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Magnetism and physics are made visible with ferrofluid. Help fund a highly engineered container that showcases this unique material.
341 backers pledged $49,028 to help bring this project to life.

Production Samples

Posted by David Markus (Creator)

I asked my manufacturer to send me the samples from the last update so I could photograph them while I wait for the full batch to reach me. I've attached a couple hi-res photos of the final production models for you guys to check out.

As soon as I receive the full shipment I'll be sending out the backer surveys and will go over shipping options, including instructions for backers who did not add in additional shipping charges to their pledge. I am also considering offering an expedited shipping option for backers who wish to have a tracking number and quicker ship times.

Click on links below for hi-res images

  • Image 246089 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 246096 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 246097 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. David Markus Creator on

      Mark, I'm sorry to hear that you're less than satisfied with the change in size of the larger unit. I have tried to be open and honest about it and posted about it explicitly in the November update last year ( This update was a follow-up to a July posting where I began discussing difficulties I was having sourcing the larger container.

      While the scale of the large vessel has decreased by approximately 20% from my original estimates, which is certainly noticeable, I do not believe that it so significant that it will cause the impact of the design to be lost. I apologize if this change is less than desirable but please understand that I have done everything within my ability to deliver a product that is as close to the original concept as possible.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      hmmm. the Ferrite ferrofluid vessel needed to be scaled down... I dont want to be the negative voice again, but I am disappointed to learn of this critical change in design only through the forum. you need to realize that 233 of your 341 supporters (68%) sponsored you at a level that would reward them with at least one of the larger units. An option that I would have taken, had it been offered months ago, would have been to change my reward to the smaller one. the impact of the ferrite design is lost with such a dramatic reduction in size. Please remember as your career moves forward that communication is the key to being successful in production and in maintaining a strong customer base. I fear that the decision to reduce the size of the ferrite (large) vessel without discussing that with us, will leave over half of your supporters feeling let down and ripped off.

    3. David Markus Creator on

      Dave, I had to scale down the size of the larger unit due to sourcing issues with the glass and shipping issues with the volume of liquid contained. As well, the smaller unit increased in size from my original rendering due to manufacturing changes. Though it might not seem it in the photos, the large unit is 60mL while the small one is half the size at 30mL.

    4. Dave Fishman on

      Woot woot ! Are they really that similar in size ?? I kinda thought the larger one would be a lot bigger ... ?

    5. Fran on

      Fantastic! It looks incredible...

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Kieffer on

      Looks great! The end is in sight.