Mar 2 projets créés le

      Jonathan: That is indeed the plan, to do Space in the second half of 2018. (I want to do them all after June, due to the way Australian tax law works.)

    15. Jonathan Platt le

      I really need to check my secondary email more often, I almost missed this! I was hoping that the second book would be the Space theme... can we expect that one next year? (Please, please!)

    16. Michael Pedersen le

      Thank you! I look forward to seeing this campaign run as well as the last one did!

    17. IRDC le

      Not much happening lately. Is there anything we can do to promote the campaign? We don't want to see you making a loss (and at least reach the first stretch goal ;-)).

    18. Bart le

      Funded in a day and a half, congratulations!

    19. Jaime Robertson

      Fulfilled!! Now, it's time to smash some SG.

    20. David Morgan-Mar 2 projets créés le

      Jussi: The Voyage Home is reserved for you. Thanks for backing, and also for the help you gave me on that episode!

    21. Avatar manquant

      Jussi Lahtonen le

      I chose a Trekker (movie) reward and I'll choose The Voyage Home because I helped a little in the translation of the Finnish dialogue (and also because it's probably the best movie of the original cast). Long live the Finnish Whalers! (Totally nonexistent in anywhere in the world except the Trek-universe.)
      The delivery costs are quite high, but on the other hand the parcel is going to travel 15340.27 km from Sydney, Australia to Turku, Finland (that's 9532 miles for those with a mile system). That's a long way!

    22. David Morgan-Mar 2 projets créés le

      Matthew: Yes, definitely! There'll be a post-campaign survey to gather all the details.

    23. Matthew Ryan le

      Oh, David - we'll be asked for shipping details after this is successfully funded, I assume? Thanks.

    24. Avatar manquant

      Billy Hamilton le

      A cliffhanger kickstarter? Looks like now the glove is on the other foot now.

    25. Matthew Ryan le

      Huzzah! Backed. In fact, since I'm here in the US, I added a couple extra AUS$ to help spread even more international goodwill :)

      (Although I should probably finish reading the first book, not that I didn't read them all first time around on the website...)

    26. IRDC le

      Very nice. I was just looking around Kickstarter yesterday in case a campaign for another book has been launched :-) I hope all the previous backers return and bring their friends along.

    27. Bart le

      Cool! I changed my pledge by the way, realised I could just change my pledge myself for the postage goodwill and ended up adding 4 AUD so I'm just paying for my postage completely. I mean, 27 AUD is already high but 4 AUD extra is about 2,60 in Euros, my lunch is more expensive than that.

      By the way, you probably are already planning this but it might be a good idea to add an update to the first book's campaign, so all previous backers get the info about the new campaign.

    28. David Morgan-Mar 2 projets créés le

      Bart: Thanks for being the first backer! Yes, the book size and finish will match the first Fantasy volume.

    29. Bart le

      BUT OF COURSE!!!

      Got an e-mail because I'm following you, backed immediately. You're now two thirds of the projects I backed, and the first book was the reason I created a Kickstarter profile.

      I'm very pleased with the last book, and I even used it after table top sessions to show something relevant to my players on several occasions.

      I backed for one book, for now, but I'm going to see if any of the geeks I know would be interested in a book as well. I'm from Holland so I'm paying less for postage than you're paying for me, I was all for paying an extra 1 AUD for postage if that was available with delivery to the Netherlands.

      I haven't checked the specifics of the campaign yet (yes, I'm confident with backing this blindly at this point), but I assume the book's size and cover material will make it fit with the first book?